Sahil Paradox

The story revolves around the teenager of about 23 years who have lost his mother in tragic accident but recently with the new clues provided by the police investigation he came to know that it was pre planned murder . Now being a son of very famous physicist he decided to bring back his mother no matter the cost while investigating the situation of why the murder happened at the first place . As the story unravel itself there will be the situation during which he have to decide if he wants to live with the consequences or he want to change everything back as it was before ...

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It was an evening with soon to be windy weather which was contributing in making the location of BECTON town bit chilly with creepy vibes . It was 8’00 pm and everyone in the town was closing their shops usually every shops are closed before 8’00 but today was special for shoppers and merchants as tomorrow was 23rd of September and from the past several years this day was celebrated as the beginning of the close to children week during which everyone in town have a holiday for a week except for those who were busy in organising a big festival or some food shops . The purpose was understanding ones children closely and paying attention to them and sharing your history and lineage with them . But this time there was a new family that was feeling blessed and was very happy as there child had returned from the nearby town called WOLFDEN after studying there for 5 years . The name of the boy was Harold but usually called by harry . Harry and his grandfather “ Carl ” were going to the small cliff near the forest , it is a great place for viewing the whole town without actually being there and at night this view become more epic as stars and moon make the scene astonishing . The old man was really known by people due to his good nature and also because he was the only engineer in that town who have a great practical skills as well as experience than any other engineer in town . Harry was astound by seeing his grandfather being even more praised than the town mayor himself . They were talking and harry was telling his school life and was discussing the problems that he face when he first got there . “ You never sent me any message or a single letter gramps “ harry said in a low voice as he looks down . “ I know…. I was very busy as you know we just moved here at that time and after that work and also I was the only source of Income “ carl said while smiling as he looks at his grandson while controlling his tears that started to rise in his eyes . After passing the small garden near the new market where the event was going to take place for a week , they stopped near a shop called Croshine where they decide to have their dinner before going to the cliff . the owner himself greet them and show them their seat while talking with the Oldman . “ you know your gramps use to work here when he first arrive here in town “ owner said to harry while he slowly patted his back and smiled . “ really , gramps I did not know , even my mum does not told me that “ harry said he was really happy to see that his grandfather have made many great friends in town which he was not able to do in school as harry was intelligent but due to that he was in a habit of trying everything by himself only and never rely on others that create a void due to which no one even try to talk to him anymore . After have their dinner and some snacks for their night picnic they both continued walking toward their destination . “ so did you make any friends at schools or in hostel “ carl said while he grab the shoulder of his grandson and gently side hugged him . “ yeah of course I have many friends at schools and each on of them is very talented and intelligent “ harry said without taking any time as he feared that he might be caught lying to his gramps . “ there is no such things as intelligent or being smart in friendship harry , all you need is someone who you can trust with your eyes closed and who will always there for you in your tough time “ carl said as he stopped and sat on his knees in front of his grandson and looked in his eyes . For him it was the first time he ever talked and tried to teach something to his grandson . As they reached at the cliff harry and his gramps start to place their ten which they rented for a night from the small shop which was near the starting point of cliff as it serve the purpose for a family camping spot but as it was start of the vacation week no one was there except maybe 2 or 3 families . “ I cannot believe that we just pass all these roads gramps , they arre mesmerising from up here “ harry said while his mouth was opened in awed . Carl started to unpack their stuff while harry was just standing there in shock while looking on his city . “ I’ve decided I will become an engineer like you gramps and i’ll be as popular as you “ harry shouted while facing his grandfather who was a bit far at their camp . “ why don’t you come and sit here son while you look up at stars “ carl said as he himself looked up at moon . both harry and his grandfather were sitting on a small flat rock which was created so that people can sit on it with ease . amazed by the everlasting beauty of the city harry was now having thought of living in the city and studying here instead of leaving next month but he was not able to gather up the strength to speak . One reason behind it could be that both his mother and grandfather are having high hopes and telling his feeling might hurt them so he thought it would be wiser if he stay quit for time being . It was about 11:45 pm and both of them were not sleepy at all because for both of them it was the first time to observe something precious and amazing . “ I am going for a walk for some time , gramps I am not able to sleep “ harry said after some time when they were about to sleep but his amazement caused insomnia . He just wanted to explore more and more in a small time he have got as next coming month he was going back to his boarding school in next town . “ alright just