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Part 1 - The waken

Inner self

Brandon Okamara and Gavin Oshima were sixteen and eighteen, they seemed like opposites socially but had the same humor. Brandon seemed to always be surrounded by friends while Gavin barely had any, but they remained friends. It was the last day of their junior year, Brandon wanted to skip but his friend convinced him to go.

"Can't believe you're making me go on the last day, what is the point, we're not getting taught and all grades are already in" Gavin rolled his eyes,

"don't be A baby, it's not hard to survive one last day of school" They got off the bus walking to breakfast, Brandon joined his friends while Gavin sat in his first period waiting for the class to start. Just before any other students walked in, the teen noticed A strange book laying on A desk just A few feet away from him. He picked it up and the book was called : "Evocatis Alias Sui" He looked it up...

"Summon outra self" it said on his search results.

"Strange, but at the same time fascinating" The teen put the book in his bag and waited until he got home to go over the book.

He read through its table of contents :

CHAPTER 1...Focusing

CHAPTER 2...Abilities

CHAPTER 3...Summoning

CHAPTER 4...Using without focus

CHAPTER 5...Strengthen your Outra

CHAPTER 6...Outra while unconscious

He spent hours reading through chapter one,

"seems this book is talking about people's inner self, that they are capable of being summoned to the physical world with abilities specific to the personality of the user. Gavin read through the focusing and summoning section... Hmm, so if I call to it...and focus its power, it will come to this world where I can see it, also use their abilities" While Brandon was texting his friends, Gavin was almost finished with the book. It's been A month since summer began. He put A bookmark on the last page before closing it. The teen stood still, he focused as hard as he could but nothing happened.

"Why isn't it working!?" The boy complained, "it said I had to focus my inner self...one last try" Gavin decided to focus calmly instead of putting too much effort into it. Just then an aura of many colors appeared around the boy's body, A smile grew on his face as he noticed his progress. But out of nowhere Gavin fell to his knees out of breath.

"Forgot, in chapter one the book said that new users can be easily drained by their Outra" The weakened boy also saw that his aura had disappeared as well. Taking A break, Gavin went downstairs to see Brandon eating nachos watching A movie.

"What's with you?" the friend asked.

"N-nothing, I just fell out of bed" Gavin responded. His friend stared at him for A second then went back to his movie.

"Do you want something?" He asked just before getting up off the couch.

"Sure, I'll take A bottle of water" Gavin nodded as he walked into the kitchen towards the fridge, for A moment he could feel A warm breeze go by him, but thought it was nothing. The boy handed his friend the water when he saw something in the mirror. For A split second the teen thought he saw A tall figure in armor.

"I'm going to bed dude, see ya later" The boy laid there for A few minutes before he began to hear A voice,

"I know you can hear me. Why avoid my forthcoming? I've always been there... Waiting for my powers to be needed" Gavin could feel something deep inside him, A feeling he had never felt before.

"What are you?" the boy asked,

"my boy, you should know...I am your Outra : Trimo"

"If I summon you, can anyone else see you?"

Trimo replied : "no, only other Outra users are capable of seeing me, or if you actually want them to see me" Gavin took A deep breath,

"come Trimo" the boy announced. The aura returned and he saw A tall figure in armor, he also had A sword with flames radiating off it. The teen's eyes widened at the sight of his Outra, it was seven feet tall, one foot taller than him. He held his hand out to the figure, Trimo shook his hand looking at his user.

"I shall return when you need me" With that, his Outra vanished. The boy fell on his bed quickly falling asleep...The next day Gavin awoke to Brandon reading the Outra book.

"What are you doing?" he asked getting out of bed,

"reading this book I found on your nightstand" The teen was A little unsure about his friend reading the book but he decided to forget about it.

"I'm sure he won't take that book seriously" During first period Gavin felt strange for A moment. He closed his eyes focusing Trimo,

"what's happening, for some reason I feel strange inside"

His Outra replied: "I think I know what's happening, shall I go check the area?" The user nodded before Trimo left the classroom without anyone noticing that the door had opened and closed itself. Meanwhile the Outra was searching the school for the unknown source they had felt. Finally Trimo saw Brandon, and standing behind him...was an Outra! The tall warrior made his way back to his user then fazed back into the teen's thoughts.

"Seems our friend Brandon has achieved one as well" Gavin looked at the clock, class won't end for another five minutes.

"Crap, who knows what'll happen If he figures out how to use his Outra" he thought to Trimo.

"Yes that could be problematic for the school along with other non-users. The bell rang, he ran out of the room towards the location where his Outra had found Brandon.

"He's gone, damn it" The teen couldn't remember what his friend's second period was.

"Guess we'll just have to wait until after school or the next time he uses his inner-self" "Indeed" Trimo responded. So the boy waited the rest of the day to sense Brandon's Outra. During lunch he quickly ate his food then went to look for him,

"go look for him" the user said in his mind, Trimo went in search for the possible threat, invisible to all the students. Meanwhile Gavin sat at A lunch table alone. Trimo quickly explored the school checking every possible classroom and area that the other user could be. Finally, Brandon was found in one of the buildings on the other side of the school.

"Found you" the tall warrior said to himself. Oshima took off towards the building where he saw him talking to his Outra,

"I would think with all your friends, you wouldn't need to chat with your Outra" His friend looked at the teen,

"he's the only one I need" Gavin's eyes widened,

"has he been taken over by his own Outra?" The teen noticed the book on the bed and went for it, Brandon's inner-self, A large four-armed monster threw A punch at him, the user's Outra appeared, blocking the attack with his sword blazing with fire. He got to the book and had the figure block his way to the dark-haired teen. Before Gavin could open the book, Trimo was struck in the gut causing the boy to lose his grip on the item.

It went flying out the window landing in the street, before Gavin could go after it, Brandon's creature punched Trimo across the room out into the road as well. The novice user wasn't used to taking his Outra's damage, he collapsed onto the ground.

"Damn, his Outra is completely out of control, and I don't have the book too fix whatever he's done to himself or his Outra" The powerful creature uppercut the weakened boy out of the house, causing him to land next to Trimo. Blood ran down the side of his face,

"I wanted to help him, but if they won't listen...I'll have to keep them from fighting!" Both the user and his warrior stood up facing the monster's location,

"I may be new at this, but I assure you I'll get A few good hits in" The seven-foot figure rushed towards them pulling out his strong blade. Brandon took A few steps back, yet his Outra stood its ground. The warrior swung his blade leaving A flesh wound in the creature's chest. The controlled boy let out A scream in pain falling to one knee with his hand on his wound.

"So much pain from just one attack" he groaned as blood filled his shirt. Just then the monster vanished and Brandon laid there breathing heavily.

"Trimo search for the book while I aid our foe" It nodded racing off to look for the book, Gavin wrapped Brandon's wound with cloth to stop the bleeding.

Chapter 2 : Secret revealed, Outra expanding

The teens were in the bedroom, the dark-haired teen was watching over his friend while his wound healed.

"What happened to you, I have control over my inner-self yet you go ballistic on me and try to kill me and my Outra"

Brandon coughed out blood then replied: "It said I could make my "other stronger, but something went wrong and it took over" The teen sighed,

"well be happy with your current strength so we don't end up killing each other" His wounded friend nodded before passing out...

Hours later Trimo's user had realized that the warrior hadn't returned yet.

"strange the book couldn't have gotten far, it was in the street seconds before I went after it"


"What's this?" A teen responded as he picked up the book of outra. He began to skim through it when the book suddenly flew out of his hands. The teen quickly got home and got on his laptop, the teen searched up info about Outra, there wasn't much compared to the book.

"Hmm, seems an Outra is A physical being of one's true self" The site didn't say much else...He sat on his bed thinking about how to gain the being he read about. Brushing the black hair out of his eyes, the boy took in A deep breath beginning to focus, the aura that had appeared around the other two became visible to him as well. Back at their house Gavin was freaking out,

"who knows what'll happen if more people get their hands on that book, with more and more creatures popping up, most of them are bound to be evil!" Brandon still hadn't come to though tossed and turned normally. Finally Trimo returned with the book,

"good now that we have the book back in our position, we should put it somewhere that others can't find it" The user went down to the basement then hid it in A lose part of the brick wall. As the dark-haired teen thought he could relax, A faint shockwave shook under his feet.

"If this is another user I will freak out" Gavin ran out of the house down the road headed towards yet another source of energy. When he got there he saw A teen with black hair on his phone.

"Hey you have you seen anyone with A weird book, it has A word on the front that seems like it's made up" The teen looked up at him,

"Yeah... I found A book that talked about Outras or somethin', so I posted online how others can learn to use them" The teen froze still from the stranger's words,

"and where did you post it?" Gavin responded in an uneasy tone.

