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This is some of the knowledge and wisdom from the Quran. Most of all to give a Clear understanding of what the Prophet Muhammad Son Of Abdullah 1400s Ago mint to all Humanity.

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The Messenger Of Allah - MIbnAbdullah

More than 1400 years ago, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began to preach Islam, the Arabs started disliking Him and became His enemy. They tried to kill Him but failed every time so they plotted to harass him in every way they knew.

Among such plot makers was an old woman who thought of throwing garbage on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She thought that by her using her evil plot shell be able to anger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and He would lose His patience. So she started to throw garbage on Muhammad (PBUH) every day. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed by her house daily, she would empty her trash cans over Him and He would pass by quietly without making any gesture of anger or displeasure. This became a daily routine.

One day, When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed by her home but there was no one to throw garbage. This prompted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), so He stopped by and asked the old lady neighbor about her well being. He was informed that the old lady was very sick and restricted to her bed because of bad health. On hearing this, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knocked on her door and entered her home with her permission. The woman was lying on the bed. She thought that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was there to harm her since she is helpless and cannot defend herself. But Prophet (PBUH) assured her that He wasn't there to take revenge instead He was there to see her and look after her needs. With affectionate voice, He asked her that if she needed anything. She forgot all the fear and asked for some water. He kindly gave her some water in a utensil and prayed for her health, while she quenched her thirst. This made her feel very guilty for being so cruel to Him in the past and she apologized for her mean behavior. He forgave her and came to her house every day to clean it, to feed her, and to pray for her, till she was on her feet again. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told her that its Allah's command that if anyone is sick, a Muslim should visit him/her and should help them if the help is needed.

The old woman was greatly moved by this kindness and love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). By the example of the greatness of Muhammad, she understood that He was truly the Prophet of God and Islam was the true religion. She accepted Islam at once.


Letter From The Messenger Of Allah.

Muhammad Son Of Abdullah PBUH.

"Al-Baihaqi, on the authority of Ibn Ishaq, gave the following narration of the Prophet (PBUH)s letter sent to Negus:

""This letter is sent from Muhammad, the Prophet, to Negus Al- Ashama, the king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Peace be upon him who follows true guidance and believes in Allah and His Messenger. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah Alone with no associate, He has taken neither a wife nor a son, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. I call you unto the fold of Islam; if you embrace Islam, you will find safety,

""Say (O Muhammad): O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allah. Then, if they turn away, say: Bear witness that we are Muslims. [The Noble Qur'an 3:64]

Should you reject this invitation, then you will be held responsible for all the evils of the Christians of your people.""

When Amr bin Omaiyah Ad-Damari communicated the Apostolic letter to Negus, the latter took the parchment and placed it on his eye, descended to the floor, confessed his faith in Islam and wrote the following reply to the Prophet :

""In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. From Negus Ashama to Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah. Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah! And mercy and blessing from Allah beside Whom there is no god. I have received your letter in which you have mentioned about Jesus and by the Lord of heaven and earth; Jesus is not more than what you say. We fully acknowledge that with which you have been sent to us and we have entertained your cousin and his companions. I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah, true and confirming (those who have gone before you). I pledge to you through your cousin and surrender myself through him to the Lord of the worlds.""


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