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It is the 23rd century, art is the pillar of society and its managers rule the world. Lynn is a young woman who lives in this world, specifically in the city of Shinpo, the capital of all the culture and technology, where she struggles to fulfill her dream of being a great artist, but she meets a pink cat that will change her destiny surprisingly.

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The meeting

It is the 23rd century, New Shinpo is an avant-garde city full of new technologies, industry, economy and culture. The city is an ode to design, art and fashion, as the main axes of beauty that the city produces, nothing moves, if it is not within these categories.

Professionals politics run the city, medicine, economy and they are obliged to have a knowledge of how to produce art and in turn beauty in order to understand what concepts the city was founded on. It is a time where all forms of work have their art.

The city is an example of work and industry. Although behind its progressive city façade, there is a concealed sense of consume all the natural resources in order to maintain the beauty and comfort of the city. Creating and accustoming its population to artificial beauty.

Our story focuses on a girl who works as a waitress, on the outskirts of the city, one of the most remote suburban neighborhoods, decorated with black walls and graffiti on the walls of each street.

The restaurant is called -Prêt-à-porter-, it is one of the last of French food since this culture is disappearing, in this place Lynn works twelve hours a day, it is not her favorite job, but it is the only one she found and the one that pays the rent.

Lynn is one of the few young women who conserve a full human body, since New Shinpo is characterized by being the first city to have the largest population of cyborgs and the first to generate artificial body parts for every living being. Therefore, knowledge of the art of design is necessary, since the creation of robotic parts, both internal and external, and in turn how to dress and conjugate them with the personality of a being, are very important in the development and evolution of human beings, and therefore they must be perfect, artistic and in some cases rare.

But Lynn did not have any robotic part in her body, neither for medical nor aesthetic necessity, although she has been tempted. In the art school, he studied fashion and competed with many of his classmates who had a bionic hand, which many put on before entering the school just to draw perfectly, the competition was tough, but he was able to stand out thanks to the fact that he created her own style. Although when she left school and got a job, the competition was very difficult and she ended up working in a restaurant.

It was not bad, she paid her own place, tips were good and although the boss was very strict, she treated her well.

"Every day is the same", he thought as he walked to go to her house, she loved walking home, even when it was not very close from her job, but that did not bother her, it gave her time to think, to create in her mind and daydream.

On her way, she found a sign on a wall; it was the call for one of the largest and most important design companies in the city:

"Altair" it read, "we seek new talents in all the arts" "join the first founders in order to create a more beautiful world" It was one of the most important contests, if anybody won this, could have the chance of work for those who make that everything happens in their city, it was an opportunity like no other, to be part of what makes this city important, so she thought that if she wins that contest she could make a big change. As she kept walking distracted in her winning illusion she missed a light falling from the sky, that light ended up falling into a pile of garbage that was ready to be recycled.

Lynn surprised and a little scared slowly approached the place where the light fell, sirens could be heard in the far, with a little fear she got closer and closer to see, lying and unconscious a pink cat. "What a strange cat" he thought since she had never seen a pink one. Lynn thought about leaving, but she couldn't resist touching the cat to make sure if it was okay, so she slowly got down and before touching the cat woke up, they looked at each other, she felt the cat's eyes scrutinized beyond the outside. A siren sounded very close to the place, the cat reacted and stood up as in defense, ¨It’s ok¨ Lynn said calmly, he looked back to see that he was approaching and the cat ran away, she only managed to say "Where are you going cat" but he was already gone. "What a strange cat" she thought to herself again, got up and went home. Already at home, a small place, which had fashion figurines and fabric samples on almost all walls, lay down exhausted on her small sofa, and wondered "what has had been of that cat?¨


The next morning, Lynn was rushing for her shift, it was too late. Suddenly she look to the side, a pink spot that was hiding behind an alley.

"Is it him?" she thought.

She stopped abruptly and headed for the alley, "hey kitty, hey kitty, hey kitty," she yelled several times. And green eyes peeked out from behind a garbage can. Without thinking twice, Lynn took a piece of ham from her lunch bag, offered it to him and the cat slowly approached, limping on one leg, until she took the piece of ham; Lynn couldn't help and took him in her arms, caress him while he ate and got a small band from her bag and banded his leg while the cat was eating.

When the cat was done eating, Lynn asked "Will you come home with me?"