don’t go in to the forest alright and take care of yourself “ carl said while having his natural smile on his face that usually arises as soon as he saw his grandson’s face . harry has now been walking for sometime looking around and exploring the cliff while carl was sleeping soundly . After a while harry was looking on the right side to an imaginary point where city and sky was meeting and creating an astonishing view while walking forward when he stable into something as he fall down on his face . He stood up and was having a mild pain on his left arm , it was just a small cut but it was bleeding so in order to stop it he wrap some cloth around his arm and he then took a glance on thing which made him fall down . “ what’s that seems like some type of metal object coming out of nowhere “ harry mumbled as he thought of removing it from the ground as someone could get seriously injured if they are walking down the cliff . At first it was just some random metal piece that anyone could have left but as soon as he dig a bit deep he saw some wires attached to it and it was not a metal piece but some kind of plate that have buttons all over it on its other side which was inside sand due to which it was undetectable . “ Grandpa , grandpa come fast there is something peculiar in the sand look “ harry shouted while he step back fearing it might be something bad and dangerous . Carl reached to harry and asked him why is he shouting at this time of day as it was about 2:40 am . Harry pointed his finger toward the pit he created around that part as carl turned towards it he was amazed as he had never seen something like that in his life . “So what is it gramps , do you know “ harry asked while standing behind his grandpa while he was investigating the stuff . Carl was very intrigued as well as afraid while checking its circuit wire , after some time carl stood up and went back to his camp to bring dinner plate in order to fill he pit with sand . “ lets hid it in the sand again so that no-one will be able to discover it till I try to understand what in it “ carl said while putting the sand on the site . Harry was vey excited to know the truth about thing he found as it could be something costly but more than money it was the knowledge about the stuff he wanted more .

Next day , in morning after 8:20 am both carl and harry went to the lake site in the forest which in past use to belong to one of the rich family so that they can relax when they use to go hunting every week but after their demise it was opened publicly after renovating and clearing the water safe for everyone . After have their bath they came back to their city and had breakfast at the same shop where they had dinner before going back home . But while going back harry saw something unusual he noticed that the spot where the man was lying unconscious yesterday was missing but there was blood on the spot after informing his grandpa he was turned down regarding checking out . Carl told him not to indulge in the life of other as it could be dangerous for him and it could put him in trouble . Harry agreed but the thought of knowing about that man was making him unease and he decide to solve this mystery on his own . During night he sneak out to the location he saw the man last time , man was not there even now but the blood spot were drying up . “ it seems like he got into a fight and was beaten badly but if he was unconscious how come he pick up a fight with someone “ harry thought while looking for nearby medical shop as harry thought he could have went there for meds . After thinking for some time harry suddenly found more blood stain on the road that was leading to the alleyway . “ if he was hurt why would he go this side while there’s the pharmacy just beside the Croshine “ harry mumbled while trying to understand the situation . Harry started to follow the blood trail in hope that man could be badly hurt and he might need some help the trail was getting fader and fader but after trying so hard not to loose the trail harry reached the dead end . Not off the road but of the trail he started to look the nearby houses in order to gather more clues about the man whereabouts but got no luck so he decide to go back home as it was already late . When he was about to turn his eyes suddenly took a glance off an abandon warehouse that was just across the alleyway to the next road . He went near the warehouse when he heard two person talking so he hide and try to look for some hole or window so that he can have a glance of what’s really happening there . Due to vintage the wood was easily breakable that why there were no small hole but large pieces of wood missing due to which harry could be easily visible and caught so he thought of using window that was on the left side of the window . The window was broad but small , dirty enough to reflect the sunlight back and was cracked from bottom to top but luckily it was broken from the bottom right and due to dirt it was unrecognisable . As harry peeked inside he saw that the alley man was stripped to a chair by two guys who were wearing much better clothes for mere kidnappers and they were facing their back toward harry . One of the man was carrying a gun in his hand , harry was shocked and due to that he trembled which made the wood near his right foot break and the guy with the gun faces towards him to check . Harry saw the face , clean shaved and well maintained guy with blue pearly eyes which can fool anyone easily . “ who is this guy and why is he torturing that man , he cannot be the kidnapper he is too wealthy for that maybe he ask someone to took him “ harry think while running toward the building across the road and hiding there . “Should I help him even though I don’t know him , maybe he is a bad guy too ? “ harry mumbled while contradicting his statement . He was just 12 at the moment what more could he do instead of watching everything happening and also he did not even know that guy but for him saving that guys life was important even if it means he is saving a criminal as it wasn’t justice . After battering some courage harry