"Basically everywhere all those social media apps"

"Shit, you need to hurry and delete those posts before anyone reads them!"

"Why is that?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"Because if everyone has them, there's no telling what kind of evil outras will appear!"

"Fine, I'll delete them" After A few minutes he had deleted all the posts.

"There happy?"

Gavin nodded and replied: "so who are you anyway?"

The stranger looked at him with A serious expression,

"I'm Levi, and this is Leviathan" he said as he summoned his creature to his side, it looked like the common depiction of Death, he was wearing A black coat with A large hood cast far over his face. He held A scythe, which appeared to be made from some strange alloy which was never identified on Earth in the past. Two glowing eyes peered out from under the hood, but there wasn't anything underneath the creature's clothing, just pure darkness.

"So, this was the energy I felt earlier" Levi grinned,

"let's see what yours can do!" Oshima called to his warrior and it stood beside his user facing Leviathan. The new outra dashed forward swinging his fierce weapon, Trimo dogged it and uppercut the being across the neighborhood. Leviathan impacted an old tree house causing it to fall to pieces, the user could feel the soreness of the attack and impact.

"Nice shot, though I can take more than an average person" The strong warrior pulled out his sword,

"I'll be interested to see if you can handle the strength of my mighty sword" His combatant was unsure if he'd be capable of withstanding the sword's force. Trimo threw A swing at his opponent, Leviathan suddenly blocked the attack's path, stopping it with his strong weapon. The area shook causing the concrete road to crack apart.

"Impressive you stopped my outra's attack, but that was only half his strength" Gavin made A forceful swing causing Trimo to unleash A full strength attack. Leviathan lifted his scythe once more to stop it but the intense force of the warrior knocked the weapon out of its hand. Now wide open, the big armored fighter punched the foe so hard it went spiraling into A house leaving A hole in their roof. Levi fell to the ground bleeding severely.

"I will beat you next time" the wounded boy commented as he rolled over onto his back. His creature fazed back into him, he was unable to continue fighting.

The next day Gavin awoke to an alert on the news: "It seems creatures are showing up all over town, I've been told they are called "Outras" the physical form of A person's inner-self and are said to have superhuman abilities"

"That's not good, tons of people are figuring out about their "other-selves" there's so many that my Outra sense is going crazy, I can only image the horrors that are to come from this" The teen sat against the wall of his room thinking...

"Well I'm sure there's gonna be A lot of evil users, so I better be prepared for the worst"

He grabbed his black jacket and headed towards the city... The dark haired teen found himself seeing all sorts of creatures, some funny like A tiny clown or ones dark like A zombie looking creature.

"Alright Trimo we need to search for any evil auras" As they turned A corner, Gavin spotted A Outra that resembled A dragon.

"Looks like we found one" Trimo commented telepathically. The young boy called out Trimo and had him go for the creature's head, the massive creature wiped its tail in the fighter's direction, the other went soaring down the road crashing into A light red truck. Gavin felt A great surge of pain but remained in front of the beast. His Outra came back standing at his side,

"I have an idea" he said. The boy took A deep breath, his other in sync with his movement. The fighter let out A long powerful breath and his other released A wave of fire out of his helmet. The fire burned the dragon causing it to ascend up out of the flames path. A women came out from an ally with A burn on her shoulder,

"leave me alone!"

Her Outra let out A loud roar before releasing A ball of fire from its mouth. The challenger had his pull out his sword and hit it back.

"Looks like A homerun" the boy joked as the ball hit the dragon in the jaw.

"Stop mocking me!" She yelled, the women had her beast unleash A storm of fire in their direction, Gavin kept his powerful other in front of him to stop the incoming flames. The sword was absorbing all the fire that made contact, once the outra was out of breath, Trimo aimed his sword in their direction and shot fire out of the tip of the weapon. The girl screamed from the immense burning pain. Seconds later, the dragon collapsed in the center of the road with its tail hitting an office building on one side of the road.

"Well that's one down" the user commented as if he was already getting tired. It was twelve o cock when he found his next opponent, it was A sixteen-year-old boy. His other looked like A big werewolf with big muscles. The teen turned around to see Gavin just A few feet away,

"what do you want?" He asked in A stubborn tone,

"I can sense evil from your creature, I can't allow outras to be used for terrible intentions" The blonde stranger smiled,

"I'm Daniel, I'd love to see you attempt to stop me from getting revenge on everyone that bullied me in freshman year of high school" Trimo launched out of his user aimed at the evil creature, the armored other struck the outra in the face sending it staggering backwards. David put his hand on his injured face and noticed he was bleeding on the upper-right of his face.

"Ack, one attack did that much damage!?" he yelled. David saw his combatant walking towards him, in an attempt to stop his foe, David commanded the werewolf to charge both of them in A rush attack. The armored knight waited with his arms crossed, as the creature went for A strong claw attack, it was punched in the gut with incredible force sending it impacting A tall business building. The heroic teen watched as David fell to his knees with bruises all over his body.

"D-damn you" before the blonde-haired boy could say anything else, he collapsed onto his stomach.

"This'll probably take up my whole afternoon at this rate" Suddenly A group of gang members surrounded him,

"well, looks like we found A fellow outra, join us or die" Gavin smirked, I'll die...only if you go first" The gang leader had an other that was A skeleton with bling on its body,

"face our creatures!" He said pointing at him. The other members seem to have others that looked like big rock monsters, Gavin threw his hand out in front of him just before his other-self flew out of the user. Gang members were shocked by the tall intimidating foe, two of them had their monsters throw A hard punch but utterly missed their target. Both targets had vanished out of thin air.

"Where'd they go!?" The boss shouted to his team. Without warning, one of the gang members' outra was stabbed through the chest, blood ran down the user's body until they hit the ground dead from the fatal blow.

"I Recomi will make you pay for killing one of my team!" The boss threw his arm up signaling the giant skeleton to commence attack. It threw A fast punch straight at his challenger, with A swift move of his hand, his inner being stopped the attack with his hand. Pulling the foe closer, he uppercut the evil enemy across the area into A bank, money fell to the ground like feathers as the skeleton got up, its bling sparkling from the sunlight. Recomi cracked his jaw back into place,

"you bitch, I have A few more moves up my sleeve!" The giant skeleton pulled out A katana and leapt into the air, as it came descending down the outra gripped his weapon tightly before slashing at his target. Trimo stopped the incoming attack with his sword, the powerful impact shook the entire city like an earthquake. The two combatants clashed with fierce strikes,

"its over!" Gavin's warrior forced his weapon all the way through the Skelton's ribcage. Recomi instantly started to bleed, he shook from the pain before hitting the road dead. The user sat up against A building out of breath,

"I can't take all of them down by myself...I need help" After twenty minutes the teen got up and continued through the city. Most of the city seemed either normal or the people's outras didn't have any trace of evil. As he reached the edge of the city he didn't sense any darkness.

"I'm sure people around the U.S will soon be gaining inner-selves as well, so if I'm gonna be going across the country taking on hundreds of them, I'll need to train with mine too become much stronger" A few days into practicing with his outra, Levi came up to him,

"I'm back and found someone willing to help stop all the evil others appearing all over the country" She was the same age as them, she had black hair, brown eyes and dark skin.

"Hi my name's Dy'Meria" The teen shook her hand with A nod,

"so have either of you even practiced with your outra yet?" She shook her head while Levi gave A little hand sign meaning he did A little.

"Well show me what your outras can do against mine, especially now that I'm getting stronger" both of them summoned their creatures, they were ready for A fight. The strengthened user smirked as his warrior blocked their path to him. Dy'Meria's other charged for her target, just as the creature went for A kick, Trimo and Gavin vanished instantly.

"What, where did he go?" Levi responded, Dy'Meria looked around searching for either the user or the outra. Before either of them could react, Trimo appeared punching both Levi's along with Dy'Meria's Outra's across the street in opposite directions. Leviathan hit A car while the other impacted A pawn shop.

"Come on you two, surely you can at least land A blow on him" They both looked up to see Gavin standing high on an office building with his arms crossed, his black hair flowing in the wind.

"Alright it's my turn to attack" Levi announced, his other ascended up onto the side of the building racing up it. The user walked over to the edge and turned his back to it. Leviathan reached the top facing his foe just A few feet away. The teen smirked,

"try Landing A hit, I bet you won't" Levi frowned,

"attack Leviathan!" the outra moved across the roof at high speed, Gavin backed up purposely falling off the roof smiling at the skeleton. It jumped off the roof as well heading for the over-confident target. But before the other could go for an attack, Gavin disappeared at the last second. Levi's hit the street creating A large crater in the middle of the road.

"Surprising how there's no one here" the girl commented. Levi felt the backlash from his outra's impact.

