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Character Development in a Story

Character development is the process by which a writer builds a three dimensional and unique character in a story. Stories usually contain a main character; known as a protagonist while many have a bad guy/villain known as the antagonist. There are also secondary characters who either support or oppose the main character in the story.

When writing a story, it's important that the characters should have a variety of things like human character etc.

Tips on Character Development


The protagonist is the main character of the story. When drafting, the main character/protagonist should:

i) Have flaws: The protagonist should have both strengths and weaknesses in a story. They do not have to be perfect(in the case where you decide to make the character perfect) Great heroes emerge from the life lessons they learn along the way.

ii) Have an arc: The protagonist cannot remain the same forever. He/she should undergo a certain change or course in the story to make it more interesting.

iii) Be weaker than the opponent: This would force your protagonist to acquire certain things, or skills.


The antagonist is the opponent in your story. He/she should give your protagonist a tough time. When drafting, antagonist should:

i)Be stronger than your protagonist: Every reader likes a bit of suspense and drama(believe me, I can't read any book if it doesn't have drama). Doing so makes your protagonist acquire more skills, objects etc. to be able to combat the opponent. Your readers would like to see your protagonist succeed(unless the reader loves tragic stories) but not so easily. If your antagonist isn't stronger than your protagonist, you might just be writing a book for little children(unless it's children you're writing for).

ii) Be given morality: There are some things (general things) that are considered to be wrong in the society but in stories, it's actually done for a good cause. (E.g in a story where a boy's mother is dying and they don't have money to pay for the treatment so the boy robs a bank in the case of saving his mother) In this case, it's good because he is trying to save the mother's life. The author paints a bright light across this claiming it is good(in this case, stealing.) This grabs your readers. So, in reality, what the antagonist is doing is wrong but in the creative world of writing, it is done for a good cause.

(P.S Please don't try this. I mean, trying to steal all in the name of trying to save someone's life!)

Secondary Characters

Secondary characters can support or oppose the protagonist in a story.

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