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childhood friend

“Hey Anna, do you want to play house?” Keith asked

“You wanna play with me?” Anna questioned

“Well yeah why wouldn’t I?”

“Well ok!” Anna said excitedly

Two years later we hung out a lot, we sat together, we played with each other at recess,and when it was halloween we’d Trick-or-Treated together.

In 2012, we started to drift apart every time I'd try to talk to Keith but he would be somewhere else. We would speak to each other and sometimes we’d say “hey or what's up.”

I’m in third grade now and Every time I see him now I always get nervous and just pretend I didn't see him and keep walking. It was the last day of school so I told myself that the next time I see him in the hallway I’d tell Keith how I felt about him. I started to walk to my next class. I walked slowly so I could look to see if I spotted him but I didn’t so I said “I’ll just tell him next year.”

I'm eight years old now and it's a new year. I remembered what I said last year so I went to go find keith. I looked and looked but i didn’t find him “he probably just absent.” I said to myself. I asked one of my other friends and they told me he moved.

“That's not true Faith!” Anna shouted.

“Yes it is Anna.” Faith said.

“Keith wouldn't do that to me would he?” Anna asked.

“Ok well at recess you can look for him and if he is not there then I was right.”

At recess I searched for him everywhere I couldn’t find Keith so I went back to faith and said “your right.”

“See, I was telling the truth.” Faith said in a sassy tone.

“He will come back, I know it.”

“Yea Keith's not coming back, you don't get what you want.”

I'm in fifth grade now and I’m still thinking about Keith. I know he’ll

come back right?

“Hey faith.”

“What?” Faith asked.

“I believe this is the year he’ll come back.”

“Can you just stop!” she shouted.


“No just stop, I don't wanna hear it!”

“Fine.” Anna Said.

In 7th grade time passed by and my memory is fading of him.

But I still have faith in him. “I hope he comes next year!” Anna said .

“Omg Anna stop!” faith yelled.

“No, if I think he will come back, he'll come!”

The next year I looked all around but I didn't see him.

Until out of the corner of my eye I see him “Keith your back!” Anna screamed with excitement. “Faith he’s back!” Anna yelled.

“What, no you're lying!”

“No look, he's right there.”

“Oh he is.”

So we started to talk again and now we’re friends again.

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