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Do you expect

Me to suck your thing, and pretend like I don't have feelings for someone that is about to become a preacher? Look I would go out with you, but right now I am breaking tons of rules by doing this. What is Father Jesus gonna sprinkle holy water on you for commuting a sin a treason.

Luke, am I the last person you had sex with, before you lost your humanity. Yes you are. And here I thought you loved me, but all I am is a means to and end, a piece of meat, I sucked your thing and I asked you if it was good, then the next day I asked do preachers drink then we ended up having sex, then getting caught by my mother.

Look Carrie your in a dark place now right your grandma just died and this is the only way you can grieve of a loved one. Yes she has died but that does not mean I am in a dark place, a lot of people and I mean a lot of people have sex but that does not mean that they are in a dark place, but it doesn't mean they turn into a preacher afterwards.

Do you love me Luke? Do I...Do I... love you Carrie I am about to become a preacher, this can't happen anymore. Tragic really, you would of had something good in your life, maybe even loved that person, but you decide to take the wrong turn instead. I DID NOT TAKE A WRONG TURN DAMNIT!!! If your clearly as blind as I think you are you would be able to see that I am madly in love with you but it would have to take a miracle to fix those eyes of yours.

But it would have to take a dozen miracles to fix your brain to help you grasp this concept inside that fucked up head of yours, I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. I may be fucked up but I know full well that preachers aren't supposed to lie, they are supposed to believe in things that aren't believable hell even preachers date.

I've got to go. Carrie wait. NO, you don't get to tell me to wait, after all I'm meaningless to you, you only used me as a sex toy before you became preacher, and you lied about being in love with me, and you call yourself a preacher, if I'm being honest I don't think someone like you that hides behind his lies about his feelings should become a preacher. I did not hide behind anything. Really only a person that says that hides.

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