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This is the story of Gertrude, a mature single woman that meets a farmer in a Café of a small town. Life was not very much exciting there. They start an affair, and she is determined to hold the relationship. For that she submits herself to a HuCow transformation.

Erótico Sólo para mayores de 21 (adultos).

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The village was very small, calm, surrounded by farmers and the local people seldom had something new going on to discuss about, until Trevor, the 58 years old known rancher appeared Saturday end afternoon with that uncommon woman at the Joe’s bar. The seven men sitting around starred at them, or better saying, at her. The attractive lady entered in the place showing pronounced curves in a tight outfit and free big breasts bouncing under a thin blouse. The unusual view silent the bar for a whole minute. Everyone could see, she had no bra and she looked very uncomfortable with all the eyes on her. Trevor said “hi fellows” to everyone by distance, did not introduce the lady and set down at a table with her. They ordered a drink, and the guys tried to hide the curiosity. From time to time, one of them looked on the lady’s direction and Trevor enjoyed it very much. Since this day, the village never again was the same.

Trevor and Gertrud met the first time in a coffee place in the city. Gertrud was alone and making sometime there until the cloth she had left at the tailor close by, was repaired. After two minutes Trevor noticed her in the place; he approached, and they started to talk. Trevor was a big guy, with striking features, tuned by the sun and had to go to the city to check a new milk machine it appeared in the market. He introduced himself to Gertrud and asked permission to sit with her at the same table. Gertrud hesitated but agreed. Trevor said he was a farmer and lived alone 100 Km far from there. After one hour of good talking, they changed emails, telephone numbers and kept in touch. In short time, they got very close to each other. Trevor started to visit Gertrud regularly in the city and they became lovers.

One day Trevor invited her to know where he lived. It was a medium size farm with different animals, but the main work was with the dairy. Every morning Trevor had to wake up early to milk his cows and take care of the produced milk. Mainly he did that with the machines, but he enjoyed doing it sometimes with the hands. He showed Gertrud how he handled his work. She had no experience on that.

- “Come here close to me”, said Trevor to Gertrud, sitting beside a cow with huge udders and preparing himself to milk her with the hands. “Do you see how nice big udders she has? Did you see how unquiet she was when we entered here and that now she tries to calm down? She knows, I am going to milk her, to release her from her pain. That’s a nice feeling for me. I can see, she gets thankful to me.”

- “She has enormous udders and these visible veins on them, give the impression, they are going to explode!”

- “Yes, they get totally full and pressure her veins, that’s why she has pain. Do you see, how heavy they are? They almost touch the ground. They are wonderful. She is a very useful cow and still my favourite one. She gives milk and serves with her holes. Her name is Carla.”

- “What do you mean with being useful?”

- “Well…The cows behave according to their nature. All female mammals should accept that producing milk is natural and unfortunately instead, the society expects the women to deny her natural utility. The same way, letting yourself being mounted by the male of the specie is totally natural.”

- “What do you want to say, that women should give milk like cows and let themselves being fucked in an unexpected time?”

- “More or less so. With some exceptions, women are born to serve the same way as a cow. You could be as useful as she is, if you just accept your nature. The nature also gave you teats. You could make them become really tits, produce and give milk all the time and not only for short time, for babies, “if” you have a baby. That does not make sense. God would not give breasts for the women, just to feed for four, six months a child.”

- “I never thought of that, but what you say sounds logic”.

- “Of course, it’s logic. People are just afraid to admit it. They don’t want to admit that we all have also an animal side. The society tends to relate the basic natural instincts to lack of consciousness and good behaviour. They think, behaving according to our natural instincts, needs, is something not human. You are a human, but you could perfectly be a human cow. You would certainly discover the true of yourself, just rescuing from your inside, the true, what you are made for.”

- “Are you suggesting me to become a human cow?! What benefit would that bring me?”.

