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Harry Pov

I was grabbing my book's from my locker and putting them in my bag when I was shoved to the ground there was laughing around me I was kicked in the stomach when I looked up I saw Louis Tomlinson the soccer teams captain standing in front of me he was blushing when I looked at him.

Louis:Guys leave it we've been picking at this one for months now we need new bait.Lets go for the gay couple Niall and Liam.


Louis: What'd ya say? Nobody talks to me like that boys let's give him one last good beat down before class starts.

They were all about to punch me when Melanie Martinez my half sister came and stopped them.

MM:What do you think you're doing Tomlinson?! I thought I told you to stop bullying my brother.

Louis: He's not actually your brother.

MM:Yes he is even if we're only half related he's still my brother now if you don't leave us alone the only thing that'll be cut in half is your brain oh wait you don't have one now beat it.

Louis:Come on lads I don't want to upset the princess anymore.

The soccer team left laughing. Melanie helped me get up.

Harry:Thanks Mel.

MM: Anything for you Lil bro.Why can't they just leave you alone?

Harry:It's fine I have to get to class

MM:Kay bye.And cover that one it's trying to come out of hiding.

Melanie said pointing to my sleeve.I nodded and went to my next class I sit in the back. After everyone was seated the door opened and Louis came in.

Mr. Calini:Kids this is Louis Tomlinson he has been switched to our class welcome Mr.Tomlinson you can sit in the last open seat in the back next to Me.Styles.

Louis smirked and nodded then he walked to my table and sat next to me. Mr. Calini announced the partners for our 'Homosexuality through the years' project.

Mr. Calini: And last but not least Mr.Styles and Mr.Tomlinson you two will do Homosexuality in the present day.

Harry:Yes , Mr. Calini.

After Mr.Calani's class (The last class of the day) I got my things and tried to rush out of the class as fast as possible but Louis called me when I reached the door I turned and faced him.

Louis:Let's meet up to start the project later.

Harry:Um ok.

I took a piece of paper and wrote my address on it.

Louis:Ok I'll be there at 4:30.

I nodded and went home. At 4:30 there was a knock on my door and I was in the shower so I just yelled



After four minutes I got out of the shower and put on my basketball shorts I forgot my shirt in my room so I walked past the Living room to my room and grabbed my muscle shirt which I left on my bed then grabbed my laptop and went to the living room I saw Louis looking at my family photo.

Harry:That's my full blood sister Gemma she's at uni.

Louis jumped when I spoke then his eyes landed on my tattoos.

Louis:Uh.....And who's that?

Harry:My Mum.She past away last year in a car wreck before I moved here.And my dad just owns this place he sends money for rent and I pay it I live here alone.

Louis:Oh um... and what are those?

Harry: You've never seen a tattoo?

Louis:I have but why do you have them?

Harry:I went through a rebellious phase and good thing I got rid of that phase I was a mess.

Louis:You never show them at school why?

Harry: because that phase was while my mother was still alive I had it when She died and you know what She always wished that I would just stop my rebellious phase and start getting good grades She wished she had another son because I had the worst grades ever I always ditched school so my dad moved me here and I got rid of my rebellious phase He didn't want to pay to get my tattoos removed so my sister buys me foundation and I put it on my arms to hide my tattoos so at school I'm just a nerd that gets bullied both my sisters actually buy my foundation You have a problem with it?

Louis:*blushing then gulps* N-No

Harry:Let's get started at least I actually know about being Gay in the modern world.

Louis: You're gay?

Harry:*growling* You really do ask to many questions don't you? And yes I am Gay.

Louis was quiet the entire time as I did the presentation I finished the presentation in an hour. When I finished the presentation.

Louis:Wow that was fast this presentation is due in a week what are we gonna do for the next week?

Harry:I have to go put on my foundation so I can go get groceries you can come but if I were you I wouldn't so I wouldn't risk being seen with me.

Louis:I'll come.

I nodded and went to put on shoes I decided to let my tattoos breath I put on a beanie and sunglasses then went into the living room.(I also put on a white tee)

and Louis was wearing this(for visual effects)

We went in my car to the shops. I was searching for my favorite soup when Louis tapped my shoulder I turned.


Louis:The soccer boys are here.

I turned back to the soups and heard laughing coming towards Louis and I.

Jake:Hey Tommo, Who's that?

I turned and took of my sunglasses and crossed my arms.

Jake:Wow it's the nerd he's buff why aren't you on the soccer team nerd.

Harry:I'm not stuck up like you and I made a promise to my mother before she died now if you'll excuse us Louis and I have to find something for our project.

Louis:Sorry guys.

