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E.T- Another Ending

This is an alternate ending for the very known movie, E.T.
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You'll find me in the shadows - Script

Clark watches Bruce from afar. This is the script version of the story "You'll find me in the shadows", published here on Inkspired
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Tiny Doll-size Husband

Historia No Verificada My newlywed husband Dave Seville reduced into tiny doll-size because he has unknown disease miniature.
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My Befriend Hero

Historia No Verificada Dave Seville is my befriend hero who has secrets power abilities to turning into a fifty-foot giant and reduce into six-inches miniaturization. Also he helps his normal-size forty years old African American novelist woman on her problems with family or against twin sister Donna attempts to expose his secret identity origin.
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How to come up with a name for anything

Historia No Verificada So you start a new project, start a service, write a book or open a website, but not a single name seems ideal to you.
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Loving a stranger

Historia No Verificada Simply a conversation between two people at a bar. Him and her.
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The Incredible Shrinking Dave

Historia No Verificada My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by unknown radioactive waste spill spreading in beach water and effective to reduce him getting smaller and smaller
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