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Moonfly a walk in the light of the moon watch out for the human

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When the moon is bright

Moonfly crept through the tall grass, the clearing wasn't far away. He hesitated for a moment, his ears fixed on a scratching noise. Must be a field mouse he thought to himself, and sure enough it came scuttling out carrying half a berry. Now in the clearing, he stood soaking up the rays of the moon. The bright light made his iridescent green shimmer,he did not think of the danger.

The foxes,badgers, and owls who found his kind a succulent treat, could rot with the rats for all he cared. This Moonfly was called Ryta (light in the moonfly language). He was chosen to bring the human hunter, called big shadow to the moonflys, there he would meet his doom. Moonflys truly comprehend the majesty of the glowing orb, and the radiance it brought to their kind. Big shadow killed or captured moonflys to sell, so had to be stopped. The crack of a broken twig made him dart for the safety of a fallen tree, hiding in the hollowed out trunk he waited.

The footsteps were loud, though he knew the person walking was trying to be quiet his hearing was so good he couldn't be fooled. After awhile the human stood there torch shining around looking for the moonfly, "where you be moonfly", Big shadow said to himself. Ryta flew up into the branch of a tree above and called out to the human. "I'm Ryta come and get me fool". Big shadow shouted back," I'm coming moonfly". Ryta flew back down to the hollow of the tree, Ryta let out a cry only audible to his kind, his head spun round towards the human when he heard a buzzer going off. The human took out a laser contraption," I have you now boy". Ryta looked at the laser the human held in his hand.

The human laughed out loud a full hearty laugh and pointed the laser in the direction of Ryta, he let out the cry again. He heard the other Moonfly making there way through the tall grass. The human pulled a silver trigger on his machine, the beam of light instantaneous was deflected by another Moonfly diving in the way holding a mirror. The human hit by his own creation let out a slow deep groan. When the moonfly gathered together all that was left was a human outline. He Ryta was now a hero leading the human to his doom. The celebrations went on for more than a week.

No more would they indure the human hunter, he had taken the lives of many Moonfly and now there could be peace. At the end of the moon phase all was dark in the world, the moonflys were back underground sleeping till the next phase. Deep in the woods were footsteps a voice was calling father where are you, I have brought out the other Moonfly laser.

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David Robinson Been writing a few years but taking more seriously now

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Stephenie Szpunar Stephenie Szpunar
Have you proof read this? It's good just not proof read properly.
November 13, 2021, 07:38

  • David Robinson David Robinson
    No I just wrote it, thank you for pointing out I will edit November 13, 2021, 20:32