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Her last days before meeting someone


On Sunday,was 11 July 2021 when Oratilwe met someone who didn't think that she wil change her life by words just saying "I've Got Your Back,And Always".

She met the guy on Sunday till Tuesday.On Monday they met again and when they got home with the guy,they sat and Oratilwe told him everything that is happenibg to her life.The boy was so sad and speechless,how can they do something like that to you when they don't know your feelings!.She also told him that her Anty once said to that "FOR SURE ORATILWE DOESN'T HAVE A DREAM."

But how can someone say those words when they're not sure what you holding in the future.She cried after telling him the whole story.No one in her family realise how much she's suffering because of their decisions in her future.Every time when she wants something at home,they have to look for an excuses to tell her that they don't have a money to buy for her. She kept quiet still again.Now when she go out,she will be back late at home just to avoid the complains.

She had dreams also,but at school she didn't focus or concentrate for her school work.She's always on Cellphone because she thinks that maybe she doesn't to go to school.She can't the support frm her Family,even was too important to her but her Family didn't care for her feelings as well.She's always depressed thinking about her late mother,talking to her self if her mother still helps her in everything she can't get.

It seems like her family planned something that they will leave the house every day n left her at home and comes lates.She told her self that she will never depend on anyone now,she will do it on her own without asking for help,nor when she wants help,she wants help to people who support her in everything in order to make her life better without her Family.

Sometimes life isn't about family,this story is based on what all the teens that are going through a lot and i was the one of them but i met someone who showed me a clear path and I'm glad to tell the people my story,because i know someone out there is going through what i got passed.

To Be Continue

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