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The Dark Street. (Trailer)

Non Verified story Read the story for description.
1.8k views New chapter Everyday

Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal.

Non Verified story This is a short Biography on Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal.
1.8k views New chapter Every Monday
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Non Verified story Read the blog for description.
2.0k views New chapter Every Monday
Blog Story

Adventures of the Mourin Siblings.

Non Verified story This novel talks about Adventures of Princess Ella who belongs to the Atohama Kingdom.
2.8k views New chapter Everyday

Adventures of Mourin Siblings . Topic 1: A delightful Morning.

Non Verified story Read previous chapter. 'Adventures of Mourin Siblings' Introduction.
2.4k views 1 New chapter Every 2 days

When my Nation got its Freedom.

Non Verified story Happy Independence Day to everyone. Let us remember those people who played a major role in the Independence of our country.
1.3k views Story completed
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A curse.

Non Verified story Why to compare if everybody is same? But talents differ.
2.3k views New chapter Every Monday
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Drug Abuse

Non Verified story Drug Abuse is the most common issue in today's society. Teenagers mostly get involved in it. Smoking, drinking Alcohol, etc. may result in death. So, please avoid them.
2.0k views New chapter Every Monday
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Non Verified story We only want to achieve our goals when we are encouraged. So please stay away from the place where you are discouraged.
1.7k views In progress

Alone Today.

Non Verified story Children are pressurised today. They are asked to do what they can't. Their pressure forces them to play games all night or get drug addict.
2.5k views New chapter Every Monday
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I am a Girl, I am a Flame.

Non Verified story This poem is written about girls.
2.2k views New chapter Every 2 days
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