- “Numerous benefits that you cannot imagine now. First, it’s very health to produce milk, did you know that? It’s proved that keeping producing milk is the best way to avoid breast cancer. Naturally, this is not broadly divulgated, because the society is very prejudice and the simple solution to combat the breast cancer would mean a disaster for the pharmaceutic industry. If you would follow your natural deep instincts, you would feel much happier, less sick. When we are happy, we have less chance to get sick. You would make ME happy and proud. I would own a wonderful HuCow and would take care of you the same way I take care of my cows here. The difference would be, that I could take my HuCow for a nice dinner, and apart some especial moments, I would even allow her to speak. As a cow, I could also make some experiments with your milk. I would drink it, I could sell it, I could make cheese, butter of it… we must use what you can produce well! I could make a great cow out of you and I am sure, you could make plenty of men around happy just to see you swinging your huge udders. You would see that you would become much more beautiful as a cow. Every time I would milk you, we both would feel how much bonded we get with that. It’s an especial take and give. And at last, at these times, you could simply relax and allow yourself to empty your brain and think that you are made for that. That would be great for your soul, for your general health, not only for your breast health.”

- “UAU! You seem to have thought or study a lot already about the subject.”

- “I did! You know, you have nice breasts, you know I like them, but they are very small, very light. And I must say to you something I never said”. Gertrud looked Trevor apprehensive. – “What is it?”

- I hate that you use bra! You should never use bra, no matter what you have on the top. They simply avoid your tits to be free. Bras are like armour for breasts”. Gertrud was relieved that it was only that. She was already thinking, that he would make her another critic.

- “Well, if that is a big problem for you, I can stop use them whenever we are together”, said Gertrud.

- “No, not only when we are together. I would like, you never use them, also when we are not together.”

- “Also in the city?! When I meet friends or do shopping”?

- “Yes, also. All the time. You should let them naturally hang. This will emphasize your femininity”.

- “I don’t know…”, - “Please!”, asked Trevor in a begging way.

- “Well, Ok. If that’s so important for you, I can do that”.

- “You start to make me happy”.

- “I just start? How can I continue then, making you happy?”, asked Gertrud with passionate eyes.

- “Letting yourself to become my cow”. And Trevor said that very serious.

- “You are kidding!”, exclaimed Gertrud astonished. “I become your cow and you keep me here in your stable”?!

- “No, not all the time. Just sometimes, to make you get the real feeling of being a cow and reflect about your usability. That will be good for you. I will be for you a very dedicated breeder and I will guide you to discover your natural animal instincts. But now in the beginning you should just accept your future new inferior condition and follow everything I tell you to do. Parallel to it, we will transform your ridiculous small teats in nice big cow udders.

- “And how can you or we do that”?

- “There are some techniques to induce lactation and they really work. There is a special breast massage that triggers your body to increase the prolactin, the hormone responsible for the milk production. And the massages together suckling, and pumping make your breasts soon or later produce milk”.

- “Really? And in how long time this happens”?

- “Depends mainly from the dedication and the stress. Stress is always an obstacle for everything. You will have to dedicate sometime per day to become a good cow”.

- “And… if I do these massages, you see me as a cow, you get happier and I get huge breast”, stated Gertrud wishing, actually to confirm if she understood it correct.

- “Yes! For the time being, this is all what you must do; regular massages on your breasts and think that you will become my cow. I will measure now the size of your breasts and from time to time I will measure them again to follow the development of them into udders”.

Gertrud quieted for a minute, reflecting of how serious Trevor was saying all of that.

- “Now her udders are getting empty, floppy, hanging, do you see?”, pointed Trevor.

- “So, now you are finishing it”.

- “Not really. Now I will hang the milk machine on her and let it work for more 15 or 20 minutes”.

- “But in much less than that, she will have her udders empty”!

- “I know, but if I leave the machine longer on her, her body will understand that the milk she produced was not enough and it should start producing more for the next times. This is how it works. The more I stimulate her udders, the more milk she will produce and bigger udders she will get. This is what I will do with you as well. There is a local competition where they give the premium for the best cow. And the best cow is the one with the biggest udders. I want to take Carla for this competition. And one day, who knows? Maybe someone brilliant create a competition of the best human cow! And if you become a good cow like Carla, I will present you there”.

