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This story portrays many different scenarios of several people who come to this magic place called The Hill of Memories where a little girl lives. She received the name of Fairy by many visitors who have barely seen her around the place. Here, there are a lot of memories and feelings flowing alongside the scent of the flowers. One day this little fairy knows someone who changes her life, someone who teaches her the meaning of words and feelings. From now on, she is gonna find out the meaning of life alongside sadness and happiness.

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The Hill of Memories

What is the meaning of life? That is something I had never thought before. Not until I met you. It was when my life started running to a new path. A meaningful path. I remember the scent of the flowers in that promised place when we met time ago. In that time, I learned what happiness is and what sadness means. Every word that you said had a deep meaning which I finally understand, but it is too late to dream about what it could have been.

If there would be a place where you could find the answer of your worries, see someone you loved, and find the happiness you have been looking for, would you leave everything you know to go to that place?

While the sun came up, the wind blows strongly the petals of the flowers. This beautiful place is known as the hill of memories. Here many different people have come to declare their feelings below the grand tree. Their worries, their dreams, and their feelings to the loved ones. All of them remains in this dreamy place.

Near the hill of memories, there was a small cabin where a little girl used to live all alone. Every day she fought to survive by herself, but sometimes some people who came to the majestic place gave her supplies. She always tried to hide herself from people because she was afraid of them. Regardless of that, she was a thankful girl that helped those who get lost in the path through the hill of memories. The path to the top of the hill was very large and difficult. It was a steep mountain, but the lovely view was worth it.

─How long is this gonna take? I am tired. ─she said while sitting in a stone to rest.

─Come on. See the signs on the trees? We’re nearby. Let’s move on. You’ll not regret it. ─he replies while held out his hand to her.

With a trusty sight she took his hand and continue walking until they reached the top. There, what they saw was the most beautiful view they had ever seen. A wide field full of flowers of many different colors and scents, and on the edge of the cliff there was a magnificent tree in which they decided to make a promise. A promise of eternal love.

─See. I told you that you wouldn’t regret it. ─he says. ─This place is known as the Hill of Memories.

Suddenly the wind blows the petals of the flowers and the brightness of dawn was visible. Many fireflies and butterflies started to fly alongside with the petals. It was certainly a unique view.

─It’s…...beautiful. ─she said almost whispering and crying.

They were hypnotized by the moment until the sun finally came up. Tears fell from her eyes without her even noticing, and her cheeks turned red as if she were flushed or embarrassed.

─Are you ok? Are you hurt somewhere? ─he said worried about her.

─Eh. These are my tears? Why? ─she said by surprised. ─I don’t know why, but right now I am just feeling so happy and nostalgic at the same time.

Life can be unexpected sometimes. You might think you know everything, and suddenly life shows you you’re wrong. You can be worried about something and think there is no way to solve it, and then life shows you that there is no impossible. In every mind, there is a hill full of thoughts, feelings and dreams that people decide to take care about or let them die slowly.

Many people believe that coming to this dreamy place, they will find the sense of their lives, but in reality, that is something that just exists within us.

─Remember when we first met? I was really nervous when I saw you. I thought I had never seen a girl as beautiful as you. I knew at that moment you were the one I wanted to be with my whole life. ─he says while looking at her.

A lot of memories have passed through the time they were together. That day when he picked her straw hat up, they saw each other in the eyes and with a small smile their life changed.

─I-is this yours? ─he asked by blushing.

She remained silent as if she were nervous, and only nodded her head. He belonged to the town while she was a visitor. This was the beginning of their story.

─Here. Under this tree, I declare my love to you. ─he says while holding a ring within a tiny box.

She was speechless. While letting out tears she nodded. This was the happiest moment of their lives, and hidden among the trees there was little spectator who was wondering about the meaning of their words and actions.

─I almost forget. ─he says before leaving. ─There is a myth about this place. It says that a fairy lives here and if you come, you shall leave her an offering, so It’ll bless you.

─So that’s the reason why you brought a lot of food? ─she says.

Leaving many fruits and food cans under the tree, they finally left with a dream while the little fairy came back her cabin carrying the food she had gathered from them.

─Think the fairy can open all of those food cans? ─she asks him.

…….. he reacts by nervously laughing while driving home. It was pretty obvious by looking at his face that he had forgotten the can’s opener.

─You always forget about those tiny details. I feel sorry for the fairy. ─she says.

Within the small cabin hidden at the hill, the little fairy tries desperately to open the cans she received, but rapidly she gets tired and starts eating the fruits.

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