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How do you think Agustina and Valentina have spent Christmas over the years since they met? Screenplay version of "Our Christmas Story"

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Scene 1 - 2017: In Auntie's Company

This scene takes place in a suburban house in La Paz, a small city in northwest Entre Rios province, Argentina. It is Christmas Eve day, year 2017. A young girl and a woman in her late thirties are cleaning the table after dinner. The girl looks solemn, lost in thought. The woman is worried about her.

Girl’s name: AGUSTINA

Woman’s name: ARACELI, AGUSTINA’s aunt


Agus, you look distant.




You know what I’m talking about. C’mon, what’s going on?

AGUSTINA (stopping washing the dishes and turning to ARACELI)

It’s nothing important, aunt… Just the same old things.

ARACELI (leaving some plates on the table then walking toward AGUSTINA)

If it’s the same old thing, you know you can talk about it with me.


It’s just that, err, I miss Christmases as they used to be when mum was around. (Tears start streaming down her face) I just miss her a lot.

ARACELI (walking toward AGUSTINA)

Agus… (opening her arms wide) Come here, darling.

AGUSTINA (diving into ARACELI’S soft embrace and crying harder)

And I miss Val too… I damn miss her. (Her tears grow thicker) I’m sorry I’m ruining Christmas again.


No, love, don’t be sorry. You’re not ruining anything.


How am I not ruining anything if all I do is cry over my gone mum and someone that left without telling me first? You don’t deserve this, Ara.

ARACELI (wipes out AGUSTINA’S tears with a tissue)

You know what? Maybe there’s something we can do together to make this Christmas one you remember.

ARACELI lets go of the embrace and walks to the cupboard.

ARACELI (taking a packet of flour)

We’re going to bake homemade cookies, my lovely niece.

AGUSTINA (looking confused)

But I don’t even know how to make a simple ball of dough.

ARACELI (laughing)

Don’t worry, ‘cause I happen to be very good at baking as well.

AGUSTINA (laughing)

Well, I’d like to try it. I really need to take my mind off.

ARACELI nods. While AGUSTINA scrolls through her phone looking for a Taylor Swift playlist on a music player, ARACELI takes some sugar, a bar of chocolate, some butter, some eggs and a bottle of water from the fridge.


We’ll do this step by step. Are you ready?

AGUSTINA nods as ARACELI starts explaining her how to make cookies step by step. AGUSTINA seems to be enjoying herself and looks happier.

AGUSTINA (smiling)

This is looking really, (pause) really good! I can’t wait to taste them.


Patience, love.

Fifteen minutes pass by, and the cookies are ready. ARACELI walks toward the oven and turns it off.


C’mon, Agus. I need some help over here.

AGUSTINA rushes toward the cupboard and picks up a platter. Then she hands it to ARACELI.

ARACELI (putting the cookies one by one on the platter with a tong)

Great, thank you. (Smelling the cookies) Amazing, just amazing.

AGUSTINA (smelling the cookies)

I’m speechless, Ara. They look so, so, so good.

ARACELI (leaving the platter on the table)

And of course, you added your own touch to every single biscuit.

AGUSTINA (opening her arms and walking toward ARACELI)

Thank you so much, aunt. (Hugging ARACELI) Thank you for always being here for me.

ARACELI (hugging AGUSTINA back)

I promise to be here for you as long as you need my help, at any time. And I know this isn’t as ideal as it’d be if Camila were around. But you’re like a daughter to me, Agus, and your mother would be very proud of you no matter what.


I love you, aunt. (Laughing) Or should I say, mother now.

ARACELI (laughing)

I love you more. And yes, I guess you could call me mummy if you want.

AGUSTINA (giggling)

I’d better stick to Ara or aunt.

Finally, the clock strikes 12 o’clock.


Merry Christmas to the love of my life.

AGUSTINA (hugging ARACELI back)

Merry Christmas to you, too. Thank you for making these days a little bit better over the past two years. I really appreciate your constant support. I love you to the moon and back.

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