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Eleven nations that had coexisted with relative tranquility, suffering brief and focused wars, would soon be shaken by the winds of the coming storm. A group of young people (and not so young) are gathered by the force of destiny to face a greater danger, than the disputes between the great lords and their palace intrigues. The real enemy rises from the icy seas of the south, ready to give the final blow to the board, one so strong that threatens to end the world as they know it

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The old ways

Inti, Sand, Alicanto, Mother, Blacksmith, Pacha mama and Kóké´tzychnos. Every kingdom who respect himself, had his own gods. But nowhere were they more fiercely defended than in the icy lands of the south. Their gods were older and different to the others.

“The Sun son’s”, say that the Inti, how living among them, and that materialized in the figure of their leader, how named Inti. Only those who descended from him, could become the Emperor of the Sun.

More to the south, in the heart of the desert, the always arrogant and jealous kings of the desert. His god are, certainly, different to the other, and only compare with the wilds of the jungle. Their god are the land under his feet, the sand of the sand dune, the same that sheltered them from the enemies at a distance, but who was also a stern and cruel mother with who turned away from the roads and the unwary foreign.

Next to them, at the end of those sands, were the worshipers of the Alicanto. A huge bird of gold and silver, which feeds on these metals and because of it is unable to fly. That creature, shown as responsible for its riches, had attained the status of deity.

Those of the valley, their religion could be reduced to the beginning of their prayers. Grandmother teach us to be merciful, mother give us your strength to carry on, father teach us to be fair to our fellow men and the consolation of a brother never fail us. Grandmother, Mother, Father and Brother, the four parts that make up his deity, which most seem to be the representation of his family structure. Something quite close and more real than the previous ones.

Those of steel ... those arrogant and blind lords of steel, who believe that their metal saves them from dying, to worship those who call the blacksmith. Who in itself is not a deity, but simply was a man who taught them to forge steel, while others still used bronze and perhaps iron.

Finally, the savages. Such a primitive people, it was clear that their main deity would be the ground beneath their feet. The one that provides them with enough food at harvest and keeps the animals fed for hunting. But certainly, the reason to worship it is none other than Kóké'tzychnos. The only god that is worth it.

Kóké'tzychnos, the "High God". The first and creator of all things and dweller of heaven. Noble and blameless, it was the one that originally embodied all the emotions that would later be given to humans. Kóké'tzychnos lived in a great solitude and anguish, for which he wept disconsolately, until his tears formed the Arrtokz, the primordial sea.

In addition to being the "High God", creator of all the others, he was also the organizing god. He was in charge of molding nature and making the world habitable with the support of the other gods. He with his breath I create Shekr, god of the wind, who separated the waters causing the earth to emerge. For that to work, through the sky he created Xayenke, the sun, who helped to keep the earth during the day. But the nights were very dark, so he created Kénkon, who ended up becoming an evil being that, together with Xayenke, had a hio, Akárro, the star of the dawn, which controls the tides.

Finally Kóké'tzychnos, was responsible for creating the sea of ​​dawn and the sea of ​​sunset.

The sea had been the first creation of Kóké'tzychnos behind the world. But Shekr wanted the earth to rise above the great tides, for which he confronted Howjh, guardian of the seas, who after his death, his blood was spilled forever in the bloody rivers of the great southern island. After his death, the anger of Kóké'tzychnos was released, facing the great winds of Shekr. From that fight, the first Great Storm occurred, which was about to end the humans, who gave the back of Kóké'tzychnos, supporting Shekr, who managed to win that battle.

As revenge, Kóké'tzychnos raised the seas, causing the water to cover the top of the mountains themselves, forcing all their children to unite to save what was left of mankind. A second time, Kóké'tzychnos tried to return to cause the great sinking, when the humans had turned away from him again. Finally, humans returned their worship to the original god, who allowed them to survive.

After the two great subsides, true death came, making Kóké'tzychnos, the first in the world, to be the first in the heavens. With true death, little by little the other deities joined him.

Now, Kóké'tzychnos waits for the devotees to bring him back to the world. The High God waits for his devotees to allow him to overcome true death, bringing the third Great Sinking, the last and definitive, that will end the infidels and give eternal life to all those who decide to follow the path that has inherited us. Men of the sea, unite, arms and victory in the name of the only true God! 

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