Jason:What you gay too Tommo?

Louis was quiet for a few seconds then he spoke.

Louis:I quit soccer.

Jake:What Louis you can't do that you're our star player and our captain.

Louis:Find another one I'll tell coach tommorow.

Jason: You're gay aren't you?

Without warning Louis grabbed my face and kissed me then jumped on me and put his legs around my waist as I held him kissing him back after we heard the boys run off he let go and blushed.

Louis:Sorry I was tryi-

I grabbed Louis and kissed him he kissed me back after a while we broke the kiss and continued shopping but this time holding each other's hand.After I bought my food for the month we went to get clothes for the upcoming winter.At Old Navy

Louis: I like that blue sweater over there Im going to buy it.

Harry:I'll buy it for you my dad always gives me extra money for other things when he sends the money for rent and groceries.

Louis:*Blushing a bit*Thanks but you don't have to.

Harry:I will.

After we bought clothes for winter we went and got McDonald's then went back to my place and listened to music.

Louis: I've never heard of any of these people but they all sound great.

Harry:Yeah my mum always listend to them. I have three friends who are the best at singing and they thought of making a band but I told them not to just in case they ended up breaking up.

Louis:What do you mean by that?

Harry:Niall,Liam and their other boyfriend Zayn Malik he doesn't come here.

Louis:Oh they're polyamorous?

Harry:Yeah...I'll go throw away the trash.

I got up and threw away the trash and I got a call.

Zayn:Hey Harry.

Harry:Hey Zayn Vas Happenin.

Zayn:Can I stay at yours tonight I want to surprise Niall and Liam.

Harry:Of course. They'll love seeing you.

Zayn:Yeah, Kay I'm on my way.

Zayn hung up and I went back to the living room.

Harry:Liam and Niall are going to love this.

Louis:Huh? What's happening?

Harry:Zayn is coming to visit them. And he's going to spend the night here. Oh and when you bully me watch out because he's over protective about his friends.

Louis:Who said I'm going to bully you again?

Harry:I don't know you've just bullied me since I got here.

Louis:Well now I know you a little I won't do it again.


Louis got up and hugged me he looked up at me and kissed me I kissed him back then there was a knock on the door I looked at Louis.

Harry:Will you be my boyfriend?


I gave Louis me a quick kiss then I went to open the door the opened by itself and Zayn's head popped in then he came in and closed the door behind him.

Zayn:VAS HAPPNEN Harold.....and who's that?

Harry:I told you don't call me Harold my name is Harry and my nickname is Hazza and you know that bully I was talking about.

Zayn:Yeah wait that's Louis man you're more buff than him I know you can take him.

Harry:What I'm not going to beat up my Boyfriend.

Zayn:Wait you're saying you're dating your bully?!

Harry:It happened out of nowhere but yeah I am.

Louis:Nice to meet you Zayn. Harry and I were about to put the finishing touches on our project.

Zayn:Is it the Homosexuality project Niall was telling me about? He was paired with Liam yeah even the teacher said he was just targeting them.

Harry:I'll invite them over.

I called Liam to come over and bring Niall. Louis wanted to kiss me I know because he kept whispering it in my ear. On the couch I was just sitting down when Louis came up to me and straddled me and kissed me and I kissed him back after a while it just became a make out session there was a knock on the door.


Liam knocked on the door there was no answer so I knocked on the door and there was still no answer so we just walked in I closed the door behind us I grabbed Liam's hand we both cringed when we heard a little moan we walked into the living room and saw Louis Tomlinson (The soccer team leader and Harry's bully) straddling Harry and Making out with him and they were both enjoying it with Harry having his hands all over Louis and both of them moaning clearly enjoying it. Liam and I gasped at the sight.


Louis and I stopped kissing when we heard a gasp we both got up from the couch and saw that Liam and Niall were here.

Niall:What's going on?


Harry:Should I tell them?

Liam:Tell us what?

Louis:I'll tell them One Harry asked me to be his boyfriend today and I said yes and Two......ZAYN!!!!

Zayn ran into the room and hugged Liam and Niall.

Zayn:Hey Babe hey Baby.

Liam:Zaynie what are you doing here?

Niall:Yeah ZZ

Zayn: I just wanted to surprise my two boyfriends is that so bad?


They both jumped on Zayn and tackled him to the ground Niall kissed him then Liam kissed him. They all got up and turned towards Louis and I.

Niall:We have school tomorrow so we should all go home. And what about the little Larry situation are y'all going to be out in the school or secret.

Louis:Well the soccer boys already know so by now the entire school knows so if Harry wants we can be public about it.


