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Hello, My name is Kyra and I am a 16 year old from a small town in Wisconsin but I've been around almost everywhere it feels like to be honest. This is the story of my life and how far I've come. I hope you all will get a positive message out of my stories and to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE❤️

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Life is not perfect. No one ever said it would be, but it is also what you make of it. No one is perfect either on this Earth. I am what you'd call agnostic. I do believe in God but I don't read the bible as much as Christians would and I don't like church. I'm not perfect but as MGK and Hailee Steinfeld said it best "if you can't take me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best". It's a good song.. It has a meaningful message. It's just called "At My Best". I honestly don't have my life figured out and I'm not here to tell you how to live yours. I just turned 16 on Monday.. (April 26, 2021) My main message if you don't read this whole story or book is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I'm not looking for pity or anything from anyone. What I've went through is whats shaped me as a person, my past actions and just my past do NOT define me as a person. I'm not expecting to go huge but if anyone reads this I appreciate it but this isn't for me or the fame. This is going to a finish line and turning back around to help the next one in line. I hope a lot of people here reading this want to do the same, to help others. Everyone has went through something one time or another... No one has had a 100% all the time perfect life. How you dealt with it or how you cope with it is important. I've made my fair share of mistakes and I hope someone can learn from them. I just hope for all of you, you can keep a smile on under the mask and keep your head up cause there is people who DO CARE, no matter what life throws at you.. remember God loves you❤️❤️And I wouldn't be here writing this right now if I didn't care. I don't know what else to say so I hope this gets out! 🙂

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