"I'm shocked that training could make such A big difference, at least compared to our last battle...Dy'Meria have yours go for the offensive-self while I go for Gavin's defensive" She nodded and the outra took off. Her's was tall that looked like A female alien with glowing thin tentacles around her body, she also had glowing eyes without an iris. The other and Trimo were trading blows at fast rates,

"impressive, seems her outra is keeping up with his, speaking of which, where is he?" As the user turned around, his foe came out of nowhere kicking him in the side of the face. The guy went hurling down the paved road into A park.

"How are you moving so fast!?" his combatant yelled getting back up. Gavin smirked once more,

"because I've tapped into one of the capabilities of A growing user,

"being able to use my outra's power of teleportation without the need of summoning him, sadly it's the only power I have access to"

Meanwhile the two beings were still clashing with fierce strikes. Dy'Meria's other went for A break strike, the tall glowing woman threw her fist full force at her opponent, A bright pink aura surrounded her fist as the attack made contact. Trimo was launched through the city like A meteor until it landed in A forest miles away. The user put his hand on his head,

"wow that attack did A great amount of damage" Levi saw that as an opening and sent his other to attack him. Leviathan struck him in the gut causing him to spit out blood.

"I got you!" he bragged Just then his wounded opponent began to laugh,

"what's so funny, that attack should've badly injured you!" Gavin looked up at him,

"because for some reason, the longer and harder I fight or endure damage, the stronger my defensive-self gets, so you can keep attacking, though my capabilities will increase once I've recovered" Levi gave him an annoyed look,

"you're bluffing" The user continued to smile letting go of his wound. Suddenly A green flame covered it for A few seconds then disappeared.

"What do ya know, my injury is healed, seems my bond with my offensive-self has grown stronger because I've gained A new ability" His foe told Dy'Meria to focus on Gavin, she stood next to Levi as both readied their outras. Leviathan and the other being raced forward with an onslaught of punches at their target in A barrage of. combos. After A few rounds of blows they stopped watching the user collapse with injuries all over his face.

"I'm very shocked that both of you are growing stronger as well, but you need to strengthen your bond with your outras not just completely rely on them in battle, if you don't use your offensive-self properly, your human body won't strengthen as well making you an easy kill if they just go for your defensive" They waited A few hours before heading out, it was about six so the sun was slowly going down,

"if any adults or bad teens are users then they're bound to come out at night" Gavin told them as they headed out. They managed to convince Brandon to join them just before they left. Gavin, Dy'Meria and Levi had beings capable of flight though Brandon's could only use the force of his jumps to keep up with the others.

"I could get used to flying" Gavin commented. It took them A few hours to find their next target...

CHAPTER 3 : Upper Florida, evil shows their face

They had just entered Gainesville when the four of them felt an evil aura nearby,

"finally" Brandon complained, they walked down A sidewalk carefully looking for the evil they had felt. Suddenly something went past them like A beam of light. It missed Levi and Brandon but it sliced through Gavin's black sleeve leaving A long rip on it.

"Damn, how could I not see that coming!?" A thin figure dressed in battle armor appeared, it was wearing A mask covering its face.

"That's probably the outra we're looking for" Dy'Meria searched the area...

"But where's the user?" The creature dashed straight at them gripping A thin sword in his hand. They summoned their offensives aligning them together for support. It threw an attack at Levi but was stopped by Leviathan with both his hands. The Skeleton kicked the foe into A tree causing it to break from its roots and fall over. The evil being got up with A pink aura blazing around him like fire, it went for Trimo with his sword appearing in his hand. Levi saw the sword in the outra's hand and realized that the sword had left his,

"darn it, I didn't know he could teleport his sword back to himself" Brandon search this area for who's ever using the offensive-self" Brandon searched the street for anyone acting out of character, since not many people were around, it made it easier for him to find the target.

"He has to be someone that can clearly see the battle occurring and know when to doge" The boy said to himself.

"I know something that could work" Brandon brought his offensive, Sadora out and had the monster clap with all its strength. The force of the clap made cars go flying down the road like A cannonball. He saw that his clap had affected the thin fighter,

"good, that means his user isn't that far from here" Suddenly the boy heard someone walking behind him, he spun around to see A man with A dagger about to stab him. Brandon had Sadora take the dagger with one of his four arms and crush it.

"What are you gonna do now?"

Meanwhile A few miles away the evil figure halted his attack on them before retreating back to its user, Gavin knew what was coming and sent his other after him. As the outra with the mask made their way towards his new target, Brandon back-handed the man across the endless road into A convenient store. The other swung its sword at Sadora's back, but just as Gavin thought his ally was going to be killed, the big creature caught the sword without even turning around. Brandon saw that catching the sword had left him with A cut on his hand yet he continued, ignoring the slight wound.

"Impossible" the villain responded seeing Sadora holding on to the sword, the monster pulled the sword closer as he turned around head-butting the outra with incredible power. The attack caused A shock wave that shook the street, when one of the heroes turned to the store, they saw the man was bleeding severely in the center of the head.

"I'll...get you back" the enemy said before blacking out in front of the store.

"I think we should split up to cover more ground, it will at least shorten the amount of time it'll take to clear the U.S of Levi's mess" His ally turned to him with an annoyed expression,

"you ass"

Day 2

It's the second day of their objective to help clear the U.S of dark auras, they had found A hotel to stay at, Gavin was resting while the others sat in separate beds. At about eight they went down to A restaurant to eat before they headed out.

"I'll have the chicken fingers" Gavin told the waitress, the others bought A burger, steak and salad.

"Finally will be good to go once we eat something" Brandon nodded agreeing with him. After their meal they continued the search of evil creatures. They had reached lake city in no time. Yet as they were about to rest, A tall demon-like creature blocked their path.

"Finally some action" Brandon commented, Gavin rolled his eyes bringing forth Trimo. The others brought out theirs as well.

"I am Salazar and will kill you all in just A few attacks!" the demonic creature announced. Gavin pointed at the outra, his raced forward before elbowing the foe off it's feet, it staggered across the small town into A fence, yet it got up brushing itself off.

"Ah seems this one has some endurance" one of them commented. Salacar immediately came back, knocking the user up into the air, Gavin landed on A car but got up cracking his jaw back in place.

"Who's next?" the villain responded, Dy'Meria stepped forward, she nodded sending her offensive after the combatant, her purple glowing female outra shot A beam of energy out of her hand that wrapped around Salacar's arm like rope, he attempted to break it by yanking his arm back but it had no effect. The user smiled and her other pulled the creature towards her, the outra punched Salacar in the face with great force, it fell to the ground and dissolved into sparkles of light.

"That was easier than I thought it would be" she said. The others rolled their eyes making their way to A hotel that was down the street.

"We'd like four rooms for the night" The manager nodded handing them four pair of keys,

"at least I don't have to share A room with anyone" Brandon announced. Levi ran past towards his room, shouting as he passed,

"Except your outra, you fuckin' idiot!" Levi mocked. The others stood there staring at their friend racing down the hall slamming his door instantly.

"I guess we'll see each other later" Oshima responded heading to his room before shutting the door, the teen fell onto his bed while turning the T.V on. The others fell asleep while the dark-haired boy just rested his body while watching A movie. Levi was laying in the dark while the maid came strolling down the hall, she opened the door to see A tall cloaked figure standing there,

"we've been expecting you" the outra said to her. It's voice sounded hollow, like it was distance yet also nearby, the maid screamed and ran across the hall down the stairs out to the parking lot. Brandon fell out of bed from the women's scream,

"w-what's going on!?" The boy asked even though he was the only one in the room. The young adult came out of his room but didn't see anyone else out in the hall, Brandon sat on the bed, just staring out the window from boredom. Levi was still in his room when he began to feel yet another dark outra,

"sighs, I know I've been relaxing but damn" The warrior called to the others and they left the hotel towards the forest that was in the back of the hotel. The four of them slowly walked through the tree-filled forest on alert, Levi heard A twig snap and brought out Leviathan instantly, just then A large portal opened behind them, it pulled in everything around it. Gavin held onto A big oak tree while Brandon and Dy'Meria went soaring straight into the eye of the portal.

"Crap, not sure I can escape the pull of that rift!" Levi yelled just before getting forced into it. Gavin was losing his grip, looking forward to see A man in A white cloak, he attempted to attack with his outra when finally the boy was pulled into the rift along with all his other allies.

"Nooo!" The warrior yelled as he was hurled through time, Gavin landed in A rocky area finding the others looking around at the different era in time they had ended up in. futuristic Cars were rushing through the sky, there were buildings that reached the clouds. There were also A lot of robots walking about.

"Seems we've been thrown into the future by the figure's offensive" The others crossed their arms groaning in annoyance,

"we need to find A way to get back to our point in time" Dy'Meria commented. After brushing himself off Gavin suggested they should split up in search of the outra that had caused it.

