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Silver is a 19 year old Girl who works for the "Black Skulls", a Group of mercenarys, Frost, Viper, Ghost and Lynx are apart of this Group aswell. The Black skulls are being Hunted by other Companys tho wich are trying to take them down.

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Decided Fate

She saw herlself.. she saw herself getting shot and falling to the ground.. When her eyes closed themselves, she did evreything to open them again and when she did, she found herself on a peacful Meadow again. "Wake Up " Soldier"." She opened her eyes, To reality.. With wide eyes She stared at a Man who covered his Face with a Black mask. "You have sleped for long enough now." she didn't Understand what was going on and her memory was damaged "Your Silver am i right?" She didn't know.. she couldn't remember anything and her Head hurt "Your the one who works for the Black Skull? your the one who killed over 50 Soldiers from us? Well i know the answer myself." with tiered Eyes Silver just looked at the man who was walking around in circles "I'm going to remove the Tape from your Mouth, and then i want you to Answer my Questions or we will have to use other methods to get you to talk. Understood?" Silver's Memories started to get back.. evreything.. about the Explosion in the Yetfol Asylum where the Black Skulls found shelter from all the People that wanted to Destroy them. The place where those people kidnapped her. The Man removed the Tape from her mouth. "So... Who is Ghost? what's his Real name? is he your Captain? or Boss?" Ghost.. or better Alex is the Leader of the Black Skulls But Silver knew even if she would tell that man and he would let her go.. Alex would do anything to kill her for telling.. "I don't know who that is."not the best lie of course but it'll Work. "ofcourse. i knew you would say that. evreyone does. But that's not what i wanted to hear. Fine other Question. what about Lynx ?" Lynx is the Hacker of the Team, and a good friend aswell. Silver doesn't want to rat anyone out she would rather die. "I'm not going to answer any of your Questions so give up." Just as she finishes her Sentence, a loud Noise like someone jumped on Iron appeared and not even a secound later, The Roof of glass completly Shatterd and 3 People Armed with Guns Use a Rope to come down. the masked man already died when lots of Glass pieces cut his arms, Legs and throat. The 3 Man that came from the roof were wearing Skull masks and Silver already knew who they were. "Lynx! Frost! Viper!" Frost and Viper were also part of the Black Skulls They are good and Brave Soldiers but they had their reasons to join the Black skulls. "You better have held ur mouth shut about the Black Skulls silver!" Viper said. He always is "Special" and gumpy so Silver already expected an Answer like that from him. "ofcourse i did. you can't Break the black Skulls and we would never rat each other out. Remember?" It's a Promise that the black skulls Make before joining the Team. "Nice to see you again Silver. But we should get going now before this place turns into a Battlefield." Frost always tries to get out of trouble when he can so also this kind of Answer was obvious. Lynx already started the Helikopter so the 4 of them could go back to the Shelter "Guys i'm waiting for you! i can see more Of the Enemys coming for backup!" Lynx Yelled, "We're coming! sorry to make you wait!" Silver answered. after returning back at the Yetfol asylum Silver already was already expected and Ghost was already waitng for her at the Entrance..

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