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Do children have a sixth sense; can they realize what adults cannot and is beyond this life? This mini-story is a short account of this possible condition.

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Immaculate Perception

The murmurs from the room at that hour had made me realize that she was not alone, or at least appeared not to be. Something so depressing for most people was converted to joy minutes after breakfast and the following early hours, after she went to bed; loneliness seemed peculiar to him. The high-pitched voice, of incomplete and slurred words, perfectly matched Elis's brown, straight-waved hair. When she needed something, she did not hesitate to launch her “da-da-da-daddy screams, here!”, warning me that a small and smelly organic bomb had just arrived and the person responsible for the disaster should now clean it up. "If you fed me, now get rid of this problem."

My dry mouth and throat warned me that my body lacked water at that moment. At three o'clock in the morning, blinded by the internal light of the refrigerator, I found myself with my ears attentive to two voices ringing through the dark spaces of the house. Walking from one room to another, I noticed that the noises came from a specific place: Elis's pink room. I stopped in front of the door and waited a few seconds. “No noise, Daddy is up!”, I heard in almost inaudible words. But how could it be possible? Elis could barely speak "daddy", she was not able to have such eloquent terms. “There's someone at the door”, I heard seconds before I pushed her and entered the room in the half light. I was astonished to notice that she remained sleeping soundly. “I'm still sleepy and imagining things,” I think, closing the door and returning to the bed.

At six o'clock in the morning the sun had crossed my bedroom window towards my eyes still closed. After stretching, I got up again, adjusting my slippers while I went to the bathroom. Although slow with sleep, I went to the kitchen, sliding my hands over my tired face. The cabinet and refrigerator doors were wide open and the food was removed from the inside; small traces of food indicated a path, which I instantly followed with wide eyes. "But ... what happened here?", I reflected, following to the pink room. Upon arriving, I saw Elis gliding over her crib, in the arms of what looked like her own shadow projected in a larger size. “Da-da-da-daddy, here...! Mom-mom-mother! ”. Suddenly, my previously blurred vision made me realize that your mother looked blankly at me and walked outside without saying hello. "Now your daddy lives in Heaven, my love".

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C.S. Moses C.S. Moses wrote some articles for sites on philosophy, art and published some poetry on sites and books of the genre. He attended Law, Psychology and Philosophy courses. He is a legal advisor, disciplined in the internal control of a public agency and in the bidding area. In five years he wrote “Exorcism ─ Under the influence of evil”; "The brotherhood"; "The Writer"; "Elisabeth"; "Anthology: 'Beyond the Earth; Beyond the Sky'". Currently finishing a novel and a soap opera.

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Scaip Scaip
Short and precise. I loved it!
September 21, 2022, 00:49