thinks of a plan and he pick up some stone for distraction . Harry rush toward the window and throw the stone to make them came at that side to check but it did not go as per plan as they did not bother to look . Getting desperate harry knock the doors of nearby houses and silently tell them the situation but no one bother except a family of old man living with his son who asked his son to have a look . They both went to the window and after conforming the story they joined everyone and started shouting for help which made both of the kidnappers flew from the situation leaving man there bleeding and unconscious . After 15 min. Ambulance came and took the man while harry was helping giving him first aid in order to slow his bleeding he saw a piece of paper all crumbled in which a message was written of some kind in numbers which he was not able to understand so he kept it with him . Harry went back to his home and sleep as it was only 4:00 in morning . Next day during lunch police arrived at Harry’s home and explained whole situation to his grandfather , harry was nervous as he did not want his parents to know about the truth of him being there after his grandpa told him not to . “ harry , come here I want to talk to you “ carl said with intense look on his face , harry was already trying his best to hold himself together . “ did you went somewhere last night “ carl said looking straight to harry’s eyes . “ why would I gramps , you ask me not to go there was no reason also I am new in this town so I don’t know any route “ harry said while trying not to look away from his grandpa eyes . “ that a relief , the local investigator just told me that there was a child sighted near the alleyway just opposite to the road that is in front of the Croshine’s “ carl said while observing harry’s reaction . “ really well I have no interest ingoing there alone and also I am thinking about that stuff we found on cliff all the time “ harry said while looking at the roof . “Alright then , off ya go I have to go to work but we will go out for lunch today alright ? “ carl said while changing his expression from tensed to smiling as always . “ sure , why not but we will be having dinner at home “ harry said while he stood up and walk out of door to his room . after having lunch with his grand dad , harry was stuffed so he went for a walk it was around 4:10 pm and he had planned all of this in morning as he was going to meet that man in hospital . Harry asked the nurse about the room number for the patient and when he reached the room he saw that there was a man standing with the doctor . At first he thought that he might be that guy’s brother or friend but while coming out of the room with doctor harry recognised that man , he was the same man who was about to kill him yesterday . “ I don’t think it’s safe for him here anymore , what should I do ? “ harry mumbled while he try to sneak behind the doctor to enter the room . The man health was stable now but his life was not so harry was very confused as in this situation he was all alone . No one will believe him even if they do the first thing that will happen would be his parents known the whole truth which could lead him in trouble and he will not be able to save that man’s life . “ I got it I can try to sneak him in my room until he regain his consciousness ,after that he can tell me everything related to the current situation moreover no one will suspect me giving him a shelter “ harry said while standing near to patient and checking the windows incase someone arrives . Luckily the man woke up but he was still in very bad condition so harry asked him about going to his home but he was not fully in his mental state to reply so he just blinked as an answer to harry’s question . “ well try to rest I will comeback tomorrow and we will go to my home in night so that no-one will saw us “ harry said while smiling , there was more than smile on his face it was a fell of relaxation . Next day in late evening after having his dinner harry snuck out from his house and went to the hospital but it seems like someone was following him but he was not able to saw anyone . Everything was ready even the patient was in much better condition then yesterday so he was able to stand up on his own but walking on his own was another thing . Harry sneak him out from the hospital window as his room was on first floor there was not much of a height and they started to go back to harry’s home . “ why are you helping me “ man said in a very slow voice near harry’s ear as he was unable to speak properly yet . “ we should not be talking right now , I reckon there is someone watching us so we have to be quite so that he can’t recognise or hear us “ harry whispered back while he was providing support to man with his shoulder . A-lot to things were happening right now in harry’s mind as he was helping a stranger who was nearly killed and now someone is following them maybe because of that man and he was doing all of these things in secrecy due to which harry was scared of doing the wrong thing just because he thinks he is right . Harry intentionally took wrong turn just from his house so that the follower will not be able to recognise his house on his own . After walking for sometime on wrong path harry saw someone standing near the light-pole straight ahead on right side of the road , he was the follower who somehow get ahead of them . Harry kept going straight near that man who was wearing black long coat with a hat that was covering his face not only that he was leaning on the pole like he was tired of walking . “ why are you helping him , huh ? “ man said while looking on another side as if he doesn’t want harry to saw him . “ why shouldn’t I , this man was in trouble and no-one was helping him so I saved his life twice . “ harry said while he look around seeing himself alone in the street with two strangers . “ this man , ha ha ha , you really are stupid he is no man he is just a teenager pretending to be a man by using fake beard and moustache , I bet no-one notice that right “ man said while he laughed and remove the