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The beginning

Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam were all so excited to see their new flat that they had just bought with their Three paychecks combined from their new job as being a famous boy band called One Direction. Harry and Louis are best friends they've been inseperable since they met In the bathroom before auditions for the X-Factor which is always a funny story to tell to people about how they met but what people don't know is that since they met they've secretly been dating. All the boys excitedly ran into their new flat and called dibs on their new room's but Harry and Louis decided to share a room they got to call on the biggest room. Harry threw his bag on the floor and Louis did the same they both jumped up and went crazy and jumped into each other's arms.

H: We did it Lou we're famous now!

Harry said while embracing his beautiful sea-green eyed boyfriend.

Lo: I know I can't believe it!

As Louis was about to kiss Harry, Niall walked in to tell them something but when he saw them his jaw dropped but then it turned into a smirk.

N: How long?

Niall asked crossing his arms and leaning on the doorway. Harry blushed so much he looked like a ripe tomato. Louis turned to Harry to see if it was okay and he nodded. Louis took a deep breath.

Lo: He and I have been together since our XFactor auditions.

Niall's eyes widened probably because our auditions were one year ago.

N: What?!

Louis went a shushed him.

Lo: Nobody knows except our family and maybe Zayn.

Niall's eyes got bigger. And Zayn came in.

Z: How is One Direction's power couple?

Niall turned to Zayn with an angry look.

N: You knew about this?

Zayn nodded and chuckled then gave Niall a peck on his lips to calm him down which surprised Harry and Louis. Niall turned to them.

N: Well y'all aren't the only ones in a relationship here.

Louis got happy and hugged them both.

Lo: How Long?

Zayn and Niall looked at each other.

Zayn: We've been together since 2008.

Louis' eyes widened and Niall laughed.

Niall: We've known each other all our lives since our parents are best friends and we got together in 2008.

Liam then walked in and heard what Niall said and got tears in his eyes Harry noticed and hugged and they both went to Liam's room and locked the door. Louis got a hint of jealousy since his boyfriend was in a locked room with another guy. Niall saw and decided to make a joke.

N:If it doesn't work out you could join us.

He gave Louis a wink which made him blush and Zayn saw and smiles then tightened his hug on his tiny irish beach blonde boyfriend.

End of Chapter Big (not so surprising) Surprise Next Chapter.

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