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The new feed and bookshelves

We have been tweaking, and breaking and fixing things on Inkspired the last couple of weeks, and it has paid off. With every single thing we create, we have the ability to measure its development within out community and the impact it has with our members, and until now we are very happy with the results.

We have been incorporating a lot of cool things every now and then: some are very small details, and others are big steps. The end goal is the same though, provide you, our reader and writer, the best experience in our platform and our tools (ahem... did you already checked out our mobile apps right?).

Anyways, the latest cool thing we introduced is called "Feed". It's a simple thing, but something that will be evolving very frequently in the upcoming months. You can see it on the main page, the discover page or even in your Dashboard. The Feed will help you to get to know what's going on our platform at all times:

- Latest new chapters on stories
- New stories
- Latest blog posts
- Donate button!

And it can vary depending on your language, your reading preferences, and the authors/stories you are following. Also, it helps us to promote more our authors in all the local channels, since the content is more exposed to readers across the platform, and we will be soon extending it to our mobile apps. 

The "Feed" option also brings back something was badly hidden within the design, which is the "Donate" button. We actually changed the name from "Contribute" to "Donate" as we believe it is more straightforward and a concept easier to understand at first sight. Feed serves as a good gateway to entice readers to Donate funds to their favorite authors that are developing great storylines. We are delighted to be able to say we help our Inkspired Authors monetize in some ways :) . If you still haven't activated this option for your stories, do so on the you Story Profile in your Dashboard. You can find more information about this feature on our FAQs.


Finally, as we are on a mission to help emerging writers to develop their writing career and readership, we continued working around this by extending the ability of our authors to reach new readers even further than our own borders. We want to take our authors' content to other places, to maximize their audience reach, and help them grow their readership on Inkspired. This is called Inkspired Bookshelf, a new incorporation to our Brand Program, which I still haven't presented properly in this Product Blog. Anyways, we believe Inkspired Bookshelf is a cool benefit exclusively available for Inkspired Authors, and it serves as a proof how much we care about you, as a writer, to grow your audience. We will let you know more about this benefit and how it will impact your work very soon, when we officially unveil our Brand Program in the upcoming weeks.

Until then... happy writing! :)

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