Louis:Kay, Can I stay the night here? My sisters are all having three people over each so that's 3×4+4 is about 16 screaming girls in the house.

Harry:Yeah. Hey Niall you want to take your boyfriends with you?

Niall grabbed Zayn and Liams hands and walked towards the door and yelled 'THANK YOU' Louis giggled a bit it was about 9:30 so we cleaned a bit then went to bed. The next morning I woke up early because it takes a long time to apply my foundation but I decided to not cover them I want them to 'breath' so I just got in the shower after about five minutes I got out and got dressed then I went to the kitchen to make breakfast then I heard the shower turn on so I stopped cooking and hid behind the door to the kitchen and waited for Louis. He came into the kitchen and looked around I came out from behind the door and leaned on the door frame.

Harry:Good outfit.

Louis jumped and looked at me and smirked.

Louis:I see you're letting your tattoos breath but what will Melanie say?

Harry:She won't say anything because when Gemma and Her were trying to decide if I should cover them or not Melanie said I should keep them uncovered.

Louis:Ok let's eat then head to school so I can tell the coach.

I nodded and we ate our breakfast and headed for school along the way I stopped at a store and bought Louis a new backpack cause his was torn up.At school. We walked inside holding hands everyone stared but mostly at Louis as we walked to the soccer field. At the soccer field.

Louis:Hey Coach!

Coach: Tomlinson you're late.

Louis: Actually no I'm not.

Coach:Yes, you're 30 minutes late.

Louis:How bout no because I quit soccer.

Coach:Is this because of your ankle?

Louis:No I'm just tired of bossing around a bunch of dirtbags who beat up my boyfriend.

Coach:Ok Tomlinson are you sure about this?

Louis: Absolutely sir.

Coach:Ok Tomlinson you're off the team I guess, Have fun.

Louis:Thank you coach.

Louis pulled my hand as we walked away from the coach we went to the locker room to get his things.In the locker room.

Harry:I've never been in here.

Louis:Yeah I know let me just get my things then we can go to 1st period.


I waited by the door for Louis to come with his things after a while I heard a loud bang so I ran to Louis' locker and saw that one of the boys were pinning him to the locker.


Jake:*Smirking*Oh does Tommo need his boyfriend to protect him.

Louis:Shut up and let me go I need to get to class.

I pretended to leave and went to the other side of the locker without them seeing me and then I pushed Jake to the ground Louis had his things so we ran to our first class. After school.


I turned to see Louis running towards me bleeding from his leg.I caught him when he fell.

Harry:Babe, what happened?

Louis:I had to return my equipment so I went back to the locker room but all the boys tackled me to the ground one broke a soda bottle and cut something into my legs I bit one and they all let go of me and I ran over here. I don't know how to coach didn't even hear me screaming and I wonder where the coach was.

Harry:Babe that's a long way you must've lost a lot of blood let's get you to the hospital.

Louis nodded I took my jacket off and wrapped it around Louis' leg and drove him to the hospital. In hospital room #B28.

Dr.Kono: He needs a blood donor he has type O blood we have a donor here do we have your permission to have a donor?

Harry:I'm only his boyfriend you'd have to call his parents and I don't have their numbers.

I grabbed Louis' phone and went to his contacts and pressed his mom's number she answered and I put it on speaker for the Doctor.

Jay:Hello, Louis?

Dr.Kono: Mrs.Tomlinson this is Dr. Kono your son is in the hospital his leg was cut badly by his former footy teammates he also lost a lot of blood he was brought in by his boyfriend we need your permission to use a donor to get some more blood for him.

Jay:Oh my God yes you can I'm on my way now what room.

Harry:Hi Mrs.Tomlinson this is your son's boyfriend um we're set in room #B28 Louis is currently sleeping.

Jay:Thank you I'll be right there.

Jay hung up. About twenty minutes later Jay ran into the room and she introduced herself to me.

Jay:Hello I'm Jay, Louis' mom.

Harry: Hello Mrs.Tomlinson I'm Harry Louis' boyfriend.

Jay: I thought he had a girlfriend he never told us he was gay.

Harry: Well this is one way to find out.

Jay: How did you two meet.

We walked to the Cafeteria for tea at the booth.

Harry: Um it all happened yesterday out of nowhere.

I told Jay exactly what happened and she listened carefully.

Harry: And that's how it happened.

Jay: Wow I never knew he bullied anyone. At home he has this perfect image he tries to be a good role model for his sisters and since his Dad left us he's tried to give them father-ish advice.

Harry: He sounds like a good brother.

Jay: He is. Every weekend he bakes cookies with his sisters and talk about how there week was.