"Once any of us find something, we need to alert the others" Dy'Meria replied. They all nodded and took off, searching A different section of the futuristic city. Brandon was in the north side of the city, it was filled with people and the streets were very narrow.

"Why did I get stuck with the busy part of town" the boy groaned.

Gavin stayed in the central area where A lot of cars and action was occurring,

"hopefully when we find them, it won't draw to much attention, the last thing we need is civilians freaking out getting in the way of the upcoming fight" Dy'Meria was on the Southside, there wasn't many people or houses around so she ascended into the air using her inner-self's ability of flight. The girl searched the area using her outra sense but had no luck. Levi was about to give up his search when an arm made of dark energy slammed him against the side of A nearby house gripping him by the throat, the teen looked to see A man dressed in A white cloak.

"Who are you?" Levi responded gripping the hand around his throat, the man walked releasing his victim.

"I'm the prince of Akaria" The boy summoned Leviathan, it went charging straight for the new foe. Before the outra could attack, the man backhanded the other across the town, impacting the center of the city. Gavin heard the crash and used his ability to transport over to him., Levi slowly got up with rips in his jacket,

"that asshole won't get away with this, Leviathan is capable of winning this fight" The enemy descended down in front of them standing there with his arms crossed. It was A eight feet tall monster that had big muscles and white skin, it's eyes were also dark purple.

"How wonderful, seems my foe has found help, but I assure you, it'll take A lot more than what both of you can dish out" The creature walked towards them with his hands at his sides, Trimo phased out from his user, rushing in it's combatant's direction. Just as the big armored being was about to strike with it's powerful sword, the villain stopped it with two of his fingers. Gavin's eyes widened in shock just before the teen's offensive was uppercut in the jaw sending him staggering across the street into A trashcan.

"Where are the others, they should've got here by now!" Gavin complained as blood dripped from his injured jaw. As the warrior slowly got back up, he saw the brawny monster hurtling in his direction. Trimo forced the great sword deep into the concrete road then stood in front of Gavin, shielding him from the approaching attack. The enemy was just A few feet away when Trimo clenched his fist. The sword released A bright flash of light that covered the entire city. Once it cleared, Levi and Gavin saw the outra pushed back about A mile with the road utterly destroyed from both the shockwave and the force the other used to maintain their position.

"I'll go look for the user" Levi announced just before the other allies arrived.

"Brandon, help him find the user" Gavin requested. Nodding they took off.

Meanwhile Gavin and Dy'Meria stayed in front of the powerful enemy.

"Let me show you what I can do" It responded. The outra moved his hand to the right, A wave of purple light washed over the fighters, both him and Dy'Meria went flying through the air before crashing through the top floor of an office building.

"D-darn it, it's making us look like A joke" The girl rose to her feet then called to her outra. The glowing women-like other shot out of the office back at their target.

"Let's go!" her offensive-self yelled now A few feet away.

"Fine...I, Arcameta will show you the power of an advanced user" The buff and pale beast began taking in A deep breath. "At first they thought he was trying to focus, that's when the girl's offensive was starting to get pulled towards the monster, she tried to force her outra back inside her but had no luck. Gavin suddenly understood the monster's plan, the warrior transported between them before intercepting the outra from reaching the beast. Dy'Meria and her other were blocked by Trimo's tall strong body. But the other was pulled inside the creature's mouth. It's user lost consciousness then hit the floor of the office far away from the battle.

"What've you done to him!?" she yelled getting back up now that the villain wasn't pulling her closer anymore. It smiled, the pale creature grew armor similar to Trimo's and his great sword slowly materialized from orange and blue sparkles. The girl's eyes widened as she made A revelation...Gavin's outra, along with its powers had been absorbed.

"Oh crap" she commented knowing the situation she was in. The girl put both her hands out, in sync with her inner-self, then unleashed an overwhelming energy attack, it soared across the area like A comet but was deflected by Trimo's great sword.

"Heh, you really thought A puny attack like that would hit me?" Arcameta approached her, slowly walking closer, Dy'Meria made quick hand motions commanding her being to fire blast after blast. Yet again it deflected them with the weapon. Her legs shook, she knew that her opponent was superior to her abilities, she fazed the outra back within her before shooting up into the darkened sky.

"Seems like it's already night, great now it's going to be harder for me to see where I'm headed" She could feel the dark aura close behind her and knew the evil thing was chasing her. Dy'Meria changed direction quickly turning left, but it followed. No matter which way she went Arcameta was still on her tail.

"There's gotta be A way to lose this ass, A weakness, something"

Meanwhile Levi and Brandon still hadn't been able to locate the user of Arcameta. They had looked everywhere they could think of but had no luck.

"What should we do?" Brandon asked unsure of what to do next,

"should we just go back too help the others, we'll at least be doing something productive" Levi groaned,

"you go back them up, I'm continuing the search, I'm positive I can find the bastard that's toying with us" Brandon assented up then went back to support the others. Still the girl was being apprehended by the outra who's stamina seemed limitless it continued the chase while Dy'Meria began to tire out from not being used to fly at great levels of speed. Finally she lost her power to fly, descending fast towards A forest-like area. Just before the teen was about to impact the area like A meteorite, she felt herself being carried by something. Looking up she saw Brandon's offensive-self: Sadora holding her before landing in the forest covered with leaves.

"Stay here" the big four armed creature said in A deep voice. She nodded and laid up against A tree to rest, Sadora jumped up into the air to see their enemy approaching. After landing on his feet, the other waited for his combatant to be in sight then jumped with all his strength. The giant outra grabbed the villain forcing him to an empty spot between the forest area and the city.

"I will defeat you here and now!" Brandon's outra punched the monster with all his strength, the surroundings shook from the immense force...When the dust cleared Brandon himself had just reached the area to see the foe still able to fight back.

"You have to be kidding" the boy though stressed from the fact that his outra's strongest punch hadn't done much to him. Arcameta wiped the purple blood from his face as he got to his feet once more.

"So sad, to think you'd be stupid enough to think you can defeat me alone, those two couldn't do it, so what makes you think your capable of taking me on one on one?" Brandon clenched his fist then had his creature shoot into the air, it came down picking up speed. As he threw another punch, Arc caught the fist then kicked him straight back up through the clouds. Brandon fell to his knees holding one hand on his injured stomach.

"Is there no stopping this guy?" The four armed monster impacted the area between the two warriors. Brandon collapsed from the great levels of pain.

Meanwhile Dy'Meria was still up against the tree with her stamina still drained. She opened her eyes and slowly got to her feet, the girl walked towards the office building were her unconscious ally laid on the top floor...It took her about five minutes to get to the top floor where her ally was laying there motionless. She put her hand on the teen's head...A pink light shined from her hand, seconds later Gavin sat up with his eyes glowing pink.

"It worked!" she said seeing her friend stand up facing the direction of their enemy. He nodded to Dy'Meria before jumping out of the giant hole they had made A while ago. The boy took off, headed for the foe's location.

"It's time Arc, time to end this battle and reclaim my outra" Before the beast could react, the newly powered up warrior charged forward. Gavin elbowed him in the ribs shaking the surroundings like A fierce earthquake. Arcameta spat out blood then fell onto his back, dizzy from the boy's attack.

"How could A mere boy have this much power, especially after having his outra taken from him!?" Gavin walked over to his wounded opponent forcing his hand straight through the creature's chest. It let out A cry of agony as it's heart was pulled from the chest. Arc began to fade away when Gavin suddenly took A deep breath absorbing both the outra and his own back inside his body. His body suddenly became more muscular like the evil creature's, his iris became dark purple similar to it as well. Levi returned with an annoyed expression,

"well that was A waste of my time, I couldn't find them and then sense that you guys defeated him. The teen walked past them lifting the passed out boy off the ground. Levi ascended into the air back to the hotel, Gavin also carried Dy'meria back as well. They reached the tall tan building and walked into the lobby,

"Do you guys hear those gun shots" A man asked sitting on A couch in the lobby. Levi nodded,

"yea, crazy how loud they can get these days" A lobby attendant walked over to them,

"is that young man ok?" they asked pointing to Brandon who was still out cold.

"He's fine, just had too much to drink, you know; beer, wine, that kind of stuff" The tall man looked at him once more then walked back to the counter where he worked. Levi laid Brandon on the bed then made his way back to his room...

CHAPTER 4 : Awaken your true power

It was half A day before both Dy'meria and Brandon were back to full strength. Gavin was in the gym attempting to increase his endurance and strength when his phone started ringing.

"Yello?" he answered, "Gavin where are you, aren't we going to continue the search for any dark auras?" Gavin wiped the sweat from his face preceding back to the floor where his friend waited.

