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That one friend 😇

That one friend with who we share our little little things.In these era of world tough to find a friend who is always to be loyal towards us.When we need our friend always be there to guide us on a correct path of life, sometimes our friends becomes mentor of our life.

I always remember one of my friend with whom I always share my thoughts and my friend says to me that :- "Never Trust On Anyone, Cause Not Everyone Comes In Our Life Are Our Friends".

Because sometimes friendship are break due to some people who is always want to see us with there perspective views 😬.And our friend also see what others wants to show them and they left us.And no one can replace that place in our heart.

If Relationship have their privacy, then why friendships have not their privacy..?

But friends are always like a sun if they becomes your true loyal friend they are like sun, who always spread positivity and shiny rays in ur life with kindness who gives happiness to live in the world 😁.

The one friend who always matter because in the end when we get older there is one who always there who talks about our whole memorable memories😇 and fun🤩 that we have done in our whole life💙.

Don't break someone's friendship if you want to be a real people always wants to stay with you🤗due to your kindness.

spread positivity and kindness because in a jealousy some people just forget that due to them one friendship suffers more😬.

And that's why we felt the line of Arijit Singh:- jate nahi kahi rishte purane , kisi naye ke aaja ne see....


If Your Friend Goes On A Wrong Way Put Your Friend In A Right Way.Never Live Your FRIENDSHIP Due To Some 3rd Person💙.

26 de Agosto de 2021 a las 11:40 1 Reporte Insertar Seguir historia

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Vishakha Vasava BHMS student Love to write in my own words

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Jason Dunn Jason Dunn
I like what you wrote, good work
October 26, 2021, 08:28

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