beard from the teen . “ this can not be possible , I was helping a pretender maybe he is a bad guy or teen after all I should just leave him here and go back home “ harry said while he was amazed after knowing the plot twist . “ wow , and I thought you might be different from other humans as you want to help people who are in need of it “ man said while turning his back on harry in disappointment . “ I am , it just he used me I thought he was a victim and I early want to help him even now but what if I get in trouble because of him “ harry mumbled but the man listened it clearly as they were standing near to each other . “ he used you ? Wasn’t he unconscious all the time you just told me when we met “ man said while he start to walk slowly . “ its pretty late now I just want to clear the misunderstanding about this boy so it’s upto you now if you wanna help him or not , good night and hope we never cross path again “ man said while he smiled and went to his way . Harry was stumbled as he just met some weird guy but he was sure he wasn’t the man who was following him back from the hospital so who could it be he thinks . Harry turned back and took that guy to his home as he was having some questions and he knew that only that teen was able to answer them when he recovers . Harry sneaked that teen with him in his room while his grand dad and mother were sleeping , he was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as he entered the room after placing the teen on a mattress on floor . But little does he know after he put out the light there was a mysterious man standing outside harry’s house looking straight toward his room . After waiting for sometime looking at the house the man left as if his only intention was to get to know that teen’s location . Its been two weeks since that teen was living with harry but he was not able to recover faster as harry was only able to give him third of his recommended meds due to low budget and also because of the reason that he did not want to be caught giving a shelter to an unknown person whose chances of being a criminal were high . It was Wednesday and harry was already enrolled in a Whiteclaw School of Engineering and Science (WSES) a week ago as an extra curricular activity while he is still at his home . After returning from school harry was working on his project for his examination that were going to begin in 2 weeks but today harry was about to get surprised by something . In pre-evening after having his lunch harry walked upstairs to his room as soon as he reached in his room he saw that the guy he saved was sitting on a bed while grabbing his head with his both hand like he was having a severe headache . Harry was happy as well as surprised when he saw the guy regaining consciousness . “ how are you feeling now ? “ harry asked while he placed the chair in front of the guy . “ better but I am having a severe headache ? “ guy replied in a small and weakened tone as he had not eaten anything from the past few weeks and he was low on energy . “ nice to hear that , wait I’ll bring something for you to eat just don’t go anywhere no one knows that you are staying with me for the past few weeks “ harry said while he stood up from the chair and goes near the door . The guy was really surprised by hearing that from harry and he asked harry if someone tried to contact him or was there some message for him ,to which harry surprisingly said no as harry found that guy beaten up from the street and why would someone ask for some random guy from street . This talk raised more suspicion as well as interest in harry regarding that guy now he was even more excited to know about the story of that guy as for a street guy many wealthy people were after him judging from their contacts and their clothes . After giving him some food and water to drink he asked the guy to rest again for sometime and ask him that he have some questions regarding his situation that he wanna know . The guy was in debt of harry as he saved his life so he agreed to answer some of his question until those questions are not personal . At dinner harry was really looking forward to know that guy and ask him about his connection to the stuff that he and his grand dad found on cliff , the only clue of that suspicion was with only harry . At 8:40 pm after having his food and helping his mother out with cleaning harry went to his room to complete his homework and at that time he realised that he trust the wrong guy as the guy he saved was long gone and there was no clue of his whereabout except a note that he left on table for harry . harry read the note in which he wrote that “ I know your secret harry and if you did not come straight with your family then I will , I hope you know what I am talking about and you will make a right decision or I have to make it for you “ harry was scared as he was only 15 years and there was no chance that he could tell his granddad about his decision . On that night the mysterious guy was again staring at harry’s room through his window from the road for some time and then he walks away slowly . But this time was different the injured man who was living with harry saw him going away from his house while he was coming back from a short walk , he thought that he might have put harry’s life in danger as there were very good chances that the mysterious guy with black clothes might be looking for him and that leads him directly to harry’s home . Knowing that he couldn’t stay there he kept on moving but there was a burning question that was troubling him that time it was the reason of why someone will look for him in first place , not only that he was not able to recognise this place and his memories of past 3-4 months was missing . Harry knew that something about that man is dangerous and he will be able to get every answers from him only not only that he was having a gut feeling that maybe that thing they found on the cliff will be an important clue in disclosing the real identity of that man and his past as well as his relation to those people …

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