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«If I told you that only a fertile land would suffice and Men with many ambitious desires, to Create hell would you believe Me?» Nazari Salas Letter 6, Line 5 It was the lines that called the attention of Virginia Martinez in the last letter that her husband sent her since his departure, three months have passed since these enigmatic lines and her letters have not been answered, and with the patience finished. She takes the advice of close people and decides to embark on a trip with her three friends heading to Pan de Monium, the hometown of her husband, hoping to remove from her mind the mystery of that note, hoping what will be a peaceful journey of reunion, not knowing that it is going to be transformed with every kilometer into a descent into the hell.

Horror Literatura de monstruos Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Issue 01

"If I told you that only a fertile land and

Men with many ambitious desires

Were enough to create hell, would you believe me?"

Nazarí Salas

Letter 6, Line 5

Virginia consulted for the fifth time the sheet of paper that her husband wrote her that July 31st, three months had passed since her last letter, she was desperate to the point of going with her 3 friends to that town where that infernal call came from that midnight Who the fuck calls at that fucking hour?! She asked herself remembering the pale tone on her husband's face, he didn't talk to her about who had interrupted their sleep at that hour, not even for the most insistent of her pleas, he just kept quiet for a couple of minutes as if he was thinking about whether that call was real or not, he remembered her words after that almost sepulchral silence:

"Don't worry love, it was just an unexpected news tomorrow we'll talk about it." Perhaps he did not want to raise his wife's interest to know what was the purpose and origin of that call.

"Do you promise? I don't want you to let it go tomorrow," said Virginia, caressing her husband's warm hand.

"I promise, honey..." He replied kissing the crown of her head.

They slept until it was daylight and Nazarí, already seated with her at the table next to the kitchen, began to tell her about the town where he came from, creating in his wife a need to tell him to get to the point, a defect that had brought him trouble with his partner on other occasions.

"My brother, the one I thought was dead..... He appeared in Pan de Monium looking for me, Virgie," he exclaimed with an anxious tone after having held his breath.

"But how is it possible if years ago you told me that he died in that fire that besieged the town? Your family did not survive, Nazarí!" Virginia commented, holding his hand and looking at him more than surprised.

It was the second time in three years of marriage that her husband had dared to talk to her about his origins and the tragedy that had enveloped his life at an early age, he was an orphan, he had spent the years following the fire in the town living with his great uncle in Velencia until the day he died.

"It was not clear if Briem died or not with my parents, I must go there and find out, it is very important for me Virgie, I want to get rid of that doubt that I have had since that night." her husband spoke decisively...

She felt how heavy her eyelids were after Mirka's shoulders shook, she opened her eyes and the memory of her husband faded from her mind, she could feel the cold in her hands to the point of making her look for her wool gloves, the heating was failing, she couldn't avoid adjusting the coat she was wearing, her companions had decided to get warm when they abandoned the hope that the car would give them shelter.

"What you get for buying a Chinese car, don't you Sarina," said Adela sarcastically, turning up the temperature on the car's dashboard." What the fuck is this? It's at maximum and you can still feel the fucking cold," she exclaimed when she saw that she couldn't turn up the heat any more.

"Just be patient girl! It won't be long now until we get to that town" Sarina exclaimed looking at the water drops coming down the windshield.

"This fucking road never seems to end, and my ass already hurts from sitting so much," said Adela reluctantly.

A thick fog covered the road making Sarina not take her eyes off the windshield and the road, the lights only allowed her to see no more than ten meters from the car to a white screen at the end of the halo of light, Mirka was reading a book with the title "Despair" in red letters on the cover with the image of the entrance of a dark grotto, Virginia stared out the window looking at the little that the headlights of the car allowed her to see, until a resounding shriek reached her ears, she began to feel a shiver on her back when she noticed the echo for the second time, the tension began to invade her body until she turned her eyes to her companion absorbed in her reading, she patted her shoulder hurriedly trying to get her friend's attention.

"D-did you hear that Mirka?! There's something on the road," she said very frightened when she heard the screams clearly.

"What are you talking about Virgie," Mirka asked in surprise.

"There's something on the road, and it seems to be coming closer," replied Virginia fearfully.