Gertrud did not take it seriously and wondered if Trevor was not joking with her the whole time. She only started really to believe that Trevor really wanted a Hu Cow, when three days later, she received through the post an especial present from Trevor. She was surprised. Trevor gave her a breast pump with a short message fixed on it saying “Read my email and follow my instructions. Big kisses, T”. Gertrud opened her electronic mail box and found an email from Trevor. There he wrote to Gertrud, that from that day on, she should regularly stimulate her breasts with the especial massage and the pump. Each massage or breast pumping should take 20 minutes and she should do it two times a day for one week. In the third week, she should increase these massages for three times a day, each time of 20 minutes. And in order that she learnt, what is the right way to massage the breasts, she should check the links that he placed there. Gertrud checked the several links he sent and started to get curious about the theme. She learnt, that it was in fact possible to get milk without pregnancy. And indeed, according to several women reports, with these techniques and persistence, any woman can lactate in some months, no matter the age. Some in six months, other in seven, nine, it depends, of how often they stimulate the breasts and how relaxed during the massage they are. Gertrud took the milk pump she got, assembled it and with curiosity tried it for the recommended 20 minutes. She had a good feeling on the breasts, although at the same time, she felt all of that quite strange. She was wondering, if it would not be too much humiliation for her, to let herself become the Hu Cow that Trevor described.

Gertrud was always busy with something and sometimes it was simply impossible to manage time, privacy or disposition to sit down and massage her breasts. Nevertheless, with some skips, that she did not tell Trevor, she tried to make regularly the massages. Whenever she met Trevor, he also wanted to massage or pump her breasts. And his favourite place to do that was in front of the television. Gertrud often got horny with his breasts massage and they hardly saw any program completely, from beginning to the end. Trevor could see, how much excited she got with that and this made him sure, she would be a good cow for him.

- “I noticed you use more big bags than small bags”, said Trevor to Gertrud in a restaurant, during a lunch they were having in the city.

- “During the day, it’s practical, I prefer the big bags, especially to do shopping, because I can put everything in; my big wallet, sunglasses, car key, apartment key, lipstick, my mobile, but if I go out in the evening, I always use a smaller back and if it’s a very sophisticate dinner, I like using a clutch bag. Funny that you observe that”.

- “I pay attention to every detail of you. And I want to give you something small to use in your bag, whenever we are together, and you use an enough big bag that fits it”.

- “What’s it? A big decoration for a bag”?

- “Something to fill out your thoughts. You will see in some days”.

One week later, the postman brought Gertrud another small package from Trevor. She got very excited to see what it was. Together there was a small letter from him saying. I want you keep it always with you, inside the bag you are using. She opened the small box and in it, there was a traditional “moo box” or “cow box” for hearing the mooing of a cow. Those ones, that with some small movement, it makes mooo.

Gertrud laughed and put it in her bag. She went out to shop some food, the local market was full that time and there was a big queue behind her. At her turn, she started to pass the things she wanted to buy and once she placed the bag on the table, beside the cash to pack the goods, her bag made a loud mooo. Everyone looked at her, her bag, trying to guess, what was it. She got totally embarrassed and smiled to the people around and said…- ”Ah.. that’s just a toy of my kid…these kids…”.

Trevor asked daily Gertrud, if she had done her massage. When she said “yes”, he said, “very good, continue like that”. If she said, “no”, he asked why and almost got grumpy at her. In one of these times of “breasts massage report”, they were together, and Trevor was tougher. When she said, she had no time during the day, he said, he was obliged to punish her for that. He put down her trousers and beat up her ass with his leather belt. She complained, felt hurt, but understood, that she should take it more seriously, if she wanted to please Trevor. Besides of the daily question from Trevor to Gertrud about the massage or the pump, Trevor sent her big hanging breasts pictures every third day,, commenting how wonderful they were, and how proud her husbands or owners should be. After a while she got another new task. She should look for huge breasts pictures in the Internet, that she thought Trevor would aim for his cow. She should collect these pictures and send at least once a week.