Harry: They're lucky to have him as a bother.

Jay: Yeah. So tell me about your family.

Harry: Um... Well Last year before I moved here My mother passed away in a car accident. My full blood sister is at uni and my second half sister is Louis and I's age 18 and my dad he lives in a different state he sends me money for me to pay the rent for me to buy clothes and for me to buy groceries so I live alone.

Jay: I'm sorry to hear about your mom and the rest of your family sounds swell except for you dad.

Harry: My Dad has other things to do he has another family he owns a million dollar company. He doesn't have time for me.

Jay: Well then he's missing out on seeing his amazing son grow.

The doctor walked up to us.

Dr.Kono: Mrs. Tomlinson, Mr.Styles. Louis will be able to be released in about an hour and I suggest he doesn't go to school for about a week or two and he will need someone to help him through the week or two.

Jay:I have to be at work all week I can't leave.

Harry: I can call the school and tell them. I'll help Louis while you're at work.

Jay: Thank you Harry.

After an hour Louis was discharged and we went to his house where his sisters were waiting.When they saw Louis they all ran and gave him hugs.

Lottie:Louis I'm so glad you're ok.

Louis:Thanks Luv.

Phoebe: Louis who's that?

Louis looked at me smiled then he blushed.

Louis: Girls I have something important to tell you.

All:What is it?

Louis: I'm GAY and this is my boyfriend Harry.

Lottie: Can you tell me something new? I already knew you were gay.

Louis: How?

Lottie: Last year I saw you in the hall blushing when a boy talked to you but not a girl was talking to you. And you never had a girlfriend.

Louis: Well at least you know.

Harry: Oh I'm staying here for the next two weeks while y'all's mum is at work and I have to take of my BooBear to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

Louis:Agh did my mum tell you to call me that?

Harry: Maybe.

Lottie:Louis, can Harry takes us to the annual end of the year sleepover at Jennas.

Louis: If it's okay with him.

Harry: I'll take them just give me the address.

Louis: thanks babe

Louis hugged me and the girls awwed he heard them so he kissed me and we heard them all gag they all ran up to their rooms and packed I then dropped them off at this Jennas house they insisted that I come with them to the door so I did I knocked and my ex open the door.

Jenna: Hey girls, Who's this?

Lottie: This is my brother's boyfriend Harry.

Jenna: *squinting* Oh my god Harry!

Harry: Hi Jenna I'm just here to drop of the girls, Bye girls.

All:Bye Harry.

I turned to leave but Jenna grabbed my shoulder.

Jenna: Harry since when have you lived in Doncaster.

Harry: Since last year now I'm going back to the Tomlinson house to take care of Louis.

Jenna:I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the way I left you.

Harry: It's fine I didn't love you anyway I guess you were a cover up for me being gay.

Jenna:Well same here. You should get back to Louis bye Harry.

Harry:Bye Jenna.

I turned and went back to the Tomlinson house. At Louis' house.


I ran to where I heard Louis.

Harry: Are you ok? What happened.

Louis:Calm down babe I just dropped my cookie jar it's hard to grab things when I'm in crutches.

Harry: I'll get your cookies just go to the couch.

Louis: Thanks you're the best babe.

Louis pecked my cheek as he walked past me. I picked up all the glass of the floor and threw away the cookies and put more cookies in the oven after about 20 minutes the cookies were ready so I took em out and put them on a plate about 10 minutes later they were cooled down enough so I brought them to the living room.

Louis:He-Babe did you make cookies?

Harry:Yes, the old ones were on the floor to long so I made some more.

Louis: Aw you're the best I wish I had treated you better in the past.

Harry: Boo it's alright the past is in the past and now you and I together and everything will change.

Louis:I love you so much.

Harry: I love you too Boo.

Louis gave me a peck on my cheek as I sat beside him with the cookies he was watching the Hallmark channel so we watched it until Louis fell asleep I carried him to his room I covered him with his blanket then I went to the living room to clean it but I heard crying in Louis' room I immediately ran into Louis' room.

Louis:*crying into his arms* Please don't please don't!!!

Harry:Louis, don't what??

Louis:*startled,still crying* Harry, Please forgive me for what I did.

Harry: Louis, Babe I've forgiven you If I hadn't forgiven you I would have argued with the teacher not to partner us up and I wouldn't have told you about my family and I wouldn't even have asked you to be my boyfriend babe I love you nothing is going to change that.

Louis:I love you too.

Harry:You want me to come in here?

Louis:Yes, please.

I went and grabbed a blanket from his closet and laid down on the other side of his bed.

The next morning.(The next morning is in the next chapter)

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