"Alright, are you ready to check one more time before we leave this state?" Gavin took A deep breath still A little tired from his work out.

"Alright let's go, what about the others?" Levi smirked as he walked over to Dy'Meria's room, slowly pushing the door open as Leviathan drifted over to the bed.

"It's time to get up" Leviathan whispered in her ear, the girl awoke to see A figure that looked like death, she let out A loud scream of terror as she fell out of bed.

"Time to get up" Levi announced as he held back A laugh. She gave him an annoyed look getting up off the floor. Brandon walked in rubbing his eyes,

"what happened?" the boy questioned as he stopped next to Gavin and Levi. Dy'meria slapped Levi on the side of his face then walked past them,

"let's go asshole" she announced making her way downstairs. The dark haired teen shrugged with A grin on his face.

"After you" he replied. All four of them made their way out of the lobby into the street. They all took deep breaths trying to detect the next threat...But they had no luck, seemed as though no one in the city had found out about their inner-selves or at least thought it was A lie like most gossip online.

"Guess we should just leave now, I can't sense anyone with an evil aura" The others agreed before they headed north once more. To save energy they found an abandoned car and drove off.

"So now we're stealing cars?" Dy'meria complained.

"don't start, it saves us stamina if we don't fly" Levi responded. The guy looked back out the window watching as they drove past different cities.

The traffic began to build up once they reached Atlanta, they were stuck on A highway for five minutes when they saw A car blow up. It went flying off the highway crashing onto the street below. All four of them got out of the car, they made their way to the location where the car had blown up. There they saw A man dressed in black with A samurai sword, they had dark skin and green eyes, his hair was brushed to the right.

"After you" Gavin laughed looking at Levi.

"Sighs fine but you're taking the next enemy on" Levi vanished in A black fog...the warrior reappeared in front of the new threat.

"So who are you supposed to be?" he asked.

"My name is Johnny, I purposely blew up the car to get all of your attention, I sensed your "heroic" auras and my intention is to kill you all then take your powers" Levi grinned then pointed at his foe. Leviathan was released from his body going straight for Johnny. Leviathan swung his scythe at the opponent, but as it was about to make contact, Jonny stopped it with his silver sword. Both weapons shined in the sunlight. The highway began to crack apart. The highway utterly broke in two before falling to the street with the concrete highway breaking even more when they hit the street. Levi back flipped away gaining A few feet of distance from their opponent. Before the fighter could go for another attack, an outra that looked like A demon in the shape of A ghost shot out of the road, knocking Levi off his feet. Luckily, the being managed to catch his balance at the last second and Leviathan once again went for an attack.

Leviathan soared through the sky passing all the destroyed cars and rubble, the death-like creature went for A fast blade swing but it went straight through the foe as if it wasn't there.

"Damn it!" the warrior shouted as Leviathan phased back into his body. he waited for his foe's next move...Jonny grinned then vanished, just as Levi put his fists up to block what was coming next, the villain appeared right in front of him kicking him across the area into an office building. Levi started to get up but fell back on his face too tired to stand. Gavin summoned Trimo sending him towards the winning enemy. Jonny gripped his sword tightly...Just as they attempted to swing, the large knight in armor disappeared, Johnny looked around him but saw no sign of his target. Brandon and Dy'Meria were watching from the roof of A tall glass building just around the corner.

Trimo emerged from the shadows grabbing Jonny from behind.

"One of you, come help me I don't know how long I can hold him" Both of the allies descended from the building making their way over to Gavin who was struggling with his grip on Jonny. Jonny suddenly kicked his enemy in the crotch, A fierce pain surged through the warrior just before the warrior lost his hold on the villain. Gavin went flying across the city streets, smashing into cars and poles until the valiant fighter slowed down with A large oak tree stopped him.

"T-this...isn't going well"

Meanwhile Brandon and Dy'Meria were throwing blows at the overwhelming foe. It seemed no matter how strong or fast they punched, it was impossible to get A head-on strike.

"Please tell me this isn't all your offensive-selves got" Jonny mocked still deflecting blows with his immense blade. Dy'Meria had hers conjure up an energy ball. The being tossed it straight for the overpowered opponent, just before the man could doge it, Brandon's outra appeared behind him, grabbing him with it's large buff arms.

"Damn it, why can't I break out of this outra's grip!" the foe yelled using all his strength to break free of his opponent's grasp. Jonny summoned his ghost like outra but just as the being was about to strike, Dy'Meria commanded her offensive to attack with the glowing purple ball of light. It threw the ball full force at the villain, Jonny's offense was struck causing it to hit the ground. Before it could get up, the ball had an after effect beginning to electrocute him. Finally Levi landed next to his allies with Leviathan right beside him. The fighter once again pointed at the enemy. Leviathan took off in A brush of dark smoke. While Jonny and his outra were electrocuted, Levi's offensive appeared and swung it's scythe at the open man. A clean cut went straight through his chest with A trail of blood falling from the clear wound.

"Ack, that really did A number on my body" the villain complained before hitting the ground with A small puddle of blood.

"Takes care of him" Levi said walking away from the corpse ...

Chapter 5 : Party, taking A break from the hunt

It's been A week since the teens last battle against Jonny. They decided to take A break too relax for A while, it took some time for all of them to agree on where to go but after about three hours of debating, they chose to go to A water park, the closest one was in Kentucky. After about an hour, they arrived at the water park, Brandon and Dy'meria instantly began to play volleyball in their bathing suits which Levi just sat underneath A tree to stay cool in the shade.

"You seem more depressed than usual" Gavin said to his hidden friend.

"What do you expect, I didn't want to come here, I wanted to go to an arcade not A water park"

Gavin nodded and replied: "true but after three hours of that nonsense, I was willing to accept anything by that point" Levi turned his head away from his ally not wanting to continue the conversation any longer. Gavin laid in A chair slowly falling asleep...After an hour of sleep, Gavin awoke to the sound of screams. The teen slowly got up trying to wake up, adjusting to the bright sunlight hitting his eyes. Finally Gavin could see A giant creature attacking the citizens of the water park.

"So much for relaxing" the teen commented fatigued walking towards the creature. The guy summoned his outra but the fatigue was affecting Trimo's accuracy and control. Once full aware and in control of Trimo, Gavin starred at the monster, it looked kind of like A kraken that was standing like A man who had fists as well.

"I got this!" Brandon shouted with confidence. The dark-haired teen summoned his outra having it leap straight for the giant creature. But as his offensive-self went flying towards it, the beast knocked him back, sending the four armed outra in the opposite direction. It impacted the hotel of the water park that was A few miles away, Brandon collapsed from the fierce pain his other endured.

"You really handled that one" Gavin commented softly. The dark-haired teen walked over to the 800 feet high monster, the kraken-like beast shot one of it's sharp and long thin tentacles, as the arm came rushing toward the boy, Trimo quickly appeared and sliced off half of the tentacle with one powerful swing of his long blazing sword. The kraken let out An unbearable roar out of rage and pain. It shot his three remaining tentacles straight for his foe, Trimo was about to take another swing when one of the tentacles wrapped around him beginning to crush him intensely. Gavin spat out blood as the force of the kraken's grip became stronger.

"God damn it" Levi complained snapping his fingers, Leviathan shot out of the fighter's body headed up towards the monster's face. The kraken tried to back-hand him with one of his giant hands, utterly missing them. Allowing the outra to faze inside the creature. The eyes of the massive monster turned black as the tentacles let go of Trimo, Dy'Meria's outra caught the big armored warrior before it hit the ground, she set him up against A tree but it fazed back inside Gavin's body seconds later. Brandon came back from the impact area to see the creature with it's own tentacles wrapped around itself. The controlled beast was beginning to suffocate from one of it's tentacles wrapped around it's throat. A loud crack rang out just before Leviathan departed from the body. The giant monster looked at them, but just before it could attack, the beast hit the ground causing A large hole in the park. Levi smiled as Leviathan fazed back within his body.

"I win" the boy gloated, Gavin sighed struggling to ignore his ally. Just as they were making their way out, Brandon exclaimed multiple creatures descending on the group of heroes. All four of them summoned their other preparing for the coming obstacle. A black thin creature with tentacles on its body landed in front of them, along with A big buff demon-like outra and A skeleton-like one as well. The demon one was tall, it had horns on it's head with dark orange skin, the other looked like A skeleton dressed as A sorcerer. Both their eyes glowed orange, an evil grin on their faces. Trimo aimed his blade at them, waiting for one of the foes to unleash an attack.

"Prepare to become trash!" the big outra yelled as it charged them head-on. Trimo gripped his sword tightly waiting for the approaching monster... It went for the closest foe: Trimo, but as the massive outra went for A fierce blow, the hero stopped the giant fist with his blazing sword. The surrounding area shook from the incredible power of the two's clash.

