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Zayn POV


As soon as we all got back to Louis' flat, we all decided to celebrate Harry and me coming out in front of the entire school, so our parents bought us plane tickets to the U.S.A for the summer, which was amazing because I had a surprise for Harry. At the flat, Harry fell asleep on my lap while we were watching a movie, and Liam had Niall sleeping on his lap with Louis on his shoulder.

z: Are you okay over there, Li?

Li: Yeah, they're comfy.

Z: I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with Harry. And all since we were nine.

Li: I've never seen him so happy.

Z: Well, he's made me happier since he moved back here after five years.

I guess I was staring at Harry too long because Liam was smirking when I looked up.

Li: You're so in love with him, aren't you?

Z: Isn't it obvious?

Li: Yep. You know, I was planning on proposing to one of the boys.

Z: Really, which one?

Li: Niall in the United States and Louis in the United Kingdom.

Z: I was planning on taking Harry to Paris and proposing to him there at the Eiffel Tower.

Li: That's very romantic.

Z: Yeah, he's always talked about going to Paris.

All of a sudden, Harry woke up.

Z: Hey, Sleeping Beauty

H: Hello, Babe.

Harry sat up and cuddled me.

Li: You two are couple goals.

Ni: And we're not?

We all got a little scared when he heard Niall's voice, and we all burst out laughing, and we accidentally woke up Louis.

Lo: I'm going to kill y'all if y'all do let me sleep.

Hi: Go to your room, Lou.

Louis then got up and went to his room. I turned to Harry.

Z: You know how long I've loved you?

H: Hmmm... Since Forever

Z: Absolutely.

H: And I'm glad we stayed together all these years, even when I moved away for five years, and I have to be honest, I didn't think we'd make it, but here we are.

Z: I'm so happy we stayed together.

I kissed Harry and kissed me back. Then we heard gagging.

Li: You two are too cute.

Ni: Like, really, you two are adorable.

Harry hid in the nook of my neck.

After about three hours, all four of us decided to play a prank on Louis, so we braced ourselves to get killed. The plan was for Harry to pretend to cheat on me with Niall and that Liam would be with me. After we heard Louis get up and he joined us, I used the excuse to use the restroom, and three minutes later, Liam did the same and went to Louis' room and locked the door. After an hour, we were all in position, and Louis was alone in the living room. Liam played a squeaking sound he found online. I jumped on the bed and hit the wall while Liam moaned, and so did I. And the other two boys started as well. Then, minutes later, Louis asked what was going on. We messed up our hair and used scissors to cut our clothes a bit. Soon, Louis started banging on the door and crying.

Lo: "Baby, why are you doing this to me!"

Louis continued to cry and ran to the living. Liam and I stopped, and three minutes later, so did the others. We all went to the living room.

Li: Bun? Are you okay? We're sorry it was a prank.

Lo: Don't do that. I thought you all were trying to hurt me.

Ni: We would never do that to you. We love you. Those two are disgustingly in love.

I smirked and kissed Harry, and he kissed me back, and all three boys pretended to barf. All five of us had dinner with all of our siblings and parents. At Casa Amor. I was too excited to propose to Harry I decided to do it tonight. I stood up in front of everyone including my family.

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