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Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains and making sure they were securely locked. "Don't worry? You fucking chained me to this chair and you are pointing a damn knife at me, Mr. Mikaelson. I don't know about you but I have a very different definition of feeling secure." I scoffed. Oh! what will I do to you, Mr. Mikaelson once I am free from these chains? ___________________________________________ REESE GRAY ALPHA for the world is just a business woman who owns one of the biggest hospitality company, Elysian Inc. But what they don't know is that she is on a journey of revenge leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake. Her vindictive and dominating side is her FILTHY DARK SECRET until ASHER MIKAELSON finds out about it. ___________________________________________ If he is a storm then she is a motherfucking hurricane.. Imagine how strong will they be if they form alliance?

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The sun shined brightly in Berlin as we boarded my private jet. It was a beautiful day to fly. Two flight attendants stood at the door and bowed in respect, I nodded back in appreciation. One of the attendants offered me one of my favorite whiskey to which I refused for the moment and took my seat. My two bodyguards who were following me the whole time sat at the back.

"Finally!" Gerhard exclaimed as he sat opposite to me. I rolled my eyes at the German man.

"We will take off in exactly two minutes. Please buckle up your seat belts." The pilot announced which made me sigh. I made myself comfortable and leaned back im my seat. I couldn't sleep yesterday night so I planned on using this time to relax.

"Baby." Gerhard spoke up again once we were in the air and his shoe touched my ankle and trailed upward with a clear intention of seduction. I suppressed a growl and instead smiled at him. "I am bored lets do something." He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively. I ignored him and closed my eyes. I decided to go with my official plan which was to sleep.

"Don't ignore me liebling. You know that I wanted you from the morning but I waited because you were busy. Please I can't control myself now." I felt him poutand he again used his shoe to get my attention. The guy sure had a death wish. As if on cue, he said those three words which I have come to hate with a passion, the words which can light up the fire inside me that only blood can put out "Ich liebe dich." Thats it, I clenched my fists and my eyes shot open and narrowed at him.

"Stand." I ordered and he gazed at me confused but when I glared at him, he gulped and obliged. After he stood up he tried to come in my direction but I used my hand to hault him on his track. "Now say it loud and clear Gerhard, what do you want?" I looked at him with a sickly sweet smile and enjoyed this way to much.

"But Ree the guards are here." He mumbled so that only I could hear. I shot up from my seat and glowered at him. How dare he call me by a bloody nickname and defy me?

"What did you just say?" I asked calmly but threateningly, he shivered at my voice and stepped back. I smirked at him and took a step forward while I waited for his reply.

"Sorry, Reese Alpha." He looked at the ground and bowed his head in apology which made me giggle. Oh how I love it when people fear me.

"Now tell me Gerhard, what do you want?" I asked and he peeked at me with his blue sapphire eyes, he took in a deep breath and spoke loudly just like I asked him to.

"I want to have sex with you, Miss Alpha." Each word came out loud and clear, his voice wad squeaky and filled with clear anxiety. I could hear my guards laughing at his misery which to be honest, made me crack up as well.

"Okay then. STRIP." My voice authoritative and his eyes widened, so much that I feared they will fall out of their sockets. He stared at the guards for a minute and gave me a hesitant glance.

"But the guar-" I cut him off as my smile dropped. This guy needed to learn to obey my fucking orders. As soon as I scowled at him, his pupils dilated in fear and he cowered down.

"Do I look like I care? NOW STRIP FUCKER." My voice boomed in the jet making the German flinch and the guards shut up. All sounds of laughter died and I clenched my jaw making my annoyance very clear. The german flinched and fiddled with his shirt buttons with his shaky hands, A smile appeared on my face again as I saw him all embarrassed and terrified. Even after all the warnings, threats and embarrassment the buldge in his pants never disappeared. Just how horny is this guy? He finally took off his clothes, leaving his boxers on and I let him. I mean I am clearly not interested to see him butt naked like the day he was born.

"Kneel." Once he was done, I ordered menacingly and instantly he fell on his knees, eyes stared up at me. I circled around the poor almost naked boy and glanced at the guards who had smirks on their faces. They nodded at me once they saw me looking at them and I grinned in response. They were well aware of what was going to happen. The two flight attendants from before stared at the scene unfolding and I almost felt bad for the poor guy. The German had no idea about who he was dealing with, the guy had involved himself into such a chaos that he would have to face the consequences.

"Where were you yesterday night?" I cooed.

"Work." He replied softly and I furrowed my brows.

"Well I never knew you worked as a stripper." I acted confused, he trembled in fear making me giggle innocently. "Now tell me honestly, where were you?"

"W-with L-lieselotte in W-whisky Night Club." He stuttered. I once again stood in front of him, grinning ear to ear like a cheshire cat. I had a meeting in a hotel near Whisky Night club yesterday and while coming home I saw the said woman Lieselotte grinding against Gerhard who was definitely enjoying it. Guess I'll have to teach him loyalty.

"liebst du mich wirklich?" I raised my brows and asked innocently.

"Ja liebling, ich liebe dich." His smile irked me and so did those three fucking words.

"Baby, remember to never say I LOVE YOU to me." With that in one swift movement I took out my Glock 26 which was tucked in my jeans behind my back and after cocking the gun I pulled the trigger the bullet hit Gerhard in his crotch before he could even interpret what was happening. He screamed in agony and fell to the ground while thrashing. After a few minutes he died. His blood pooled around his deceased body and I crouched down in front of him, I sighed in satisfaction.

"See, you shouldn't have lied to me or tried to cheat on me then maybe you would have been alive right now drinking Laphroaig whiskey with me. But oh well." I almost felt bad for the guy, he could have had a beautiful life with Lieselotte if he would have told me the truth. But then again he wasn't all innocent. He had a criminal background and was involved in heinous deeds.

"Miss Alpha, I request you to take a seat, we are about to land." The pilot spoke through the speaker and sighing I stood up and made my way to my seat before placing my gun on the table.

After a few minutes the speaker came to life again. "We are now in Venice, Italy. Hope you had a good time." I rose up from my seat and picked up my gun tucking it back inside my jeans, behind my back. I Wore my Louis vuitton bomber jacket to make sure the gun wasn't visible.

I couldn't risk being seen with a gun in public. For the world I wad just a workaholic business woman, the Executive Chairman and the CEO of Elysian Inc. Elysian is a multinational diversified hospitality company that managed and franchised a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities founded by my mother and father. Elysian practically owned 93 distinctive properties in more than 28 countries and territories. People said I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and indeed I was, but they also knew, how hard I worked to get diamonds embedded in that spoon. Elysian just had 15 hotels when I took over, now it has become one of the biggest hotel chain in the world. My net worth is nearly $4.3 billion.

Elysian was my moms dream, its the only thing which has been keeping me sane after my moms death. That's why I didn't want the people or the media to find out about my nefarious side, the part of me filled with rage. Elysian helped me keep my criminal side at bay.

I wasn't some spoiled rich brat, with blood lust who wanted everyone on their knees begging for mercy. The rage inside me was due to a reason and that reason was my mom, she never died. She was MURDERED. And now the only purpose of my life had been vendetta.

So this is me REESE GRAY ALPHA and the vindictive part of me is my FILTHY DARK SECRET.

Translation :

Liebling: darling

Ich liebe dich: I love you.

liebst du mich wirklich?: Do you really love me?

Ja liebling, ich liebe dich.: yes darling, I love you.

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