Her friend did not understand what was happening until she heard the echoes, she quickly closed her book and got as close as she could to the windshield, but she could not see beyond the fog screen and the gloom on the road, Adela and Sarina also noticed the frightening screams, without hesitating to be restless, the more the car advanced the clearer they were and the group of women did not take their eyes off the road.

"What the hell is that noise? " Sarina asked in fear.

"Whatever it is, I don't like those screams at all," commented Adela as she put on her seat belt.

They noticed that the echoes came from the mountains, as if it was the scream of fury of a dangerous creature, echoing in their ears until it made them shiver in their seats, the cold was felt in their marrows, they could feel every pulse of their heart accelerate by the panic that produced to hear at such a short distance whatever made that terrifying scream; Some rocks fell on the road followed by a girl who went down in panic, they saw some cuts on her arms and face along with a terror on her face that they will never forget, she ran to the middle of the road extending her arms to the front as a sign of help, Sarina seeing that they were about to run over her brakes the car until almost hitting the tormented woman.

"HELP, HELP, PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!" she screamed in horror and desperately trying to open the door handle.

A moment of doubt surrounded the surprised women, Sarina removed the door lock without giving time to debate whether or not the stranger should enter the car, followed by the screams that echoed through their bones, the horror increased when they felt that something was coming down dropping more stones on the road.

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE, START!" the unknown woman shouted again, looking with horror at the source of the stones.

The brown-skinned girl did not hesitate to put her foot on the accelerator in fear, the car passed over the stones causing her companions to hit the roof with their heads, the women fixed their eyes on the right side of the vehicle seeing how an inhuman figure jumped out of the darkness, letting out a guttural scream towards the car making the eardrums of the terrified travelers rumble.

"God, what is that?!" said Virginia looking back only to see glowing eyes behind the car.

"Don't-don't let him take me, for God's sake don't let him come after me!" The woman exclaimed, still shaking and crying.

She put her hands to her head and grabbed it while the other women watched those glowing eyes in the darkness approach the vehicle.

"Come on Sarina, that thing is gaining on us," Mirka shouted as she looked behind the car.

"Whatever it is, don't let it get close," said Virginia.

A blow was felt on the right side that shook the car and the women screamed in terror when they heard the creature break the glass behind her, Mirka and Virginia saw how an arm with pale skin and cuts that looked like carved symbols grabbed the girl's brown hair with his hand, wrapping it in his fingers and leaving sharp claws in sight, he pulled her hair pulling the woman's head out of the car, the two friends grabbed her arms struggling with what was trying to take her away.

"NO... PLEASE... NO..." she shouted until her voice broke and grabbed the hands of the two girls.

"What tha..." said Mirka as she saw a female mouth smirking near the woman's neck tearing with a bite.

The rest of the face of the creature was covered by the hair of its victim until both were lost in the thick fog leaving only the echo of the scream of that poor woman, the image of terror in the faces of the group of friends changed when they heard the horns of a trailer that was going straight towards them, Sarina reacted immediately turning the steering wheel until leaving the road crashing the vehicle with the front of what seemed to be a house being unconscious a few seconds later.

Virginia tried to open her eyes looking almost blurry looking at a familiar face, she closed them again and then opened them thinking she saw her husband sitting in front of her.

"NAZARÍ!..." she shouted and then hugged the guy and let out a few tears.

There was silence and the person in front of her put his hand on her shoulder and she looked up.

"Mrs. Martinez, you had an accident in the early hours of the morning and you were sent here with your companions."

"What? But we were on a highway and..." She recalled in retrospect the horror she went through.

She looked around at her unconscious friends on stretchers followed by where she was until she saw a modest hospital observation room and the guy who was talking to her staring at her.

"Who are you and where am I?" she said, taking her hand to the rail of the gurney.

"I am Dr. Salas, Briem Salas," answered the man in a blue gown, "and this is a hospital, it is in Pan de Monium.

Virginia's astonished face and the silence became noticeable in that encounter.

"There are secrets of me that I leave in this town

I am afraid they will come for you,

Virginia please don't come to Pan de Monium."

Nazarí Salas

Letter 6, line 22

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