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“We have to make a promise Dawn, we must do,” I nod along with him “Yes…” His minor hand's warm mine, “If one day we separate, that we would find each other again and that we will never stop,” I nod in agreement, “I will never stop Car until I find you again…” He smiles brightly at me, “Me too, princess…” --- A handcuff over my lips softly, “Don’t move…” “Who are they?” My whispering sounds more like whimpering. His grip tightens around my middle but no word exits his mouth. The only thing I feel is his warm breath tickling my neck and without notice, the figure pulls me back into a dark closet…

Fantasía Medieval Sólo para mayores de 18.

#farming #royalty #fantasy #drama #romance #Medieval-era
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River Wood

In the majority of fairy tales, some things contain important . . . every minor detail printed in ink that some form of lesson teaches us.

The right or the wrong, it all teaches a valuable lesson.

To be strong in any situation, no matter how much you want to give in, there is always a way to defeat whatever you facing.

To be weak are not a form of offer you make, but rather a form of boost you give yourself.

Teaching yourself that you must stand stronger, – you will defeat whatever you face . . . and if facing this alone means solitude – then so be it.

The power to change one’s life or to choose a normal life . . . every single person is unique and although we never think about how we differ, we all do.

Life is too short to be worried over the day off tomorrow - live for every single day.

The illusion of life plays off in fairy tales - meant to show us that in between dream lines . . . we all can be warriors at heart - follow your dreams and never give up.

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