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A question that sometime we will stumble with in our lives. But here you may find an answer.

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The eternal question

He reached the first rock that grazed his face. It was stained with a little reddish liquid. He wanted to return it to the place from which it had come, but he noticed that there was no longer a place. The cliff was gone, the rock was still there, in his hand. It was warm, and the blood was flowing from It. When he saw that the path did not stop, he let go of it. It thundered on the ground; it projected an immense scene where the dots came together in almost infinite images.

His eyes rested on an image that showed someone walking on a broad highway, he was alone, and the sun was scorching them with great intensity. In the heart of that highway, impressive amounts of arid land could be seen to the extremes. He noticed that the person seemed to fade away before the sun's bright rays. The person staggered and moved from one side to the other.

The image collapsed, and he noticed at the other place how that person was kneeling before a beautiful flower in the middle of that arid land. The drops of sweat fell and hit that flower, which gradually changed. Blue petals became orange leaves. That greenish, soft, and emaciated stem mutated into a thick tree trunk with silvery bark that refracted the light. That person was wrapped in that shining layer that the log pronounced, and the leaves covered that person with a great shadow that allowed them to feel relief in the middle of so much heat.

The sweat drops fell and created a puddle that became a large pond. He could see how that person now took off their clothes and ran through those landscapes that were shifting as the person moved. He noticed thin arms and legs, ribs could be seen, and the face showed wrinkles and sparse hair that fell out.

Each strand touched that gap, which expanded further and seemed to follow that figure. The footsteps splashed a lot of water that spread all over the place and caused nearby flowers to grow like the first tree.

Strange, binary-colored fruits fell and gave life to creatures that began to look like the person running, but the person did not seem to notice them. The face was smiling for a moment, and in another moment, there were grimaces. The face would compress and frown.

In the distance, the person found some white clusters dancing and looking sweet. They moved around the place and did not let the light reach the earth until that person began to jump and swear at them. The person started to point and complain, but those clusters did not seem to listen; they were so attentive to the dance that they ended up leaving.

At such defiance, the person began to mourn. There was no one in the vicinity. While he watched from that place, he wanted to tell the person that everything would be fine, they would only have to walk a little more. But with each step that person took, they stumbled more and more.

He saw how that figure hit the earth three times and how gas and a reaction produced a flame. The figure began to convulse and dance before such spectacle and wanted to show the beauty of that reaction to the silver trees. Still, when they carried it away, those silver beings began to burn.

He could see how tears and laughter took hold of that face that was becoming more and more emaciated. The dawn did not move and continued to refract a weak light that was prevented from continuing for a long time. When this person wanted to embrace the tree, it answered with the flames that now surrounded it. At the same time, they struck the person who was again agitated and again uttered curses, followed by points and blows to the low tree bark that was extinguished like paper that becomes ashes.

For some reason, as he watched those strange scenes, he felt the urge to get out of that dark place that showed nothing else. He didn't remember how he got there or why his forehead hurt. When he tried to move, his legs did not react. He was inert before an in-depth collection of moving pictures that showed him those events that, for him, would never make any sense.

There was a picture that emerged from nowhere; it was dark, and as it approached, some words written in white letters began to become clear and closer. He felt a great confusion, the question was strange, and it bothered him to see it. He felt goosebumps when reading it. The message was: "what are you?" the questions that came up to him were, who is asking? and how did I get here? but the strangest thing was that he knew the answer to the first question, he said to himself, I am human. Almost immediately, the place changed.

An image showed itself; he recognized the skies and saw the person again. They were collecting things. They were wearing a loincloth with the few leaves left from that tragedy caused by curiosity. The dry land was still there, there was a perfect view of the person's face, and he noticed that they had a scar on their head and was now carrying a stone. Chills came over him.

Suddenly the room changed again, and he was on a cliff. He saw to the side, and the person at a safe distance was watching him with his eyes wide open and shouting "you!" he only felt an impact on his forehead. When he came to, he was staggering on a big road. He collapsed and felt the energy fleeing from him. He had trouble moving his arms and legs. He wanted to lift his head, but something was preventing him from doing so. A voice came out of nowhere and asked him, "what is a human?" He saw only a beautiful flower in front of him, the bloody stone and a puddle of his sweat surrounding the flower and reflecting his face. He answered, " is this," without taking his eyes off it. The blood dropping from his forehead was showering the blue petals of the flower and he repeated “is all this.”

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Fernando mora Hello my name is Fernando. I'm glad you're interested in reading a little bit about who I am. I will try to summarize everything in a few lines, although most of the time it is complicated. I like to read science fiction, I could say that it is my favorite genre. I also like horror, suspense, and mystery novels, short stories and sometimes I read a little philosophy.

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