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TAKE REJECTION AS REDIRECTION. The author Sipho skhosana wrote this book to inspire the readers... According to Sipho rejection is an act of pushing someone away from achieving, here the author is inllutrating how he got rejected from organisations, interviews and friends. The author showcase the challenges he faces and how rejections makes him strong.

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Chapter 1

Rejection hurts because it creates wound that hurts our feelings, our emotions becomes painful.

REJECTION is an act of pushing someone away, is an act of refusing to accept when one is good enough of what their doing.

Being rejected it can be so depressing emotionally and I can't even withdraw how many times I had being rejected, being rejected can be so depressing because when i got rejected i started to disbelieve my own abilities.

I was rejected by friends, organisations and I was rejected from my dream job. It was hard and strained to carry a pain of being rejected than it get to a position where I have my own negative perspective because of rejections i had and i asked myself that “maybe i'm not good enough? Why always people disapprove, condemned my vision, actions and skills!!!

And the most painful paths of being rejected is that I had to doubt my abilities and my visions because of people who don't believe in me, pain change me and it makes myself to believe less in myself, sometimes our expectations hurt us, but I realised that a clear rejection is better than unpromising, in my past rejections I realised that I was pushed to something good, something better.

my favourite rejection I ever got was someone who is most popular celebrity from a community radio station, who use to inspire alot of young people like me so than I always wanted to work as a radio personality, but than I got rejected from the very same person who inspired me to work hard so that I can become a better radio personality, I didn't get accepted on that community radio station, it was devastated and I went home rejected and get confused, I got very angry with myself, I felt like my life was over, I cried, I blamed myself, I blamed my abilities, but I managed to use that rejection as a therapy because it never means that i can't make it but it means I can't make it with them. I never let rejection to get best of me because I knew that the best is yet to come

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Sipho Hosia Sipho skhosana is a radio presenter, motivational speaker, inspirestional, facilitater, director, entrepreneur and author

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