ashmarie87 Ashleigh Marie

A college student witnessed a murder and ends up finding herself in a situation where everyone she loves dies and if she doesn't keep running she will never make it out alive .

Crimen No para niños menores de 13.

#crime #murder #run # #hide #mob #witness
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She ran as fast as she could through the thick trees, the branches and twigs scratching her arms and legs and face it stung so bad but she knew she couldn't stop, she tripped over a big rock and smashed her head the blood was pouring down but she got up and kept running she couldn't let them catch her, she hid inside a small opening in the rocks for awhile she heard the men run past her she couldn't move or even breath or they would hear her and she would be dead, as she sat there covering her mouth so she didn't make a noise it all came flashing back,everything that lead up to that second. Steacy was 20 years old in college,she was very popular had a boyfriend Tommy who just adored her life was pretty good until one morning she went for her usual morning jog and witnessed something she wish she never did. As she ran through the parks long trails she sees a black car pull up with 2 men and they grabbed a women from the trunk and shot her in the head and left her there. Steacy couldn't believe what she just saw she mad a little scream and ran away but the men heard her and started chasing her but she got away so she thought,she thought about going to the police but didn't want that to be her next so for the next few days she missed classes didn't answer anyone finally Tommy came to her apartment banging on the door and wouldn't leave until she let him in what's wrong with you he asked is there someone else? No I witnessed something and I think I'm being followed she explained. Well what is it Steacy are you in danger?, I went for my usual morning jog the other morning and I seen two men shoot a women, that woman they found in the woods on the news? yes she started crying and now I think I'm next. Well we have to go to the police Steacy Tommy said in a concerned voice. No Steacy yelled they will kill us,look they are watching,she pulls back the curtain and points to the same black car as she seen in the woods that morning, Well we have to do something Steacy,we can't just sit here and wait for them to come kill you next this is serious you witnessed a murder, yes I know that Tommy and I don't want to be like that woman do they know who she was? No Tommy said they are calling her Jane Doe no one who fits her description has been reported missing and no has came to claim the body it's sad really this woman vanishes without a trace and shows up dead and there's no one missing her doesn't make much sense to me she's someone's daughter Tommy explained. Steacy looks out the window again and the car was still there. Okay I have to call the police it's that or I wait to die so she called the police and told them what she seen and how the car is outside of her house but when the police arrived the car was gone. Now that Steacy was a witness in a murder Case the police would have to do whatever it took to keep her safe..

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