The cat looked at her and they connected immediately, for her it was as if time had stopped, as if at that moment there was no one else in the world but she and that cat.

Suddenly she felt very light as if she was floating, she did not feel her feet on the ground, and a wind that began to lift her dress brought her back to reality, she was falling! She looked down and realized at the distant buildings of the city, she got very scared, she didn't know what to do. She let the cat go the cat and in a strangled to cry as she screamed for help, while she felt her falling body breaking the wind and that's when she heard "take my tail" the cat told her, Lynn took his tail without thinking but she was surprised and confused. The pink cat began to glow; his body expanded, until it transformed into a giant fabric that surrounded Lynn's body, it was as if he dressed her in a new suit, once dressed in this fabric, she stopped and began to float, "I can fly" she said and in her mind a feminine voice asked "where do you want to go?¨

It was getting dark and on the roof of one of the tallest towers in the city Lynn and the cat sat, watching the sunset. "So you're a cat named Sofí," Lynn said to her. "Are you sure you're not a kind of bot animal?" Before the cat answered, Lynn's phone rang, it was her boss asking why she hadn't gone to work; Lynn could only apologize and promise not to happen again. When she stood up, she looked at the cat that climbed onto her lap and said: "I'm a secret and I need help, could you help me?" And before Lynn could say anything, the cat shimmered, she took it in her hands and began to feel it rise a few inches above the floor of the tower, and once again Sofí's body expanded, transforming into a cloth that was circling above her body. "At last I found you" was heard behind her.

The two turned to see who was interrupting them, Lynn was surprised but Sofí took a defensive position. It was a large man dressed completely in black, whose face could not be seen since he wore a white mask with black eyes and a large red smile, but he was a cyborg since his artificial hands betrayed him.

"Now you won't run away," said the man to the cat. Lynn asked who he was and what he wanted with her cat, but the cyborg only managed to say that it was a pity that more than one would die today. Sofí was clearly scared, and she asked Lynn once more if she was willing to help her, while blades gleamed from the cyborg's fingers that slayed in the last light of sunset. Lynn scared and with her trembling voice just said a simple "yes"

Sofi lunged toward Lynn's chest as the cyborg chased them, and like a ray of red light, Sofí sliced ​​through Lynn's chest.

An internal explosion filled Lynn and she felt a lot of energy enveloped her body and the material that was around her, like metal, glass, even dust that gathered around her to transform into black armor.

The cyborg was unable to do anything when he was about to stab his blades into Lynn which could not penetrate through her black armor, which looked like a short dress with pants, with a black mask and cat ears on her head.

Lynn felt an incredible strength in her hands and a voice inside told her to defend herself, so she slowly raised her arms and pushed the cyborg back that fell back.

"I can't believe you let it transform," said a woman who had appeared after the cyborg at the time, she was beautiful with short hair and wore a blue suit with a red flower as a bowtie. "I hope you have at least seen who it is?"

The cyborg told her not to worry that he would destroy the cat and the wearer of the armor, that nothing could stop him.

But Lynn was unwilling to give up and told her that no one would mess with her friends. The cyborg pounced on her again, and Lynn heard inside what she had to do, she raised her arms and put her hands together, a blue energy covered them and lowering her arms she said "MAGIC FABRIC!" and from his hands came a bright blue cloth that surrounded the cyborg and electrocuted him for a few seconds, so his mask began to melt and his robotic suit and hands. Until the light stopped shining and I saw a naked man kneeling on the ground. This man saw himself without believing what he was seeing and suddenly began to vanish like dust until he disappeared in the wind. Lynn was scared, but her inner voice told her: that men preferred to give importance to their exterior before what’s in his interior and that's why when you showed them as he really was, only dust and disappeared. She looked up to see the woman, but she had disappeared too the voice told her to go to a safer place and when they were sure that no one was seeing them, Sofí left Lynn and she returned to her original state.

As they headed home, Lynn couldn't help but wonder if it all that danger was worth it. but it was still nice to find a new friend.

The end


A beautiful woman, with short hair and a blue suit, was walking down a bright hallway to a door. When she opened it, she entered a black office, with a desk in front and a chair behind her back. "It transformed and your man could not retrieve the animal," she said as she went to the desk and a man with a deep voice behind the desk sitting in that chair said "don't worry, we will hunt that animal before they find out what it can do"

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