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These are collections of small stories written by me.

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What has become so difficult for individuals not to empathize with the suffering of others? Why do working people have no sense of responsibility for others? Instead of having desire for service, they seem indifferent to others.

It appears that human values are deteriorating in humanity. Perhaps humans have lost the sense of acting like a man. Perhaps they have become too much self-centered to maintain kindness.

Humaneness requires a clerk to maintain empathy and solve a customer's problem, and not ignore their problem and tell them to come back tomorrow.

It was the last month of December. It was freezing cold in Delhi. Additionally, the mist had poisoned the air. In the quiet streets of Delhi, the Omicron variant of Corona had slowly begun creating havoc from this point on.

Having dressed in warm clothes and wearing a mask on their faces, Utsav went outside.. Its advantage was that it protected against corona and on the other hand it protected against the toxic environment of Delhi.

His mother's LIC policy premiums were due, so he went to the LIC office to pay them..

Upon arriving at the LIC office, he found that the Delhi government had ordered the office to be open every alternate day during the next two weeks. The LIC office was closed on that day. Utsav returned home with remorse.

Utsav returned to the LIC office the next day. There was a large throng at the LI.C. counter as a result of Delhi Government new policy of opening LIC offices every other day. His number was called after nearly an hour of waiting in line.

After that long wait, it was a great pleasure to have his own number. But his happiness proved to be momentary when he came to know that his mother's LI.C. premium for the previous year was also due. He had arrived only with a cheque for the premium of this year.

He pleaded with the LIC clerk to accept the cheque he had presented, but the clerk refused.

Clerk stated that his computer would not accept the cheque until Utsav also brings the cheque for previous year also. As a result, Utsav was forced to return on that day as well.

After a day of waiting, Utsav returned to the LIC office with two checks, one for the current year and the other for the previous year.

Because there was a long line and lengthy wait the last time, he arrived significantly early this time. The LIC office was supposed to open at 10 a.m., but he arrived at 9 a.m.

The gate keeper began interrupting him as he stood at the cheque deposit desk. Corona's guideline had been provided, according to the Gate Keeper. Nobody could come and stand ahead of time. The gatekeeper's intimidating voice may have harmed his ego.

Seeing the utsav not moving away from there, the gatekeeper requested that during the past working days, it was really crowded. If people are arriving early and crowding the counter, what is the point of closing the office for every alternate day?

However, Utsav became caught on the counter. Utsav wondered where he would go on such a frigid morning. There is really too much cold outside. It was quite tough for him to spend time away from the business.

But the gatekeeper persisted in trying to persuade him. The gatekeeper stated that fighting Corona is everyone's duty. How will the corona be resolved if everyone begins behaving like this?

Utsav gradually began to have a positive impression of the gatekeeper. In any case, his arrogance made him inappropriately stand at the counter.

As a result, Utsav began to move away from the counter, opting for a more quiet location in a neighbouring park for a walk and spend the remaining time.

Utsav had complied with the gatekeeper's request, so he also looked after Utsav. He pushed Utsav to the front of the line as the counter opened.

Utsav has been having problems for about a week. He thought his suffering will go away on that day. Furthermore, being at the front of the line ensures that the task is completed quickly.

When he handed the LIC clerk two cheques, he was told that the computer couldn't handle two cheques at once.

As a result, the Utsav was told to come the next day with one Cheque with respect to both the LIC premium. Utsav informed the clerk that he had brought two full-amount two cheques on the clerk's advise.

The LIC employee said that he had either made a mistake in conveying it or it was misunderstood by Utsav.

The computer was unable to accept two cheques at the same time. Utsav attempted to explain his dilemma to the LIC cashier, but he was rebuffed.

The people in his queue began to make a racket. As a result, Utsav was forced to abandon the line.

He was prepared to lash out fiercely. At that very moment, the gatekeeper gestured to him and escorted Utsav to another L.I.C. officer.

Perhaps Gatekeeper had already disclosed the entire situation to the LIC officer. Ale. The LIC officer manually entered the Cheque receipt and provided him an official receipt with the LIC stamp. The duty of Utsav was completed with the assistance of Gate Keeper.

Utsav was gratefully glancing at the gate guard. Utsav was going to say thank you to the gatekeeper when he made a motion to stop him.

Understanding Utsav's feelings, the gatekeeper remarked, Sir, I understand your dilemma. It is normal for a clerk to return a customer, but it is also crucial to recognise a customer's pain.

I've noticed you circle this office for the previous two or three days to deposit your LIC subscription.

You must have to depart at a very early hour every day. You must be arriving late to work every day. This counter clerk has been bothering individuals in the same way for a long time.

Even if a gatekeeper says the correct things, people don't believe him and don't care to listen to him.

You have not only comprehended but also embraced my point of view. You have a debt to me.

Anyway, by moving away from the counter, I've completed my responsibility in the same manner as you.

Anyway, I have performed my duty in the same way as you have done by moving away from the counter.

Utsav was wondering, why is this so difficult to be humane?

Ajay Amitabh Suman: All Rights Reserved

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