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Compiled by Aleah K. Lozada

The Bike Ride

By Anita Varnadore

Pedaling and gasping up those hills, I made the four mile journey home today on my bike. Eight or nine years ago I suffered for months after total knee replacement. Haven’t been able to ride a bike since then. Two years ago I lived on my couch for two months unable to be in a sitting position or even able to move. Emergency room trips and many dr. visits couldn’t find why I was in so much pain. The pain shots and medicine did not help me. The surgeon sadly said that surgery would not help me. I left his office wondering how I could go on like this. However, the surgeon suggested another mri with contrast. I went back to hear the mri results. He then recommended back surgery and felt like it could possibly help. I just want to tell you that in those two months suffering on the couch I never dreamed that I would ride a bike for eight miles ever again in my life. The surgery was a great success. Know why? Because there was One who took stripes upon his back and proclaimed that by his stripes we are healed. He touched my body and healed me. The day before Easter was a good time to acknowledge that Jesus made it possible for me to be able to move, walk and eventually pedal a bicycle once again. I am thankful.

Grandma’s Back

By: Aleah K. Lozada

Grandma’s pain in her back was unbearable so she went to the doctors. Upon discovering that she had a tumor on her spine, the doctors broke the news that she would never, ever walk again. She refused to accept this so she went to the ministers at church and they prayed for her. A while after, she went to the doctor for an X-ray and they discovered the tumor was gone!

The Coin In The Fish’s Mouth

By: Aleah K. Lozada

There was a little girl who was about four-years-old who was playing outside. It started raining so she put her hearing aids in her shoes. Shortly after, she couldn’t find them. They cost thousands of dollars so naturally, Mom and Grandma were upset. They spent hours outside in the yard looking for them. Finally, when all hope was gone they trudged back in the house and began to pray to Jesus that He would reveal them. The hours rolled by and they looked again. At 2am, Mom saw the dog pass by and she said, “Now dog, do you know where they are?” Of course the dog just looked at her. Suddenly, God impressed on her to open the dog’s mouth. She told me that she remembered thinkingGod seriously?He impressed on her again so she opened the dog’s mouth and there they were! They were sitting safely on the dog’s tongue. They weren’t chewed or damaged! It reminds me of the story of when Jesus told the disciples to open the fish’s mouth and there was the coin.

The Water & Fire

By: Aleah K. Lozada

I remember when I went to a Pentecostal church camp meeting the preacher preached a sermon about God. I had gone through a period of rebellion in my younger years so I knew I needed the Lord. I remember praying, “Lord I can’t be used of You if I don’t have Your Presence.” I was crying which in not uncommon to see in Pentecostal church services. All I knew was that I wanted to taste God.

All of the sudden, I began to feel something like cleansing water flow through me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head! It reminded me of the Scripture that says “He that believeth on me as the Scriptures hath said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” After feeling this cleansing sensation, I began to pray and speak in a language that I have never learned before! Just like in the Book of Acts Chapter 2! In Acts, there were tongues of fire that sat upon each of the them and they all spoke in other languages.

Kayla’s Lungs

By Aleah K. Lozada

Kayla kept coughing one day and didn’t think anything about it. She stayed home from work to get better but her cough was getting worse. Even after she visited the doctors and was put on steroids, she wasn’t getting any better. Her lungs grew weaker. She knew she was too young for this so she asked for the elders of the church to pray for her and eventually her cough was gone!

Foreign Languages

By Aleah K. Lozada

I remember my friend was praying and as the Spirit of God moved on her, she began to pray in a language she had never learned before! Someone walked by her and was amazed. After my friend finished praying a lady told her “Did you know that you were speaking in my language? You were saying beautiful things about God in the Russian language!”

My sister told of a time she heard another friend of mine praying and as she prayed, the Spirit of God allowed her to speak in Spanish wonders about God. To this day my friend does not know Spanish as a second language but God anointed her and she spoke in Spanish.