Gertrud started to get involved with the “Hu Cow” subject and horny whenever she had to search these pictures for Trevor. She wondered, how she would be, if she really would become a cow. What shape of body, would she get, she thought.

Another weekend came, and Gertrud met Trevor at his farm this time. The first thing he did was to measure again her breasts; first passing the measuring tape on her back and surrounding her body with it, at the highest point of her nipples and after measuring how big it was the diameter of each one of her breasts alone. He took note of the measures on a small paper notebook and put the date. Gertrud thought all that quite crazy, but as she enjoyed his companion and got excited with his behaviour and all his surprises, she just let it go. They got relaxed and after some wine, he guided Gertrud to his stable, ordered her to get naked and to be on the her four, on the straw he had especially placed for her, beside his other cows.

- “And, if someone appears, asked her a bit concerned”.

- “My employees are not here around this time. And if one of them or any other man comes here, what’s difficult, I would be very happy that he sees, I have a new good cow in my stable. Now take out your nice clothes, cows don’t have nice clothes on, and take your place. I will inspect all and pump your tits like a cow. You are not allowed to say a word now, just moo, if you want to say something. Trevor checked every centimetre of Gertrud, pumped her tits, took a carrot still with the long green foliage and introduced it into her cunt and waited anxious to hear her moo. Gertrud resisted to make any noise. She knew, she should not speak, but she also did not want to moo. But he had another surprise for her to make her learn how to moo. Gertrud was not seeing anything what he was doing with her, just listening to all his words. Carefully, together with the long thin wild carrot in her cunt, he put a cow tale in her asshole, a new toy he had recently bought. And when she felt, she had both holes full, she desperate wanted to say something when he interrupted her voice and provoked her again to moo and not say a word. And by having the need to put some sound out, she finally mooed for him. Trevor loved it and she hated it. She felt extremely humiliated and Trevor felt, he had gone one step ahead. After teasing her through her holes to make her mooing several times, he got so excited, that he had himself to fuck her right there. He took out the carrot and fucked Gertrud on her four in the stable.

After three months of massages and breast pumping, Gertrud started to feel her breasts more sensitive. Her nipples started to get easier hard. The breasts started to get a bit swollen. And these feelings persisted for more two months. Trevor wanted to know everything she was feeling. Her breasts had grown a bit, but as in the end of six months she still did not get her milk, Trevor said Gertrud, that, if she would not lactate in the next two weeks, he would be forced to give her a medicament, to help the milk comes.

- “Which medicament?”, asked Gertrud afraid.

- “It’s called Domperidom or Mottilium. It’s nothing dangerous and it’s recommended against nauseas. But, together with breasts stimulation, it can accelerate the process of lactating.

- “I am afraid of it. Doesn’t it have a contra-indication?”

- “No. I know what’s good for you. Just continue with the massages when I am not beside you and we wait more two weeks.”

Two weeks passed, and either because Gertrud got stressed with the possibility to have to take that medicament, or because, she was too stressed with other things, the milk did not come.

As she was already advised to do, she measured her breasts and said Trevor in a short telephone message how bigger they’ve gotten. Trevor invited her for a dinner. They went to a nice restaurant and with a serious expression, he said, he brought her the medicament she should take from that day on. He explained her again what it was, how to take it when she would be alone, how often, he read her the small papers and made a big effort to make her calm.

- “I know what’s the best for you my love”, said Trevor serious but still with affection. – “And I want that you take the first one, right now, in front of me”. She hesitated a while, but when she listened again the firm voice of Trevor, she thought, she’d better to obey him. He was getting used to punish her whenever she did not comply to his expectations. Gertrud took the pill and swallowed it.

- “I have not only the medicament, but also a present for you”, said Trevor giving her a nice small box. Gertrud opened it. It was a small, very thin elastic top with black and white stains, like a cow skin.

- “Oh.. it’s a cow top”!

- “Exactly! And what do you say?”

- “Thank you!” 😊))

Gertrud carried on with the massages and took the pills every day, more than once a day. More and more, she had the feeling that something was happening inside her breasts.

