sakurainuzuka Sakura Inuzuka Uchiha

Sakura is an 18-year-old woman now. She is head of the Anbu to her Hokage as well as her being the best medic-nin in the world. Little did she know that was gonna change.

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note before the story/ Disclaimer

I'm sorry it's being slow on the uptake!! but i'm trying I have been waiting for the perfect moment to start some action kkkkkkk I'm sorry If I have been boring you all and will try to skip some of my very long mental fucking notes because lord knows It will be a lot
I really am sorry for the slow uptake

Now I do not own the people or places but the storyline belongs to me the rating is because later on there will be smut and lemons so please know that I have warned you. This is my first fanfiction and I have seriously no idea where it's going to go a I don't have a plan I just go with the flow. another thing is my grammar isn't perfect neither is my spelling or punctuation so please don't judge. TvT ^_^

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