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Kinda true but not completely some r just my imaginations this about a new team warrior call Star Dragon they r taking the Sun Sakura replacement temperary they now on doing all the mission n the Sun Sakura is on training to get more stronger so my team The Sun Sakura is now back The Star Dragons they got United now

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The True Warriors 1

Last night I was in a deep sleep I saw a new unknown enemy come to destroy the world n me they call the killer Botts so then I call the new team call Star dragon to defeat the killer Botts I am in danger so they can on time to battle them I was surprisingly shocked that I saw the killer Botts is popping out of my closet so I woke up on time so I won't be killed so the Star dragon team is battling them I hope they win than they did I'm glad they become more strong I told the guardian angels to give our Sun Sakura Armor to them n they are wearing right now it a powerful armor I hope it will get them more strong n powerful they got a lot of new mission coming up new evil enemies and new evil monsters my team is on break so they r on training to get more powerful up in heaven train with Jesus n other powerful angels warriors.

Now the toxic monster tries to destroy my positive self they just went through my chakras also so I ask the Archangel Michael n The Star Dragon to remove the toxic monster out of my chakras system save from getting suck by a toxic monster so they save me again it was painful toxic but now it got removed so the toxic monster came out The Star Dragon went Battling again they have to defeat the toxic monster to remove them out of my room Archangel Michael also helping too, there a lot of toxic monster around my room so The Star Dragon n Archangel Michael is removing them then the toxic monster got defeated they win the battle but there still more to come not completely win yet.

The Star Dragon went to the dark cave to go on a journey to go on a mission then saw unwelcome monster they r spider monkey eeww they r gross so we hide so the spider monkey won't see us we were trying to get out of a dark cave then the spider monkey caught us behind the rock they start to attack us we now start to fight n attack them back it was a lot of them in a dark cave it has little light on that how we saw them so we battle n battle them to all they died we went pass as fast at we could to pass the obstacles then we find the way out whew that was close that a lot of spider monkey they r so gross so finally passed the spider monkey n obstacle out of the way we made it on time so we keep going to find some rare items for our armors.

The Star dragon was training the 6 new newbies that going b part of the Star dragon then there a monster pop out of nowhere call the mystery monster they don't know what kind of power that the mysterious monster has it pretty strong so the Star dragon start a battle that monster it really tough they keep on battle really hard but that mystery monster is tough so they start used the ultimate power to defeat him it really strong very strong did it got an effect on that mystery monster it did it automatically then they win wow that was a tough battle let get you guys back to training

Yes ma'am

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