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Juma was not special he didn't think so, he just didn't like a lot of things other boys his age did.

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Ojuma's gift

I'm giving a very special assignment today and the student that does well will sit with me at lunch later! how's that for a treat?

mid-morning class started with yesses and shrieks from the back of the room that had Ms yappamla raising an hand to be more quiet class! ok, ok. ookkaayy.. everyone wants to come sit with me, do some work! she was a good teacher and her students did well most of them. few were hard as an hardboiled egg and those she tend to raise the bar just to see, how much objective she could get from them. giving grades was easy.. selecting the work that achieve the goal.. that was the challenge.

the children left the room to play, except one. ojuma. he was not hard to teach, she couldn't figure out what his problem was and thought to ask him about his parents.

the break was over and the students rushed to their seats. I had the papers in my hand for the questioner of the day, but I didn't get to give the results.

Ms yappamla? may I address your class please, I won't be long?

it was the headmistress. Ms Powell. I checked my watch wondered at her entry and gave her permission to use the floor.

children.. a test was performed from this class and my colleagues and I are baffled by the results of this student. Ms yappamla looked suddenly puzzled. I'm sorry please forgive my intrusion dear I meant not to bring it out this way.. but a certain student of your class will have to be excused until further notice! all eyes looked at Ms yappamla. oh. who might this student be?

at this Ms yappamla was urged outside and filled in emmediately with the briefs of what was beforehand.

she reentered the room and called ojuma outside. spoke softly to him but briefly.. like.. ojuma you are going to go with the principal. take care. get your bag and books and go don't wait.

he was scared. did I do something wrong? he asked. no. chin up,just go.

he did as he was told. he felt like crying but he could not explain why he should cry. so he waited until he saw her.

the principal said, why are you so sad? chin up.

he didn't know what that meant. yes ma'am. he answered.

where are your parents juma? he like his name that way it was short. his dad said back in the jungle everything was complicated, so he used simple townspeople names.

the village was small but they had good garden space to plant items they used at home and the distance from home to the village was not that far. over the second mountain and there was home. he got four children from his wife and was fine with her child bearing. juma ran to school most days he liked school not farming. he was not the eldest so, he didn't force him.

but today he got a message and he had to hurry home.

kadhentta jumas mom was there to greet the visitor. she knew her, but was not happy to see her. did her boy fall into trouble? was juma in trouble? her questions was erased when a piece of paper was shoved into her hands and was asked.. what is it?

she looked blindly first then.. she read it.. a little first .. slowly then handed it back. more questions.

headmistress Powell smiled. may I keep him for you? I promise to take every bit of care of him, and you will see him again.. when he's ready!

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