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A short tale about the weird events that have been involved in my life since I was a kid.

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Coincidence or Not?

Growing up it was dad, mom, sister and me. I never know how to set this up so I'm just going to write it like this:

Dad - Sagittarius; born in St. Petersburg FL, on a Tuesday; right handed; first name has 5 letters


Mom - Gemini; born in Orlando FL, on a weekend day; right handed; first name has 6 letters E-v-e-l-y-n

Sister - Capricorn; born in Orlando FL on a weekend day; left handed; first name has 5 letters H-e-l-e-n

Me - Leo; born in Morganton NC on a weekend day; right handed; first name has 5 letters P-e-n-n-y

Each of the four of us had a trait that was different than the other 3:

Dad was born on Tuesday, mom, sister and I were born on a weekend day; mom has 6 letters in her name dad sister and I have 5; my sister is the only one who is left handed; I'm the only one who was born in North Carolina; when my middle and last child were born they were both born on a Tuesday, the oldest was born on a Saturday, that really doesn't run with the "coincidences" in my life, I just like to share it.

When I started having children there were other "coincidences", or quirky events that happened such as:

November 30, 1996: my sister and I have our oldest daughters on the same day; her daughter is 1 hour and 54 minutes older than my oldest daughter

April of 1997: Sister got married

October of 1997: I got married

November 1998: My second niece is born

August 1999: My second daughter is born

March 200: My last niece is born

May 2001: My son is born, and I'm finished having children

The births of my children and my nieces were: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001

My children were born on the 29th, 30th & 31s of the month they were born; May 29, November 30, August 31

I have a Sagittarius, a Virgo, a Gemini and I married a Capricorn twice; My middle daughter is the Virgo and I'm the Leo; my dad was a Sagittarius; oldest daughter is a Sagittarius; mom is a Gemini; my son is a Gemini; sister a Capricorn; I married 2 Capricorns; my middle daughter is a Virgo; I am a Leo

From March to August My middle daughter and my baby niece are the same age

From August to November my middle daughter and my middle niece are the same age

That's it. Those are the events in my life that happened, and I doubt there's any kind of significance to them. I think things just turned out that way.

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