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Nothing In The Dark (GRAPHIC NOVEL)

We are in a distant future, where the abuse of technology applied to health has been exceeded until it becomes a new religion that divides citizens; those that are not modified by cybernetic implants are marginalized. Joy, the daughter of a prominent deceased leader who along with his followers was opposed to relying on machines, ends unexpected...
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Inktober project

A series of daily drawings for the Inktober contest
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Historia No Verificada The movie Aladdin (2019) is about a boy who finds a lamp that grants him three wishes.
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What is CBD Oil

Historia No Verificada Best CBD oil reviews, important tips for beginners, insightful comments for everyone, and top rated CBD brands in one place.
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Life of a man that has a lot of strenght

Historia No Verificada " " is a man that has build strenght passing the years, even though he is very strong, he tries to do right and don't have trouble with it.
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Historia No Verificada a cute woman having a strange dream...Story by Robert Finch. Art by Gregory Floch. A page each week until the end...;)
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