Single Mom

Nathalie's relentless professionalism is not just about organizing schedules and appointments, dealing with important contracts and documents, or taking care of Adrien when necessary. She, above all, is an efficient single mother.
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The X-Academy

There are the weirdos and the popular ones. There are the ones who are loved and the ones who are feared. There are the couples and the lonely ones. There are the ones who dream of someone. That’s the Academy’s way. What can unstable teenagers with powers do?
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Historia No Verificada They grew up in the shadows, broken, lost, and carrying the weight of the other in order to bear their own.
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A mystery in Vasti's hand

Historia No Verificada Now in English. This is a popular story in Portuguese. If you wanna you can check it out:
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That's so us (Gumlee and Bubbline)

Historia No Verificada George and Bonnie had been Marceline and Marshall's best friends since diapers. One day, they grew up and decided to get married to each other. In this story, you'll know their life as a full family.
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