One week later she went to the farm to meet Trevor. Trevor asked her to meet him without any underwear and using the top he had given her, so, Gertrud was dressed like that, with a skirt without slip and that very tied thin cow top without bra. By moving she felt her breasts even heavier than the past days. Arriving at the farm, Trevor commented that her breasts looked good, much bigger and that the top fitted her perfectly – although it was very much tied. The couple had lunch together and left for a walk around the farm. And on the way, from one time to the other, she felt some stronger pain in her breasts. Trevor looked at her and she had the top wet at the nipples place. The first drops of milk were coming, and Trevor got very excited. He lifted her top right there in open air and tried her milk taste from both nipples. Then he said, she should sit down on the ground because he wanted to drink her milk immediately, until her udders get empty. She complained, afraid that someone could catch them there in so open public place, but he did not care. He was keen to live a new experience with Gertrud. After sucking her both tits, as much as he thought necessary, he said her that from then on, she was really a cow and deserved a cow name, that he chose for her. He would call her Gerda instead of Gertrud.

- “That’s a horrible name!”, said Gertrud.

- “Maybe it is, but it’s a good name for a cow and it fits to you. Let’s go back home Gerda, because today, I want to pump you at least four times before we go to the bed and we still have to celebrate this day with a bottle of Champagne.”

Gertrud smiled and got happy seeing Trevor so happy.

The size of Gertrud breasts doubled and although they became heavy, she was enjoying that new feeling. She felt perfectly fine when she was alone with Trevor, but when she was alone in public places, she felt very embarrassed. She avoided meeting some of her friends, simply because, she was sure, they would notice her sudden voluminous tits. Now, she did not have any more breasts, but really teats. She was afraid that one of her friends would ask her, what happened. Nevertheless, she developed some dependency to Trevor, that she simply could not say “no” to any of his expectations. Now, because of her milk production, she had no choice unless pumping regularly her breasts, otherwise she would have pain. Whenever she was with Trevor, he wanted to milk her. To give Gertrud a feeling that she was really a cow and/or in an inferior position than him, Trevor used to put her often on her four in the stable and during rainy days, he liked either her to stay on a green carpet that imitated grass inside home or to tie her up while he milked her. Having her tied, gave Trevor a especial perverted pleasure, because she could not oppose to whatever he did to her and taking advantage of his position, he always pumped her much longer than it was necessary to empty her tits. By doing that, he was stimulating them to increase even more the milk production. Gertrud learnt by this time, she was not allowed to say any word during these times, when she was simply Gerda. If she had something to complain, she had to moo. Trevor got intimately committed to make Gerda a perfect Hu Cow and got his cock totally hard when he heard Gerda moaning or mooing because of pain or to protest for being pumped so long.

- “You have to learn to enjoy being milked, like Carla”, said he once to her, during a pumping session, while she was tied up. - “The good thing of being regularly pumped, is that with the time you also loose the capacity of thinking properly, because part of your brain responsible for your human intelligence understands that does not need to function so often, because you are becoming a cow. And with that, you get gradually less capable to understand the human things. But you don’t have to worry, because you have me to take care of you. And I do prefer to have a stupid cow than an intelligent one. It would be very difficult for me to domesticate an intelligent cow. And I guess, the more stupid and submiss you become, the more I will love you. A good cow should be stupid, submiss and docile. And I see already, that you are on the right way. You are learning to be more submissive, you are docile and becoming a good stupid cow, the way I want”.

Gertrud got very worried with what she heard from Trevor. Could it be that she accepted her new humiliating condition, because she was really getting stupid and did not realize it? She thought. In short time, Gerda had no longer tits, but udders which gave much more milk. From cup C, that she had when they met, she reached cup H. And her boyfriend milkman wanted her udders even bigger.

