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Max Verstappen has been open for a long time about his dreams of becoming a Formula 1 champion. But, for a long time, he is stuck behind his rival, Lewis Hamilton. Little would he know that the 2021 season would change his life. NOTE: This story is an altered version of the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Some of the plot might not correlate to the real-life events that happened, and I doubt that the real Max Verstappen (or anyone else for that matter) had been through all of this. This book was mostly made for entertainment purposes, such as the movie Rush, which was a film based on the 1976 Formula One season.

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Prologue: 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lap 55 of 55 in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix begins. The leader starts setting purple sectors, which leads to fastest lap after fastest lap. 23 year old Dutch driver Max Emilian Verstappen is at his 5th year with Red Bull Racing, a very successful Formula 1 team. It is only second best to Mercedes, who contain British 7 time champion Sir Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton had already been crowned champion earlier in the 2020 season. But in the final round, Verstappen knew what he was doing. He crosses the line to win. "Good job, Max!" his engineer, Gianpiero "GP" Lambiase says to him over his radio box. "Let's go! Thanks everybody for the whole weekend!" Max says back. Max's team boss, Christian Horner, comes on his radio and says to him, "Great effort all weekend, Max. This is a warning for Mercedes: we will become the champions next year!" Max parks his car in front of the podium. He goes over to his team, who congratulate him. Max receives his trophy, and sprays the rosewater everywhere. In the paddock, he goes back to his motorhome. There, he meets Lewis. "Hey, Max," he says. "Congratulations on the victory." Max says to him, "Thanks. You know, you better watch out, this is a sign that soon I'll become champion, just like you!" Lewis replies, "Well, I'm not really fearing that. But whatever happens next, may the better man win." Max says back, "Yeah. May the better man win." They both shake hands.

WARRIOR: The Story of Max Verstappen's 2021 Season

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I find this story encouraging to read. Nice, short and exciting.
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