AGENT BLAZE | Aimed To Kill

ADIRA - Agent Blaze - is aimed to kill. Raised and trained to fulfill missions. That includes killing. Her targets? Many influential people who started working together with the government to lead to the eventual downfall of society. VELOCITY - the Agent Compound that trains Adira - makes money off of her power and success, and only hers. Soon, sh…
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The Year Of Krampus

Nat and Kellie are two sisters who stay up late on Christmas to see Santa. Little do they know, they will find something quite different.
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Parte del Universo de Mission: Willfred When Hilary and Amy returns to London, Hilary is thrusted into an adventure that will answer untold questions about her past.
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The Rescue 2

This time Paul must obtain the files that were requested of him, but at the same time he seeks help to rescue his wife. Although a revelation leaves him stunned and he doesn't know how to react.
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The Rescue 3

Final chapter of this mystery, once he discovered the reason, he didn't think about what came next.
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Saphire: Introduction of Monster (MI/Plane 27)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I After leaving her team Ember Torch returns to her home plane and becomes part of something that makes her even stronger than she ever thought possible.
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Heroes of The Universe (MI/Plane 80)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I Magic and Science two great aspects of the universe in order to keep it balanced. Both are so different from each other yet so alike in many ways. However the two meet at one point in the universe a planet known as Zarina. It is on this world that a powerful weapon exist that combines the two into one, this weapon has been many used by several war…
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Phantom (MI/Plane 6)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I Kirk Lansaw has finally returned to his home plain, but has he returned to. In this new world he has returned to he me must face many challenges in order to bring back to the world he left behind. Will he be able to accomplish such a task or will he be swallowed up by the darkness he hopes to defeat ?
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The Redemption Chronicles: Arthur's Last Stand

"The Redemption Chronicles: Arthur's Last Stand" explores the transformative journey of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw seeking redemption through loyalty, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice. It delves into the enduring bonds of brotherhood, the consequences of betrayal, the guiding principles of personal code, and the lasting impact and legacy of one…
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The Mystery of the Key

Mysteries unravel in Alphina a well known country which turns out to be one of the greatest mysteries ever uncovered
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Arc Blazers Year Two (MI/Astral Plane)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I After the war Arc Blazers maintain peace throughout the Astral Plane. However, because of the damage caused by the war. Some people believe that the warriors of destiny are not worthy of protecting them. In order to know why the warriors must explore the past of their family. In order to deal with a new enemy in the present.
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Kurigana (MI/Plane 19)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I In very world we know many generations of a great samurai clans has protected our world from the evil Gorrens. On their own each of the clans were powerful, but together their union could create a power far greater than their individual powers. Now after many centuries of this great tradition of passing magic from parent to child. It is now up to…
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Fighting The Zombies

The cure for death. A vaccine for immortality. That is what some scientists tried to achieve, but things didn't go as planned. Their test subjects rebelled against them and evolved into monsters from the failed experiments on them. They unleashed the unfinished virus on the world. Soon, animals and humans alike became zombies. John is a boy from …
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Arc Blazers Year One (MI/Astral Plane)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I Four kids inherit talismans from their parents. They must band together to end the war. Up against a common threat they work together to over come there many challenges. Together they can create a power greater than any other. For if they fail it will mean the end of everything we know and love.
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Android (MI/Plane 6)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I A boy dies however he is reborn as a robot and must now find a place in the world as what he is. No longer a human now he's something else he's someone else.
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Warrior cat stories - fake characters

Random stories I put together NOT FINISHED Cover art by me
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The galactic chronicles

A short sci-fi book
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Missing In The Mist

Title: Missing In The Mist Author: mischa143kelvin. Series: You and I: United As One (The Misadventures of Vince and Luca) Summary: In the heart of the majestic mountains, amidst the whispers of ancient pines and the ever-present cloak of mist, two intrepid souls ventured into the unknown. Vince and Luca, bound by the unbreakable chains of frien…
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Parte del Universo de Galactic Rebbeca has no idea what is going on with her. When she has a "power attack" in public the city is frightened and wants to ban her. But she is on a mission. What will she do now?!
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Battle between demons and gods

"Seize her!" A few guards yell as a girl in black clothes squeezes through the crowd in the city market. "Be careful, she's a demon!" As soon as this was heard, the innocent people, who were focused on the goods they were buying, suddenly went wild. An arrow flew from the sky, about to hit the girl, swiftly evaded it. She ran out of the city ga…
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Out of the woods

Aaron is a 37 year old lonely man who has a dead end job but once lived a good life in crime, torturing and killing people who threatened his older brother, Aidan, who soon become one of the biggest drug dealers in LA. After a betrayl who led him to jail, he decided to quit crime, a decision that made him and his brother cut contact. After years o…
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The fire princess

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Elemental gods, namely, Taurus, the god of Earth; Aquarius, the god of Water; Hurricane, the god of Air; Raiden, the god of Thunder and Lightning and Drago, the god of Fire. Drago was the most powerful of them, also known as the conqueror of all gods. But after a few hundred years, they finally c…
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The forgotten sun

A man who tries to survive the world after an nuclear explosion, and he is also expected to fulfill her mother's wishes to reunite his siblings after they were separated from birth
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Villains are often misjudged. Everyone says that the villains are evil, but the only difference between them and the heroes are that the villains have slightly looser morals. One miss Eluna Katt has been having nightmares for a month, and when their life takes a downturn, their determined to find out just when what’s happen her dreams is going to …
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Secrets Untold

Harper is out on his first misson under cover as a college student in CCA. He expects his mission to be dull and boring compared to his. But what he expects isn't what he gets
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The Last Paladin

"The Last Paladin" is a dark fantasy story that follows Sir Cedric, the last surviving member of the Paladins, on his quest to rid the village of Greyhaven of a looming evil. He ventures into an abandoned castle and confronts a powerful sorcerer who is performing a ritual to resurrect a dark master. Despite his bravery, Sir Cedric is defeated, but…
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The Gang Leaders Daughter

Kiaen Aelle and her father have the most unbreakable relationship. She knows everything about her father. He tells her everything. She believes him. There's just one thing she just can't shake off her soul, "What happened to mother?".
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Visions Of Fantasy

Heisuke wakes up in a mysterious underground laboratory, escaping from a glass chamber, he realizes he can copy the abilities of monsters! He ventures through a science fantasy world, learning to harness his abilities while confronting tyrants and monsters. Along the way, he vows to bring justice to those who harm the innocent and seeks answers ab…
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