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"Rae! Stop! Please, you mustn't use your powers! Don't do it…RAE!" "I'm sorry, Tara…"  I originally made this as a fanfiction. But have decided to alter several details about the characters to make it more original. The Hidden 9th fanfiction can still be found on

Ficción adolescente No para niños menores de 13.

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Tara’s p.o.v.

Rae’s body became engulfed in a brilliant white light just like it had the first time he revealed to us all the true extent of his powers. But this time was different…I could feel it…if he were to release the amount of psychic power it would take to win this, he would be destroyed by it on the spot.

“Rae! Stop! Please, you must not use your powers! Don’t do it…RAE!!!”

He glanced back at me momentarily before facing forward again, “I’m sorry, Tara…”

His body began to ripple as the massive amount of energy prepared to be released…and then…


The eruption was so powerful it nearly incinerated us all along with whatever it was he was trying to destroy. The incredible energy then swept throughout the entire dead city and cleansed it of all evil. I never imagined any one person could have so much power…it was baffling. So, when I looked back to where Rae had been standing, I naturally expected to see nothing but…

“Rae…” my eyes widened, he was still standing there, engulfed in beautiful white glow. He then turned to look at me with an uncharacteristically caring smile. He never looked more beautiful.

“RAE!!” someone from behind me shouted.

I glanced back to see Ryo staring ahead in horror. I quickly looked back ahead myself in time to see Rae staggering toward me and as he began to keel over, I rushed forward and helped him more slowly to the ground.

The light around him was beginning to dim as his breathing became more ragged, raspier. He slowly looked up at me and when he smiled it was one of grave sadness.

“There really…was no other…way,” he said with great effort. He slowly raised his right hand to wipe away a tear; I hadn’t noticed I was crying till then. “Mai…” If he said tea, I swear I’d – “I’m so sorry…” He cringed in pain. I quickly loosened my hold on him, fearing I had somehow hurt him. He looked back at me with eyes now filled with regret. “Mai…please…forget…don’t…”

A sudden high-pitched shriek rippled through the night and then without warning Rae was swept away in a blinding flash and when I opened my eyes again…he was gone. My heart began to break as I feared that I had just failed again…

How could this be…? I swear I did everything right this time…didn’t I…? Wait a minute where is everyone else…?

“Monk? Anika? James! Maiyu! Ryo…?” Silence followed by the soft echo of my own voice was all I heard.

I looked around frantically to find that I was completely alone and that a monster thick fog had surrounded me. I squinted in a desperate attempt to see what was ahead of me and then one by one spirit orbs began lighting up the surrounding area and that’s when I saw it… Directly ahead stood the largest most terrifying, nightmarish Labyrinth I’d ever seen.

I was just about to start freaking out when…

“Mai… … …”

My senses swung into total awareness. I would know that voice anywhere…

“Rae…” I whispered and then no longer feeling hesitant, I rushed into the dreadfully dense labyrinth, “Where are you?!”

“I’m sorry, Mai…” His voice sounded weak as though it were carried to me from a great distance.

Rae…! I just had to find him…if I did not then…

Suddenly one by one all the spirit orbs began to disappear. Soon I wouldn’t be able to see at all and then it would be impossible to find him.

“No please! I need you! I won’t be able to find him without you! No don’t go!” I pleaded with them, but it was futile. They all vanished and plunged me into heavy darkness ripping out the last of my hope.

“Forgive me…”

“Rae!!” the vast darkness echoed my intense fear.

Laughter…I could hear laughter…several people were laughing, and they were coming quickly closer. A pale white glow pierced through the pitch dark and then sped toward me with blinding speed. Other lights came speeding forth from all sides of me. But when the first light hit me it cast up a swirling barrier that encased me and warded off the others.

“You have been warned,” said a young girl’s voice from somewhere above me. I looked up and bit back a gasp. A totally frightening image of a young girl was floating a mere foot above me.

“Wa-warned about what,” I stammered, not liking at all what she was insinuating. Is something going to happen to Rae? Was I really too late…?

The girl ignored my question and smiled, transforming her young features into something slightly less frightening, “What happens next will depend solely on whether you can make the right choice…”

A high-pitched shriek shattered through my mind and I had to scrunch my eyes shut to stave off the major headache it was causing.


My head jerked up and slammed into something solid that oddly made a grunting sound. My eyes flew open and I looked around to find that I was currently sitting in the kitchen at KPR (Kazuya Paranormal Research) and that the loud shriek was coming from the tea kettle on the stove. Then I saw Rae glaring at me while rubbing his chin…apparently it was his face I had slammed my head into. I grimaced at him feeling quite dumb. Then as if having read my mind he said, “I see you’re getting dumber again,” and pointed to the still somewhat shrieking kettle which was now letting out a stream of something slightly darker than just steam. “I would have thought even you would know how stupid it is to sleep with the stove on.”

I glared at him but said nothing as I brought the kettle over to the usual seven cups and then proceeded to pour.

“Huh?” I said when nothing came out.

“Wonderful,” muttered Rae irritably before turning around and leaving the room to go back to the others.

OMG! It’s empty…! Just how long was I asleep?! I really AM dumb…

And then…

“Rae! Stop! Please, you must not use your powers! Don’t do it…RAE!!!”

“I’m sorry, Tara…”

Was that really just a dream? I set down the empty kettle and glanced in the direction Rae had left. He may be a total narcissistic JERK…but…the thought of something terrible happening to him had me suddenly feeling sick. I wondered if I should tell the others about the dream-I mean-my dreams have come true in the past. Though, of course those dreams were had while on a case…and we were sorely lacking in that department at the moment. So with great effort I brushed it off as a normal massive nightmare, though, no sooner did I leave the kitchen a knock sounded at the door announcing that we were about to be given our most shocking and horrific case ever.

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