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A guidance of helping with my books for future readers to know and also for me to express myself about my books.

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The Order Of My Books Part 1

This is my guidance to help everyone understand the order of my books as I put them on here especially the ones that are from my books series and I know they can get confusing so this is my opportunity to help you all. I figured making a blog about this might help everyone when reading my books so that way everyone can read to each of their accord. Fair warning a lot of my series are still incomplete or in the stages to be developed. Here we go:

A Girl For Her Series:

Jana & Angel Vol. 1

Jana & Angel Vol. 2

Jana & Angel Vol. 3

Scarlett & Angel Vol. 4 (In The Works)

Fate Of Her Path Series:

Annabel's Fate Vol. 1

Shadow's Of Despair Vol. 2

Beginning Of Hope Vol. 3(Future Project)

Winning Her Heart Series:

Dating Miss. Lillian Vol. 1

Marrying Miss. Lillian Vol. 2(Future Project)

Fighting For Love Series:

Beauty and The Outcast Book 1

Giving Her Up Book 2(Future Project)

Gothic Princess & Angel Series:

Dreams Of A Angel Vol. 1

Dark Desires From A Princess Vol. 2

A Princess For Keeps Vol. 3

Vol. 4 TBA

Softness & Darkness Series:

Happily Ever After Book 1

Happily Ever After 2 Book 2(Future Project)

Heart Series:

Chasing Her Heart Book 1(Future Project)

Always Her Heart Book 2 (Future Project)

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