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in reality fire is everything!!! fire is now static electricity fire is now the lightning bolt fire is now the rays of the Sun!!! fire began in aspects of a spark!!! within the spark the separation of nothingness began and from that beginning all that you see in your room of space with your two eyes and your human form !!!which is not permanent but none of them are and who really wants to stay in one form the rest of their existence anyway!!! true you do not want to live forever only the fool would want to do such things at least in this form and without wings certainly not lol but it does not mean you have to die and loose you're away and or stray from your cause so to speak !!!if you have one at all ???what is your cause??? true fire brings cause !!!reality of fire brings cause as well as effect !!!but but they stride hand in hand needless to say !!!so just breathing and thinking as well as fire and vision are one in the same!!! It need not be trifled with !!!for the essence of fire give it and take it away just as quick as air !!!but all the elements must coexist stride for stride and beat for beat within the same vibration of an instance in the same vibration of a blink of an eye !!!let it be known that fire and music coexist equally as one also !!!so you're a little bit of a cocky show off aren't you but in the weirdest of ways life needs that if we are not proud of what we see and who we are then what the hell do we have in the first place??? things need to be beautiful we need to make things beautiful!!! there need no be too much clutter in your life even though clutter can calm the mind sometimes !!!sometimes when there are so many problems but only one or two ways to handle them sometimes the clutter helps you concentrate and focus on what is real and what is important if they're even is such a thing keeping the vibration in harmony would be the main focus for every single human being !!!and what is that you say well I don't say anything I just listen to the music that time has provided me to give and through the release of music all Harmony can be attained

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