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Lucifer was the B R I G H T E S T angel But in service of God, he was condemned to D A R K N E S S. After thousands of years, the darkness took root I N S I D E him. ~ Ammi is a F L A M E no one... Romance EMPIEZA A LEER

The Dom Inside Me

(Book 1) "You wanna know how I know you're not sorry?" he whispered. "How?" I asked quietly. In a flash, he pulled me against him and drove his fingers inside me, eliciting a loud gasp from my li... Paranormal EMPIEZA A LEER

Kidnapped by the Hot Beast

(Full story on Wattpad)"I-I'm sorry", I whispered. "How can I know that you're sorry", he said placing his hand over my thigh. The sadistic smirk displaying over his lips. I could feel the heat... Erótico EMPIEZA A LEER

Love Or Lust

She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holdi... Romance EMPIEZA A LEER


Ratel Issa is a successful - yet shell of a -nuclear physicist with an IQ of 146 , locked her turtured memories for 18 years. Zen Micheals is a detail- obsessed CEO, fighting to forget about hi... Romance EMPIEZA A LEER

Cintilar de Esperança, Toque de Desespero, Presente de Amor

Trafalgar LawxNamixEustass Kid Você sabe quando a menina se apaixona pelo menino, mas esse menino acaba se apaixonando por outro menino e esse segundo garoto acaba se apaixonando pela menina? Isso... Fanfiction EMPIEZA A LEER

Killer Desire

Shieda KaynxOC (Reader) It was supposed to be very simple. The woman walking through the streets, she wanting a lot to reach her home, get out of the bothersome clothes, get a nice bath and sink o... Fanfiction EMPIEZA A LEER

Vrake za rulez: Unike (vol. 1)

Jaén, Isidro y Damián, son tres amigos que siempre han sido molestados por un par de bravucones muy fuertes llamados Joel y Brand. Desde la educación secundaria en artes del archés, han estado inte... Fantasía EMPIEZA A LEER


Heterophobia: The irrational hate towards the beautiful heterosexuals LGBT+ EMPIEZA A LEER

Mind. Body. Soul.

Cassandra Wood is going undercover searching for her sister Claire after she goes missing from a mysterious club. When she is discovered by the clubs sexy owner Maddox Hess. Cassandra will soon dis... Romance EMPIEZA A LEER