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Belloc is the setting of The Vampire's Bride, Wicked Heart (forthcoming), and Heart of Misrule (forthcoming). The Vampire's Bride and Heart of Misrule are set in the realm of Morhollt while Wicked Heart is set in the realm of Verdoux. Different races exist in this universe, including (but not limited to) Vampires, Fae, Merfolk, and Werewolves. Verdoux still embraces polytheistic religion while Morhollt has gradually converted to monotheism while relegating their old polytheistic gods to the roles of Saints and Fae. Non Verified Universe Historic, Renaissance Share

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Stories of Belloc

The Vampire's Bride Canon Main Story
Long ago, a family was placed under a curse that could only be broken by the heir falling in love by the rising of the …

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