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The title was supposed to be the fake love bet but I forgot to put the word fake in it so it's just the love bet. Basically Harry and Zayn have been together basically forever. And Zayn had to go along with his friends plan with Harry knowing. That's all I'm going to tell you all until y'all read it.

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Zayn Pov

What the Harry and Zayn look like right now.

Zayn: 17


I put my hands In my pocket just as all of my friends noticed me staring at the new kid who was already a loser.

Jack: Why are you staring at the gay nerd, Malik?

Z: I'm planning on embarrassing him.

That was a lie but I couldn't let my mates know I was also gay it would ruin my reputation. Then the boys came up with a plan.

Sean: I have an amazing Idea on how to embarrass him.

I furrowed my eyebrows then Harry came over to us shyly and tapped my shoulder I turned to him with an annoyed face because I already knew what the boys were going to say.

Z: What do you want Styles?

Harry looked a bit hurt since we've known each other since forever but then he moved away. Harry shoved my homework into my hands and as a reflex I punched him in the stomach when I realized what I did I kneeled down to see if he was okay but he slapped me then ran off yelling and crying.

H: You've changed Zayn!

I got up and turned to the boys who were confused and entertained.

Jacob: How does he know your name if y'all never met each other?

Z: uh I don't know.

Sean: it's fine but let's plan the prank.

I nodded and turned to see if Harry was still around and he was but he was holding his stomach while Liam and Niall his best friends comforted Harry. Harry's sister Eleanor came up to me and started yelling.

El: Why the H3ll did you punch Harry why Malik!? You two have been best mates since y'all were five you've really changed in the past three years.

Z: I'm sorry El it was a reflex you of all people should know when someone pushes me or hurts me I punch.

El: That does not give you an excuse to just punch your best mate!

Z:I'm sorry El.

El: Just don't do it again Z.

I turned to the boys who were still confused they opened their mouths but Sean beat them to it.

Sean: What was that about Malik?

Z: because before highschool I was friends with him Don't know why. He's the worst.

Sean: Huh. Well the plan is you are going to pretend to like him and see if he likes you back. Then in about a month or so you will tell him it was a prank the entire time and that he is an idiot. How's that?

All the boys clapped while I just stayed silent I actually did like Harry but I I'd have to pretend just because my friends wanted to do a stupid prank I shouldn't have said I wanted to embarrass him in the first place.Good thing he basically hears everything. But it was too late. Later that day. I was just walking down the street when I heard footsteps coming towards me I turned around and saw Harry. I smiled and He smiled back as he stopped right next to me.

Z: Hey Hazza what's up?

H: Nothing. How about you?

Z: I think you already know.

H: Yeah, So do you just want me to go along with the prank?

Z: If you want to.

I said as I put my arms around his tiny waist.

H: Sure but at the end of the prank what are we gonna do?

Z: I'll finally come out.then you and I can go out.

H: Sounds like a plan babe.

Harry and I smiled and pecked each other's lips then walked to my house hand in hand since he moved over here and our parents are close friends our families decided to live together so Harry and I basically live together.As we walked to the door we saw one of my Mates trucks and we quickly let go of each other and went inside. And I saw Clearance one of my group mates.

Clearance: Hey Malik I just stopped by to see if you wanted to play footie. And I saw this picture on the mantle of you and the nerd from a month ago probably. You said you haven't seen him in years.

Z:I-I can explai-

H: It's because I ran into him last month and My family and I were looking for a place and I saw him I was so excited I asked him if we could take a picture He was being nice and said yes so he and I took a photo and I guess his mom kept it.

Clearance: Huh okay but What about the one on the wall over there from probably a couple months ago of you two...kissing.

Z: Ugh fine You caught me. Harry and I have been going out for a few years since we were like 9 we've been together. We're both surprised we made it this long but... Please I need you to keep it a secret I'm not ready to come out to the other Lads yet.

Clearance:*chuckles* It's no problem mate actually I'm gay as well actually I'm dating.... I'm dating your brother.

Z: Cool... Harry and I actually have to study so we could play footie another time.

Clearance: Alright, Imma go up to your brother's room.

I laughed and nodded. So All three of us went upstairs Harry and I went to my room and Clarence went to Jonah's room (My Brother).Harry sat down at our desk and immediately started emerging himself in his homework So did I Then after a couple hours we went downstairs for dinner with Clerance and my family. Then we went upstairs to my room and cuddled for a few hours till we fell asleep.

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I really like this one, sad that´s it a short one, maybe you will write a new one someday which is a bit longer
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