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Do you have a dream?, A hope?, A pride to satisfy?, A path to follow?, Then you can come here, to the world of martial arts!

Acción No para niños menores de 13.

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1. Loser

Beats are heard in the back of a school, a boy was being beaten by bullies, his cheeks were red and a red trickle of blood was running down his nose. The beaten boy was starting to cry, his green orbs was shaking from suffering and anger.

The leader of the bullies comes closer to the boy and grabs him from the head, his blue eyes mets with the brown haired boy's green orbs, those of the first reflect superiority and pride, those of the second were filled with fear and repressed anger.

-Hai, just finish him already, we have classes-

One of the other bullies interrupts their staring contest, the principal bully turns his head to the other bully, his face was showing a grimace of annoyance and anger, which makes the other bullies feel insecure in front of him.

-Okay, let's finish this, so... Zore, will you eat the worm or not?-

The beaten boy looks desperately at the dyed white-haired with an undercut bully, he nods with tears in his eyes, he takes the worm that was on his knees and with nausea accompanied by the laughter of the bullies, he ends up swallowing.

-Was it so difficult?, Guys, let's go-


The bullies starts to walk away leaving the brown haired boy throwing up in the ground, that was his everyday routine, being bullied and ending up keeling on the ground.

The boy's name is Zore, and he is a loser.


School has ended and Zore was on his way home, he was holding an ice bag in his cheek, the nurse of the school told him to put it in his cheek so it doesn't inflame.

His father works in a factory as an engineer, he always comes home late, his mother died when he was 12 and since then he lives with his father

Zore arrives home, he's tired and upset, but he can't do anything about it, he go upstairs with a almost melancholic step.

He throws himself on the bed and stares at nothing, he notices on the shelf an old photo, Zore looks at the photo from afar, he haves good memories of those times.

The boy remembers, that photo was back then, the time when he and Hai were friends, and the time a famous female martial arts instructor was in the city.

The people of the picture were eight, the instructor and all the kids that were around, they were six, from left to right the first was a blond boy with blue eyes, he was smiling from ear to ear, he was wearing a Superman shirt, the second was a girl with black hair and honey-colored eyes, the girl was distracted watching to the woman with admiration, the third was Hai, his black hair was raised back and he was smiling with excitement and happiness, his arm was on the shoulder of Zore, who was at his side, the boy was smiling wistfully as he looked at the photo.

He remembered those times when he and Hai were friends, going back to the photo, the other person next to him was a boy with long black hair, he looked sad, Zore remembers seeing him walking around while crying, he never saw him again after that day, the last boy in the photo looked about two years older than the others, serious, bleak eyes, short hair, blue eyes, he really didn't remember almost anything about him, but, it gave him... chills.


Toulouse, France 20:00

In the city of Toulouse beatings were heard inside a city gym, inside this a quite muscular man was being beaten to death by a young man, an adult woman watched him greedily while the man was knocked out by the boy after a hard rain of hits.

The boy jumps out of the ring with enviable ease, takes a towel and wipes his face from the sweat, all without changing the serious expression on his face, the woman takes the boy by the shoulder as he looks at a photo that he had inside his backpack.

-You did good today, Eric-


Even if he answered, he was too absorbed in the photo, the photo that was taken eight years ago, the photo that unites seven people.




If you're curious:

Critical Hit(Original)=Final Punch(Remake)

X(Former account(Got blocked))=J (Current account)

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