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He hated her, and she didn't know why, but he had a reason to hate her, and the fault was entirely his.

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Until Death Bring

ㅡI accept.ㅡWilliam replied to the priest in front of him who asked about the wedding vows.

ㅡ Then I declare them, husband and wife.ㅡ Said the old man, almost bald in a white coat, with his eyes almost closed and his voice tired, but standing firm in the face of words.

ㅡ Amen. ㅡ The audience and the bride and groom say in chorus.

ㅡThat tie looked so good on you.ㅡshe said in her sweet voice and that smile, dancing with him on the wedding waltz in the mansion's lounge.

ㅡ Come on, nobody needs to know. Everything will be between us.ㅡThe girl asked again, stroking the taller man with that voice, moaning, showing even more the breasts of the neckline of the dress.

He couldn't take it anymore, he gave in to the desires of that woman who seemed to him the personification of the devil, those orange red hair looked like the flames of fire from hell ready to devour, that sweet perfume, it seemed bitter to him as well as that kiss that became your biggest mistake.

ㅡ William dear, where are you? I'm ... ㅡ The sweet, somewhat velvety voice died at the sight of that scene and William was pushing the woman.

ㅡ Dear baby care.ㅡsaid his mother to a woman who was crying profusely.

ㅡ I don't want to! I want to never see your filthy face again, William Theodoro Spears.ㅡShe said with clear orbs covered with hate and with a tangled tone.

Trying persistently to talk to his wife, William entered with her, going to the kitchen, the man was met by a knife.

ㅡ I dedicated myself to you, I loved you like crazy like a stupid teenager and this is what I get? You kissing that bitch.

ㅡ Can you hear me at least? ㅡWilliam tried to be ignored, and heard several horrible words from his beloved's mouth.

ㅡ You are not the fucking man of my dreams, you are just like the others! Just like my father who cheated on my mother, eating a whore in their double bed! Is that what you want to do to me, William ?! ㅡ Said the flustered woman in the wrinkled dress, dirty with vomit and mud from the earth's road floor, it didn't take long for her to vomit again.

ㅡ For God's sake, listen to me! This is your evil! Let me explain.ㅡWilliam said William, raising his hands in order to go to the woman to help her stop vomiting, but suddenly she feels the knife superficially cut her cheek.

ㅡ Hear what? What was misunderstood? Who will never do that again? In the meantime, these are rotten lies and will you go back to bed with her? I'm tired of this life full of lies! I'm tired of this fucking city. I'm tired William! I dropped everything, I dropped my dream of being an actress to live a life with you!

Punching on the door, William enters the empty mansion. There was nothing, she didn't have it, just the perfume, that damn perfume. If she hated it, she hated it because she had been stupid and succumbed to that woman's wishes, she hated his wife for being so hardheaded and ending her life so early, taking herself and the fruit they were able to plant with love.

He cried silently going to the bedroom, being invaded by the memories of his beloved, in anger, threw everything on the floor, tore everything, still blinded by hatred, and for everyone in his life, he did not think twice about ending it, and his last memories would be of his smoking cigarette, and the brief memory of the priest's statement.

ㅡ "Until death do you part ..."

ㅡ Amen.

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