"Give it up, your chances of winning is slim" the tall knight announced just before lowering it's sword then striking the relentless beast in the chest. It coughed up blood before losing it's balance falling over.

"One down, one to go" he cheered to himself.

"You may've gotten lucky, but I'll be the one to finish this" The skeleton-looking one responded with A fireball forming in hand. Leviathan together with Trimo faced the tall demonic skeleton, it grinned causing the ball-like fire to swell into A gigantic ball that looked to take up the sky like A meteor. The villain vanished as the ball of fire made its way towards them, both Gavin along with Hector placed their hands up at the massive attack ordering their offensive selves to try bring the incredible sphere to A halt. The buff knight slowed it down with his big sword while Levi used A dark energy force to hold it back as well. Sadly, the ball was slowly making it's way towards the ground nearly about to impact the area.

"Dy'meria rushed her other over to her friends where she to attempted to hold it back using her own hands. The concreate floor began to shatter into pieces each second, Gavin yards away was sweating badly, yet kept his other on the projectile, slowing it as much as possible. The two other warriors were also beginning to get taken over by the heat of the massive fire ball. Brandon was searching for the being that had ran off but could find no trace of him.

"I-I won't let it end here, I must...push past my limits!" Gavin was using all his concentration when the outra's armor begin to crack.

"Gavin stop, your other self can't take anymore!" Dy'Meria cried out looking in her friend's direction. Trimo shattered like glass, yet the sphere was still not coming closer, instead it was being pushed back even more. The enemy's attack was forced back into the sky like A rocket. Once it left earth's atmosphere entering space, it blew up in A violent burst of light. The others looked behind them to see A man dressed in red with glowing red eyes as well.

"What happened?" Brandon responded as he walked over to them, Gavin's body was swarming with A red aura, he made A fist and the aura unleashed A powerful push of force almost causing the others to fall backwards. The foe reappeared clapping his bony fingers.

"Well done, I may actually have A worthy adversary this time" He descended down standing just A few feet from them with A grin, all his teeth easily showing.

"Who are you?" Gavin asked as his outra stood right behind him.

The foe smiled once more and said : My name is Shinokai, I'm one of the strongest outras in the world"

"Another one!?" Brandon complained,

"oh shut up you never even fight with us" Levi yelled back. Shinokai moved fast, Gavin pretended to lose his balance, the villain missed his target. Gavin fazed the outra back inside him before kicking his opponent into A hotel window about three stories up.

"What's going on with Gavin?" Brandon commented noticing Trimo wasn't around, yet the teen was capable of such an attack.

"He's done it" Hector said in A surprised yet jealous tone,

"he's fully become one with his inner-self, doesn't even have to summon it anymore" The others watched with wide eyes as their friend raced up to where the foe had impacted in the hotel. As he walked into the destroyed room from the large hole in the wall, he saw no sign of Shinokai. Slowly the ascended warrior continued to search the room for the creature but there was nothing. As the dark-haired teen sat down to try focusing on the skeleton's location, he heard Brandon let out A loud scream.

"Damn it" the hero complained opening his eyes, soaring through the sky back to the park. There he found him once again, Brandon was grabbed by the throat, lifted off his feet. His outra came out of his body with one of his buff fist going for A powerful blow. The big dark blue fist rushed towards Shinokai's bony face but was stopped by the creature's free hand. Brandon could feel his fist getting crushed each second by his incredible strength.

"Let 'em go, your fight is with me" Gavin demanded, his dark hair waving around from the force of his red aura. The opponent dropped the tan boy to the ground, blood dripping from the fierce damage done to his hand. The tall skeleton dressed in silver armor turned to him with A star symbol formed in his hand as if it were made out of fire. The evil creature headed for the awakened teen, reaching out to touch him just inches from his face. But just as he attempted to touch his target, Gavin's eyes suddenly lit up like orbs of blue light as the warrior instantly threw his hand forward in Shinokai's direction. He was forced back by an unimaginable amount of power, much more than what was shown earlier. The armored foe was sent staggering backwards until he was too far to see. Gavin smiled waiting for his opponent's next move. Just then A giant hand made out of flames came out of the concreate ground grabbing A hold of the fighter, the others watched as the hand went slowly back in the ground like A snake leaving only A large hole it had come out of.

"Gavin! We have to go save him!" Brandon cried out still gripping his injured hand. Dy'Meria put her hand out blocking their path,

"you two stay out here, keep watch in case he plans to do something from the surface" Levi complained but both stayed where they were as the girl dove through the dark endless hole, she had her other go ahead of her, using her aura to help the girl see where she was going.


After ten minutes of being pulled underground, Gavin broke the hand's grip causing it to open long enough for the teen to escape it's grasp. He landed on A rock surrounded by water.

"Hmm, seems like I'm in A deep cavern far below the surface. The area began to shake with stalagmites starting to fall from the ceiling, Gavin used his amazing speed to doge each one when he slammed into something. The warrior staggered back A few feet then looked up at what he had hit. A Giant demon-like creature was emerging from A crack in the ground crating A large hole.

"What is that?" The fighter said to himself, the creature was gigantic, it had glowing red eyes with A long tongue. It looked as if it's body was made out of armor, it's right hand was just one sharp spear-like shape. There seemed to be chains around his body as well.

"Prepare to be eradicated" the monster announced throwing A fast punch, the hero back flipped away at the last second causing him to miss striking the cavern floor. More stalagmites fell but shattered to rubble hitting the creature's shoulder's.

"This guy's tough, might need to hurry... just go all out against him" Dy'Meria came flying down from the hole that Gavin was dragged through by the giant hand.

"I'm here" she announced brushing her curled dark hair out of her light brown eyes. Together they stood before the demon whose patience was growing thin. It let out A terrible yell shaking the cavern once more.


"We have to go help them" Brandon commented as the two warriors continued to just stand there. Hector turned to his partner who's hand was already nearly healed from being crushed.

"We can't, as much as I hate taking orders especially from them, they told us to stay put in case Shinokai comes back" Brandon was about to send his outra to back them up when A burst of flames ignited right in front of the two teens. They saw their foe...

"I can do this" Brandon told himself trying to get motivation. His outra fazed out of him, jumping at the enemy that had showed itself once more. The big four-armed outra tackled Shinokai but just as Brandon attempted to strangle the villain, it turned to dust escaping his grasp.

"Darn it!" the boy said realizing that the evil being was nowhere to be found. Suddenly Shinokai reformed back into his normal state aiming his thin skinless palm at his enemy unleashing A blast of energy and fire that gave off A magnificent ray of green and orange.

"My offense can stop it!" The young hero said placing both his hands out, the big four armed creature stopped it for A moment but the attack slowly commenced it's direction forward. The other was having trouble as it was forced back by the advancing blast. Levi stood next to his ally taking out Levi to finally back him up, the cloaked outra positioned his hand towards the blast, the force of his power was enough to help push the intervention back to its source. The force of the blast becoming more condensed caused the beam to erupt in an explosion of green light. Both warriors were pushed back by the force of the attack landing next to A fire hydrant. Water shot out of the side of it covering the streets with puddles of water.

Deep below them...

The two fighters were making headway with the fight against the large creature, Gavin had the evolved Trimo rush the beast with two small blades made out of red energy in each hand. The warrior managed to get A clean slice across the side of it's waist, dark purple blood ran down the side of its body, still it continued the onslaught. Dy'Meria had her other form A light purple sword in the palm of her hand. Once ready, the offensive took off full speed, an inch away from the monster's fowl face, she swung the sword as hard as she could. It's eyes widened as the heroine's mighty blade pierced the beast's lower half of it's body.

"No, it couldn't have been that simple" Gavin commented looking at the thing's severed body, Trimo along with his user walked over to it, the two halves abruptly moved causing the adversary to dash backwards gaining distance from the occurring horror...There were now two of them! Gavin struck A nearby rock outraged by what had happened. The two brutes grinned with sharp teeth, the dark-haired hero groaned, annoyed because of the next obstacle. Both enemies lunged for him but were knocked back by A wave of red energy sending them sailing across the cavern into the wall. Seconds later the cavern commenced it's destruction as the roof over them plunged towards them like meteors. As Gavin prepared to create A shield to protect himself, Dy'Meria arose from nowhere grabbing the teen by the collar, they transported back to the surface in A flash of purple light.

As the two made it to the surface, they saw Brandon on the bring with blood all over his face. The two of them turned to meet Shinokai's gaze, his eyes glowing with A creepy smile.

"Welcome back" the villain responded not looking away from them.

"Oh wait, you both forgot about this" the foe snapped his bony fingers...moments later the two brutes that the heroes had presumed to have been killed by the destruction of the cavern, rose from the ground like zombies covered in dirt.

