Welcome to the future of writing.

Introducing Inkspired Writer.

An app for Mac &Windows to write better fiction.

For professional fiction authors and creative writers.

The ultimate smart tool to write creative fiction content and publish in multiple digital platforms.

Smart writing

Identify all of those key aspects of a story - characters, places, events, chronologies,... and relate them to each other to get a visual map of all your story and its progress: get to know what's happening at every time.

Synced and backed-up content

Your books, stories, scripts, poems, and everything you store in our App, will be synced and backed up in our Inkspired platform and other Cloud services as well; never worry about losing your content again.

Export for what you need

Tired of using different tools to get the formats you need? Inkspired Writer will let you export your content be it in PDF, ePub, HTML or many other formats.

Publish to multiple platforms

One publishing tool to rule them all. Now, publish right from your computer to Inkspired, and your other favorite digital publishing platforms like Amazon and Medium. It has never been that easy, practical, and fast.

The Editor

Smooth User Experience

Write with a rich, easy-to-use and slick user interface that will make you fall in love with every word you type.

Concept maps

Never forget who your characters are, where they are, what is happening, details abouts the events or places where the story is running, and even the chronology of your own story. Get everything sorted out and related with our new smart algorithm.

Write offline

Take it with you everywhere, write at anytime without interruptions or internet connection, and sync your stories with the cloud later on.


Writing stats

Your favorite stats for writing are here as well: be it the word or character count, the reading time, the length, goals, and much more.

Get the tools you need

Everything you could possible need as a fiction author, now at hand and focused entirely on your story. Text formats, themeable background colors, spellchecker and much more.

Auto-save, automatic back up, auto sync

Forgot to save? We got you. Forgot to back up your information? We got it! Want to have everything in the Cloud for easy access everywhere? Done!

Draft reviewers

Add your favorite reviewers to your drafts and get their comments on your text online.

Fiction writing templates

Tired of starting from scratch? Inkspired Writer gets that sorted out with some templates you can use to get you started faster.

Export your content in different formats

Some times you need to take your content out with you, and you need to try different tools to get what you exactly need. Be it a Word file or even a eBook file, Inkspired Writer removes that layer of concern for most of us, writers.


Ready to start creating your new fiction story?

Beautifully hand crafted by an amazing team of writers, designers and engineers located from warm Ecuador, to northern Canada.
We want to bring you a one-of-a-kind, modern and innovative experience to get the most out of your creative writing.

Designed especially for

Professional fiction authors of novels

Creative writers

Script and Screen writers


Feature table

Content management & productivity

  • Clean, friendly, and distraction free experience
  • 8 different story types: novels with chapters, short tales,
    blog / news articles, essays, scripts, storyboards, poems
    and song lyrics
  • 2 languages: English and Spanish
  • Offline writing
  • Writing goals
  • Search by keywords
  • Quick navigation between chapters / scenes
  • Dashboard filtering by categories, tags and status
  • Add cover pictures to stories
  • Workflow
  • App updates notification
  • Responsive design


  • Synced & backed-up content with your account in getinkspired.com
  • Dropbox integration (via External Folders)
  • Publish to Inkspired - and easy access to the complete publishing environtment
  • Publish to Medium
  • Publish to Wordpress


  • Add Concept Maps with in-text mentions: Characters, places and events
  • Visualize your story's Chronology
  • Visualize your characters's Genealogy
  • Visualize your character's Relationships
  • Chapter's stats based on concept maps
  • Full screen view
  • Rich editing
  • Dark and sephia mode
  • Characters / Word / reading time counters
  • Real-time auto save
  • Notes
  • Add external reviewers
  • Increase font sizes
  • Search & replace
  • Spell check
  • Add images

Exporting content in

  • PDF, DOCX, HTML, ePub & TXT
  • Print


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  • Content synced and backed up in the cloud
  • Publish online in digital platforms
  • Add external reviewers to chapters
  • Online Technical Support

Enterprise Cloud

Publishers, digital agencies, content companies & universities

  • Manage multiple users and their content
  • Your own private publishing space
  • Free App updates during subscription
  • Team collaboration within the stories
  • Shared Concept Maps among your users
  • Recover deleted Stories and Chapters
  • Global writing stats
  • Priority Technical Support

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