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The story goes through the life of a young girl named Kate and each chapter is her age and how she grew up and lived her life the decisions she makes and the friends she gains and loses

Ficción adolescente No para niños menores de 13.

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Age 1

I can only remember a little from what my mom told me. I was born into a small family, with two older brothers making me the youngest and only girl child. Which caused me to grow up being a bit of a tomboy. Dad wasn't home much his job kept him away but I always remember when he was home, this foul smell clung to his cloths bitter and strong. I didn't care much though all I know is that he was home and I was happy.

He would walk to my room and come over to my crib giving me a big kiss on my forehead before saying. "I love you my sweet little Kate." I would laugh not knowing at the time what he was saying. Mom would come in after and tuck me into bed. She rubbed my small head with a smile and planted a kiss on my head before leaving my room and turning off the light.

I remember one-night dad didn't come to my room but mom did she looked sad she quickly laid me down to sleep and left quickly. I remember hearing a loud noise and a lot of screaming and yelling. It made me scared and sad. Why were mom and dad so mad? How could I have known.

After that dad stopped coming into my room and mom looked less and less happy but my Brothers would always come in and comfort me when mom and dad yelled loudly but could tell they were not happy either and I still didn't know why.

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