"I'm going to play my final trump card" The adversary made A few motions with his fingers...as he finished, A symbol that looked like an eye formed out of energy. It then burst into small sparkles of the purple energy, but instead of fading away, half of it went in one monster, with the other half going into the other brute. Both giant creatures opened their eyes, the purple light covering their eyes completely.

Both increased in size as well, they were as tall as an office building, their dark armored skin growing more buff each second, Gavin summoned his outra's sword, strengthening it with Trimo's own power. One of the monsters leapt for the hero but was sliced in the side of his waist by the immense blade. The giant brute went staggering back A few feet but quickly caught their balance landing on A car crushing it with all it's massive weight.

Levi had Levi realize A dark purple beam that hit the giant beast in the chest, seconds later the enemy began to swell up until finally exploding in A splash of blood and gore everywhere. Shinokai sarcastically clapped his bony fingers,

"bravo, well done, you defeated one of my pawns, but there still remains that one" the villain pointed at the other creature who was swarming with A purple aura. It went for Brandon who was just now getting up from his wounds, Gavin emerged between Brandon and the approaching combatant. The hero nailed the demonic giant with the sword sending it backwards crashing into A building landing on the roof. Using his ability to feel out his enemy's location, the warrior shot A blast that impacted the creature's fat stomach. Again it burst in A hail of blood. The three of them began wiping the blood off their bodies until all that was left was just A few stains on their shirt and pants. One of the fighters walked over to help Brandon when A wall of fire blocked his path.

"Shit, I defeat the demon but end up forgetting about the most important one" Gavin shielded his eyes from the fierce rays of the wall of fire. Without warning, Shinokai came out of nowhere attempting to pierce his opponent's chest with A blade the evil being made out of dark energy. Blood landed all across the street, Levi who was standing next to Dy'Meria watched as the blade made it's way through the hero's back out his stomach for all to see his dark red blood. Gavin out of nowhere began to weakly laugh, he laughed more until it was strong and loud as if the blade hadn't even affected him.

"W-what's going on Shinokai responded confused on why his foe wasn't crying out in torment.

"It'll take more than t-this to kill me" the hero weakly said as he pulled the glowing weapon out of his back with blood running from the open wounds.

"I shall unleash the full extent of my outra's power" Gavin spat out left over blood before aiming both hands in his foe's direction, the powerful combatant released A wave of red power that covered the area utterly destroying cars and other smaller objects around them. Shinokai was becoming destroyed from the fierce energy of Gavin's outra. The teen ceased his attack to see the enemy completely obliterated. The boy showed A slight grin but for some reason, he felt numb, then felt cold. His red aura instantly disappeared as the weakened hero hit the ground losing consciousness...

The user awoke in what seemed like A dark endless void.

"where am I, what is this place?" He began walking through the darkness until something appeared out in the distance, it was Trimo his own outra. As the warrior reached out for the being, Trimo back-handed him away, causing the poor teen to stagger backwards then lay on his back.

"Y-you may be my inner-self...but I can fight back" Gavin managed to get back on his feet ready to attack his new foe. As Gavin lifted his hand to conjure up A sword, nothing happened...every ability the teen tried didn't work, Trimo moved abruptly to his target before clutching the boy's neck with one hand.

"You're so ignorant, I'm your outra, how can you use my power if we're not connected anymore" Trimo proceeded to joke his user without hesitation...Back in town his friends could see the dark-haired teen getting his neck crushed by an unknown source.

"Do something!" Dy'Meria responded beginning to freak out A little.

"Ugh fine step aside" Levi said placing his hand in the center of the unconscious ally. Leviathan entered the brain causing Levi to freeze in place, concentrating all his mental strength into his other so it was at full strength for what was coming...The outra found itself in the dark void as well. Moments later the cloaked being found Gavin, blood ran down his throat as he was close to death. The other took off for the target, it appeared behind Trimo stabbing the rebellious being in the back. Trimo could feel himself becoming weaker.

"What's happening!?" the outra bellowed in A deep voice. After A few seconds Leviathan ripped the scythe from his combatant's back, causing them to hit the ground of the darkness drained of it's power. As the outra turned into A ray of blue energy, it fazed back into it's user's body. Out of nowhere the dark void began to shake as it were falling apart. A massive demon-like creature ripped it's way through A part of the dark wall entering the world.

"What the hell is that" Leviathan commented aiming his sharp weapon in the direction of the approaching beast. It grinned standing over them as if they were just ants.

"I am the creature you defeated that Shinokai summoned deep underground"

"This is impossible, the creature can't be inside my head!" Gavin yelled wondering how it not only survived but was capable of entering someone's mind trapping them inside. Gavin and Leviathan rushed the brute attacking it with their powerful attacks. Sadly even when the two injured the creature, it healed in seconds. Gavin was caught off guard getting punched straight on in the face, the warrior went staggering back but caught his balance as his feet touched the floor then using his hand to slow his sliding down. The monster went for another attack aimed at the cloaked outra, only to be unexpectedly stopped when the powerful offensive being swung his scythe at an incredible speed. The demon's left hand was sliced clean off, it hit the floor with blood running out of the opened side. But the hand grew back in no time at all.

"Of course" the warrior complained,

"seems I'll need to completely destroy this bitch until not even his blood remains" Gavin along with Leviathan released A combined assault on the pest, Trimo scorched the brute with flames as his ally created A giant sphere of dark power, it glistened with A purple aura as it was launched forward, The demon put both his hands out to stop the blimp of energy.

"I won't allow this ball to end my fate, I shall proceed to take my vengeances against you!" But the beast knew that his stamina would soon fail him, it had to think of something before the ball overwhelmed him. Just then Trimo emerged from the darkness behind him, his white hair flowing from the wind of his immense, speed with A smirk under his glowing red eyes. The inner-being grew A sharp blade-like claw on his index finger before slashing it across the thing's back.

"N-nooo!" it yelled as it was taken by the powerful ball of darkness. Leviathan made A condensing motion with both his hands quickly as if clapping them together. The massive ball was shrunk down to the size of A softball. The being began to bounce it like A basketball, A creepy grin could be seen from his hidden face.

"Now to wake you up" the warrior threw the ball up into the air, causing it to explode, A strong shockwave shook the area with light nearly blinding them. Thus the force of both the shaking along with the light caused Gavin at long last to gain consciousness. Levi stood up walking over to A corner and sat down to rest for A moment...

CHAPTER 6 : Marica Mashida

The four of them laid in the grass by the car they were using since flying seemed like A waste of energy in case another threat showed it's face. They soon got bored. They battled one another in order to improve their outra's capabilities First was Gavin vs. Dy'Meria, hers ascended up then shot A barrage of energy attacks. The teen grinned as the beams of purple light came raining down on the user. Gavin pulled out an energy sword taking of towards his opponent, each time the warrior was faced with A projectile, Gavin would deflect it easily with one hit of the glistening sword. As the user made his way past the incoming threats Gavin ultimately reached her, rapidly striking her in the stomach. She coughed from the immense level of strength of her combatant.

"Ack!" She cried out in pain, Dy'Meria drifted to the streets wiping the small drop of blood on her bottom lip.

"One try" She had her other put both hands out in front of her, parallel to one another, the girl commenced concentrating all her power into A ball of power. Her foe clapped sarcastically waiting for the attack to be released.

"Come on Meria, I don't have all day" The girl hurled both hands in the direction of the guy unleashing the small but powerful ball of light. Gavin stood patiently, waiting for it to get closer. Once the projectile was only A few feet from his position, the warrior covered his left hand in A blaze of red light.

"What is that guy doing?" Brandon commented. Levi watched focusing on the guy's piercing red hand. The user struck the ball with their shielded hand, sending it back towards his adversary. With their right hand, Gavin aimed it at Dy'Meria, she suddenly couldn't move, it was if every inch of her body was frozen in ice!

"Damn, he must've paralyzed me before I could notice" Her eyes widened as the sphere impacted her chest head on, resulting in A large dome of light from the eruption. The others watched as her body flew up into the air before falling back down, Gavin used Trimo to soar over then catch the injured girl before she hit the ground.

"Well the outcome of this fight is clear, who will be the next to fight my evolved self?" The user announced as Trimo set Dy'Meria up against A tree in the shade to let her rest. Levi stood up as Leviathan emerged from his body, without saying anything the teen shot his other straight for his foe. Gavin made A scythe out of life force, it shined bright from it's amazing power. Leviathan pulled his weapon out causing them to clash with tremendous force, the grassy surface formed A large crack that was twenty feet long. The two continued their onslaught, trading massive blows, each one shaking or destroying the environment.

Brandon stepped back making sure not to get caught in the erupting battle that was getting more violent each minute.

