The War of The Storm (MI/Plane 30)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I In the wake of the death of his master Jake struggles to fight the new arising threat that attacks his world. In order to defeat them he must travel within the depths of Final Light in to find new strength.
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The Temple (MI/Plane 6)

Parte del Universo de Multiverse I Kirk Lansaw continues on with his journey into the mountains where he finds a temple. However in order to receive enlightenment he and many others must complete the trials in order to gain an audience with the great masters of the Temple.
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Stolen by the Alpha Wolf

Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace and comfort of the other person. So she didn't understand what she did wrong, where she went wrong, …
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Revelations of the Enchanted Mirror

Alex, a billionaire who bought an island to get away from the stress of his daily life discovered the island wasn't all that met the eyes. Nope, his island was concealing a mysterious magical realm and he realized that when he fell into a big rabbit hole that tingled with magic and was tossed into a field of flowers shielding an enchanted mirror b…
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Shane was the king of campus, he earned that title when he transferred to Lincoln University and everyone seemed to gravitate towards him like a sapling to the sun. Girls threw themselves at him because of his looks and he was on the football team though he didn't entertain them. And the guys wanted to be him though they were no match for him. He …
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Bleeding Gold

Parte del Universo de Erydoria Landon Winters is an assassin, but when he gets hired as a bodyguard, his world flips out of control, can he manage to reign in control?
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Enjoy my husband

The story of wife who want to revenge her husband.
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Korean famous poem

The Best poet in korean history
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The Double Life

It's good to live the rich life, but is that everything you need to manage a kingdom?
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The Mystery of the Key

Mysteries unravel in Alphina a well known country which turns out to be one of the greatest mysteries ever uncovered
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Random beauties transformed and featured starting with myself. You'll be surprised and amazed at the playful transformations celebrating each woman’s beauty. To get the app name you need to have a paid membership.
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Historia visual


Words to express your love... And just love but all with emotions
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SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar

Parte del Universo de The SARTAM Universe Planet Cinthyatar, the world of inclusion. The Cinthyans, a race of half human/cyborg beings live in relative harmony while the world's young leaders keep the planet's true condition hidden from the unsuspecting cybernetic people: It was in big trouble due to fears of a returning threat that was assumed to be long gone for a couple of decades. Se…
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In Bed With The Demon Lord

Clara accidentally summons Dante, a demon, while practicing for a Latin quiz. Any sane person would want to get rid of him, but Clara has come to like him more than she'd like to admit. When Latin practice goes wrong, it can go oh-so-right! All Rights Reserved. This book has only been posted to Wattpad and Inkitt as a preview and to Fictionate, In…
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Picture This

Picture This is a very involved interactive erotic tale that starts off with a girl in high school and can lead to several erotic scenes that will leave you wanting to picture that and everything else in this creative sexy adventure.
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Historia interactiva

Two hearts in a mafia contract

Rebecca Stellar is a young orphan who found a happy home with her adoptive parents. However, when her father died, she agreed to an arranged marriage with a stranger in order to take over the family business and fulfill his legacy. Luciano Lombardo, on the other hand, is the heir to a mafia family, with a dark past and secrets that haunt him. Th…
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Laissons nous emporter sur les plume de la poésie
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Permission to love you

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The Glimpse

Emily, a young girl living in Ukraine, as she navigates the sudden rise of a war. When bombs hit her school, Emily finds refuge in a shelter with her classmates but soon realizes that she cannot stay there forever. She embarks on a journey to an abandoned home, but tragedy strikes, and Emily is left alone to face the dangers that lie ahead. Will s…
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This is a mature themed story. Some may dislike it due to less nudity of bodies but there definitely is best emotional intimacy between the hero and his and only his heroine. Please support this is my first story. And both of them are very mush close to me.
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Filthy Fairytales Anthology

Wolves, mermaids, princesses, and villains. The same stories you once knew with new, dark, twists. How did Snow really get out of that tower? How'd the mermaid really get her legs? What really happened to Little Red? How did Dorian Gray really stay young? 01 - STOLEN MERMAID 02 - WITHIN THE FRAME 03 - A SINGLE TASTE 04 - THE CERISE CLOAK 05 - RED …
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The Red Castle

Rose was on her way to discover the mysteries of her nightmare and the disappearance of time, when she encountered a boy who captured her heart.
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Shadow in the Dark

A man's life changed forever when he lost his brother in a tragic accident.He tried to find the culprit who destroyed his family. On the other hand, he tries to put the pieces together. Everyone in the town is a suspect, and he doesn't know who to trust. 
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A Cold Night of December

A police officer discovers a man in the woods in peculiar circumstances, and they try to determine if he is the victim or the assailant.
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Spirit After Murder.

This story contains - Sexual Scenes, Strong Language and Violence, Enjoy. A group of students stumble across their next paranormal adventure on break from university, the students get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t escape from.
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There are too many pieces of me. — She sang in a childish melody — So many that sometimes I get lost among them and wonder who I really am, for a long, long time I found myself completely alone, but they were always here. My delusions, my pieces, the only ones I can trust. A broken child that has been broken into several pieces and a mind that is …
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Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl who…
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