Trevor loved to think that he was the responsible for Gerda’s mind and body transformation. He was proud of her, his work on her and thought it was time to show her around and wait for his neighbours and friend’s comments. Without saying his intentions, he asked Gerda to use another tied and low-cut blouse and no slip under her skirt. When she was ready, he said: - “Let’s go out to have dinner”. Whenever they were in the farm, they had dinner either at home or drove further to any restaurant where they would probably not cross with any familiar face. By leaving home, he said: “Gerda, my dear, before we go to a restaurant, what do you think of stopping in a bar and have a drink”? – “Why not”? She answered, imagining that they would stop in a big and distant bar. Trevor drove just five minutes and stopped in front of Joe’s Bar, a place where occasionally, he liked to go for a beer.

He was sure that other farmers, some of his neighbours would be there, drinking and laughing loud. And he was right. But when they entered, they all got instantaneously quiet with open mouth, looking at Gerda. She shook of shyness and embarrassment. They ordered some drinks, slowly the noise in the bar restarted and Trevor kissed Gerda there, to show to the guys that she belonged to him. That made Gerda calmer, until he instructed her, to go to the toilet and hang on her pussy lips the new cloth pins with bells she made especially for her. – “You are kidding”, she asked almost in panic.

- “No, I am not. This is an order. Be obedient”.

- “And where is the toilet here”?

- “On our opposite side, passing in front of all these guys”.

- “I cannot! They will eat me with the eyes”!

- “For sure, they will. And what’s the problem? You will make of that an unforgettable day for them. And for me. Now, be a good cow and place the little bells on your pussy”.

Gerda counted until ten to get courage, stood up and walked towards the bathroom. When she passed in front of the tables, the silence dominated again the environment and all the heads turned to her huge swinging udders. Everyone could see that her udders were giant and heavy and her tits long and hard. The men got immediately horny and as soon as she entered in the toilet, they looked at Trevor and one did not resist to say:

- “Beautiful girl Trevor! Is she your girlfriend”?

- “Yes, a girlfriend and much more than a girlfriend”, said Trevor on purpose to let the guys conjecture about his answer.

Two minutes later came back Gerda from the toilet. She was walking a bit different and once the guys silenced again to stare at her, the delicate low noise of the bells could be heard. She started to sweat of shame. The way until her table seemed to have a kilometre of distance. Once she reached it, she finished her drink and asked Trevor to order another one.

- “Of course, my love. Did you do what I ordered you”?

- “Yes”!

- “Great! Does it heart a bit”?

- “Yes”!

- “Great! That’s good for you. This way, you must choose. Either you concentrate the thoughts of your small cow brain on the pain you feel at your cunt or on the guys looking at you. Relax…they are all extremely happy, believe me. And me too”.

After 20 minutes they left the bar to the restaurant and as soon as they were back to the car, Trevor took out her pins with the bells. She screamed.

Arriving at the restaurant, Trevor carried a small paper bag with him. They went to the table, placed the order, and as soon as they had the first sip of wine Trevor gave Gerda another present, very well packed. He said, he wanted her to use it right away. She opened it and saw a leather collar with a big silver hoop.

- “What do you say”?

- “Thank you”!

He put the collar around her neck saying that, that should mean a very important and especial symbol for them. A symbol that she belonged to him and had become a good cow. She thought for a minute, that her brain had probably shrank, Trevor did not lie regarding the story of getting stupid. At the same time she felt totally humiliated by him, she thought they were living a very romantic time.

The food arrived, Trevor commented how much he loved to have gone to Joe’s Bar with her and…

- “By the way, I have other two other presents for you at home”.

- “Two other presents? I imagine, I can’t know yet what they are, until we get back”.

- “No, you can. Do you see? I love making surprises. Now I surprise you, by letting you know what you will get as present before you open the boxes.”

- “Yes. This is different now. And what are the presents”?

- “Just something I was missing to complete your future submissive cow education. A big bell to hang on this hoop of your new collar and a perfect cow costume with wholes for your cunt, udders and a mask”!

Gerda looked at him totally frightened, but as she knew, she would not be strong enough to stop his ideas, she got convinced that Trevor was right. She had really become a stupid cow. But a very happy cow.

Since this last visit to Joe’s bar, Trevor’s farm started to be often visited by the neighbours. Trevor never sold so much milk in his life before. The expensive milk machine was worthen to be bought.

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