"This battle is much more serious then the first one the boy said not keeping his eyes off the two. At that moment A red light came falling from the sky, both opponents evaded the light causing it to land in A ditch on the other side of the road by the park they were at. Gavin flew over to the item to see A girl all hurt and burned. He lifted her out of the ditch, looking at her face. The dark-haired teen couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, her dark brown hair with red highlights at the ends, her soft skin brushing against the young adult's hand.

"I'm going to take her somewhere safe, the two of you stay here and guard Dy'Meria while I'm gone, I suspect A new enemy will come looking for this girl"

"Why not take Marcia as well then?" Levi questioned. Oshima looked at him quite annoyed.

"Because if she comes to we'll need her to help fight as well" Before Levi could say more, Oshima flew into the sky like A flash of light. The hero was flying the blue sky holding the dark blonde haired girl, she didn't stir even with the fierce wind hitting her from Gavin's vast speed.

"This should work" The guy said as the valiant hero descended down by A hotel, Oshima landed on an empty balcony, setting her in A chair. Gavin placed his hand upon her cheek, she felt as cool as ice but could also feel A pulse so knew she was just unconscious at the moment.

"Maybe I can pull her out off the coma-like state by giving her some of the energy of my outra" Placing his hand upon her shoulder, the guy proceeded to transfer some of his inner-power into the girl's body...Moments later she opened her eyes, before her savor could say anything, her inner-self went on the offensive, it was A tall armored fighter with red light shining from the spaces in it's clothes. Oshima created A red barrier between him and the new threat. The force of her outra punch was so great, that it sent the man staggering across the city impacting A graveyard. The barrier shattered like red glass as the poor ally laid up against A large grave stone with blood already running from the side of his face.

"Darn it, I give her some power but she treats me as an enemy" The guy took the large engraved stone, then threw it as hard as his other possibly could. The stone went spiraling towards Marica's outra, sadly the offensive being shattered the stone just by back handing it.

"Puriara has no weakness!" she shouted from the distance. Puriara gets in A fighting stance then points it's sword up at Gavin making A red and black lightning beam. The beam goes racing for Gavin making A big light flash. The valiant fighter dogged each incoming attack as if it were child's play.

"This can't be all you got, you were able to stagger me just moments ago...I'm sure you're much more powerful then this"

"Ok, I'll show you my full power" Puriara along with Marcia stood side by side focusing all their power together, Shooting the biggest beam they ever shot before. Both their swords together forming A multi-colored light. A wave of light goes through the sky like A lightning bolt brawling towards Gavin hitting him straight on. Blood dripped from the wounded warrior's mouth. Oshima fell from his high altitude until smashing into an old phone booth.

"Well that hurt" the man commented before rising from the destroyed booth. The user raised his head to see puriara headed in his direction with it's fist covered in red flames. Trimo emerged from his user's body, the outra raised his arm blocking the intense blow. The remains of the destroyed booth were blown away by the two-fighter's incredible strength.

"How long must I endure this battle" Oshima complained. Marica appeared across the street from the tired target, Gavin saw the women's outra floating just A few feet above him in between the two. It's eyes were gleaming bright red as if to attack at ay moment.

In his head he thought: "I don't know how to stop her, she seems capable of stopping anything I throw at her"

"Are we done here, villain?" Marica crossed her arms waiting for A response...her foe vanished then reappeared high in the air,

"I'm no A villain, but I'm also not done testing your other's capabilities against mine even if I'm in A weakened state at the moment" Trimo became visible, abruptly turning into six, each A different version of the other.

"N-no way!" The girl responded seeing the group of outras.

"I can do this, he's just A novice user" Marica sent her other in the direction of the team of outras, two of the six battled Puriara while to others guarded their user, leaving two left to target Marica. The girl was becoming overwhelmed by the two opponents while her offensive self was also busy to protect her.

"Do you finally give up?" the confident user taunted with his arms crossed. The girl was unable to fight back, before she could think of A way out of it, the original outra flew across the street in the direction of his delusional ally. Oshima had his other strike her in the back, sending her impacting into the hotel he revived her at. Oshima made all the duplicates vanish as he sat down in A nearby bench that hadn't been destroyed. The technique abruptly drained hi for some reason Gavin soon became out of breath with sweat running down his face,

"how can one technique drain me so badly" Soon after A few minutes he seemed to be back to normal. She lifted her head all scratched up.

"Don't have much left in me, might have to accept his friendship at this point" She got to her feet with her hand covering her opposite shoulder. The dark-haired fighter got back to his feet continuing to watch her.

"Fine I give up, I'm getting nowhere in this battle" Her opponent sighed in relief, "good I was getting tired of this fight" Marcia sat down near Gavin to rest. Gavin was about to say something when the others came soaring across the clouds over to them, Gavin looked up to see Levi trading blows with an assassin that looked as if it were made out of black energy. The warrior ascended into the sky to fight alongside his ally, but before the dark-haired teen could attack, the enemy used it's aura as A whip to knock Oshima away. The poor teen went descending from the sky creating A large trail of decimated concrete.

"Damn it...how could one hit do some much damage" the injured warrior thought barley able to move. Meanwhile Leviathan punched him in the face, it's eyes glaring at them with Piercing red eyes, it punched the teens other with great force, Levi fell to one knee from the pain while his outra smashed into A van on A curve.

"I've come for Mashida...I won't hesitate to kill any of you" Brandon and Dy'Meria charged the shadow-looking foe, Brandon's big four armed outra threw A barrage of powerful blows but seemed ineffective against the new villain. The being threw A single punch in the buff creature's stomach, the user coughed as his eyes widened from the force of the attack. The fighter collapsed on the road losing consciousness.

"Brandon!" Gavin managed to pick himself up heading for the passed out ally. The dark adversary split into shards of black diamond-like pieces and soared across the air where he then put himself back together standing between Oshima and Brandon.

"You really think you can save him?" the evil being taunted with it's arms crossed.

"I don't know who you are but I'm confident that I can beat you" The user ascended using the strength of his outra's jump, Gavin was near eighty feet when the opponent once again shattered to pieces before blocking Gavin's path once more, the hero was kicked in the rips getting hit back to the street smashing into A gas station, one of the dispensers was damaged, causing gas to spray out.

"Great" Oshima thought as gas nearly reached him.

"Wait maybe I can use this to my advantage, just have to wait for the bastard to get closer"

"Enough of this!" it yelled headed for the hero for A final attack, the teen conjured A fireball in one hand then kept ii behind his back waiting. Trimo's user threw the flaming sphere at the gas dispenser causing it to fill the street in A blaze of flames, the other tanks blew up right after feeding the immense fire. The combatant was singed from the flames but was able to evade further harm. He stood A few feet from the field of destruction, staring at the blinding flames. Just as the guy thought it was over, A blade made out of darkness pierced his chest.

"Gavin!" the others shouted as their valiant friend hit the ground.

"You bastard!" Marcia cried sending puriara to avenge her fallen ally. The strong outra was flying at her target at incredible speed, the two beings clashed with their fists impacting each other. The force of their attacks caused all the flames to instantly go out. Oshima tried to breathe but his injury was to severe. The wounded teen began to lose consciousness...Meanwhile Puriara was clashing with her great sword, the two of them didn't stop, instead becoming more serious with their attacks. Dy'Meria had her outra try to heal the guy's injuries, the bloody wound began to slowly close as it healed.

"It's over!" the being swung it's blade full force when Brandon's outra pushed her out of the way getting sliced in half. Levi and the others started in shock as the outra's torso was split from the rest of it's body. Brandon who was barely standing across from the others also split in two in A puddle of blood in gore.

"Raagh!" all of the remaining heroes ganged up on the murderer attacking him with all they had. The invincible creature abruptly shot out four sharp tentacles from it's body and they all ripped through the other's bodies.

"It's done" the evil creature responded pulling all the tentacles back into it's body letting them all hit the ground in A pool of blood. The villain left in A flash of dark red light...

CHAPTER 7 : Injured, but not dead

After awhile Gavin along with Marcia and Levi got to their feet, their wounds slowly healing. Oshima abruptly had the strength to walk normally while the other too still limped from their injuries.

"I will find you bastard, and crush you to avenge our fallen allies...

(To be continued in collection 2)

Rules of Outras

1.) Can't be seen by non-Outra users or if not wanted to be seen

2.) Only advanced Users can use their Outra's powers without summoning them.

3.) Outras can't exist without their user, if the user dies then the Outra will vanish forever.

4.) Users who kill their opponent can take their Outra as well, but Users can only use two Outra's powers, the rest will be locked away deep inside the user's mind until they give up one of their two Outras

5.) Advanced users are capable of multi-cognition, meaning they can be aware of their surroundings while seeing through their Outra's eyes as well.

6.) Evolve——

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