I have one last one. My pastor John Hopkins was part of a missionary family overseas and he attended a church conference and everyone there only spoke Spanish. He said he experienced something beautiful while he was there. While the conference was going on, he heard someone praying in English. He was praying “I love you God! I love you Jesus!” Excited to find an English speaking person, after the service, my pastor walked up to the man that was praying and began to introduce himself in English. The man just looked at him confused. So Pastor Hopkins switched to Spanish. “Weren’t you just praying in English?” he asked. The man responded in Spanish that he had never knew English before! These beautiful experiences parallel the same experiences that happened thousands years ago in the Upper Room when the Apostles spoke in other languages as the Spirit of God gave the utterance! (See the Book Of Acts)

Healed From Abuse

By Carol Barnhill

God performed a great miracle in my life about 35 years ago. One evening service, a woman gave a message from the Lord. The Lord said, "A grave and serious incident will happen soon. Do not be afraid for I am with you." I was married to an abusive husband at the time. A few days after that message, he kicked me in the stomach rupturing my left kidney. By the time I reached the Emergency Room, I had lost a tremendous amount of blood. The doctor who attended me in our small town hospital said he had to transfer me to a larger hospital. He was very worried I wouldn’t survive. It was then I was reminded of the Lords’ message. I told the doctor about it. To my surprise, he asked if he could pray for me and he did.

On the trip to Baptist Hospital my blood pressure fell critically low but I held on to God’s promise. Upon arrival at Baptist hospital, I was seen by a specialist who told me they were going to give me some medications to help stop the bleeding. They were scheduling me for surgery to remove my kidney. They took me to xray before surgery and miraculously, the bleeding had almost stopped. They postponed the surgery until the next day and further surgeries revealed my kidney was healing on its own. They cancelled surgery. Five days later, they were releasing me from the hospital.

My doctor told me I needed two blood transfusions before I left. A strange feeling came over me that I should not take the blood. They asked me two times and two times I refused. The day after I got home my Pastor came to see me and said there was an evangelist coming to a church about 30 miles from where we lived who had the gift of healing. My pastor begged me to come to the service. I told him I was too weak yet. My pastor said he would make me a bed in the back of his car and If I felt too bad at the service I could go and lay down. At his insistence, I went to the service. I didn’t know anyone at this church and had never met this evangelist before. Well, imagine my surprise when this evangelist said, "Someone in this church has recently lost a lot of blood. God is going to give you new blood tonight." I went up and was instantly touched. To this date, no damage shows up on my kidney. It is completely normal. That is only one of the miracles God has done for me.

God’s Peace

By Edith Wright

My daughter died in a car accident 20 years ago. I would have to write a book about my experience. I worshipped the Lord as I laid prostrate on the floor in the hospital. I experienced the peace that passeth all understanding. I have had peace and joy for a long time. I danced before the Lord in church. I have never grieved. You would have to know the whole story. I have told this to many people.. I still have that peace. It is unexplainable. I believe the key that unlocks His glorious peace and joy is worshipping Him through anything. My daughter’s middle name was Joy. She was baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with His Spirit at age 12. That makes all the difference. I will see her again.

No Pain

By Susan Jenkins

In 1988, after receiving the Holy Ghost in 1987, I was about to move out of state with some friends, leaving my church and family behind. Certain this was the right move, yet not wanting to miss God, I outright asked Him to "not let me mess up. If you have to put me flat on my back, I don’t want to miss You." A week or so later I was hit head-on in my Toyota Celica while wearing no seatbelt (not a mistake I have repeated since). I suffered four broken bones and spent eleven days in the hospital -- definitely flat on my back -- but God did a miracle, in that I did not feel pain. Nurses then and since that time have been amazed by this testimony, but I assure you it is true. I took home the liquid pain meds they sent (my mouth was wired because of the broken jaw) and ended up pouring it out to keep an addicted relative from sampling. I know God answered my prayer and allowed me to be placed flat on my back as gently as possible while showing me it was Him. The friends moved, found the situation was not as they expected, and they were already looking to come back by the time I was back up and around. I knew my fledgling walk with God would hardly have survived that much uprooting so early in my living for Him, and so did my loving Savior Who was with me every step of the way.

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